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Apple censors Drones+ app

Anyone can create an app these days,  so it’s usually not surprising when an app is rejected. Sometimes the idea has already been implemented in an existing app, or the app isn’t considered particularly useful. One can’t help but wonder if there’s a bit more going on with Apple’s decision to reject Drones+, an app created by Josh Begley. Continue reading Apple censors Drones+ app

Cyber-Spies and Cyber-Wars

In 2010, computer warfare was brought freshly into the public eye when German cybersecurity expert, Ralph Langer, discovered a computer worm called Stuxnet. Stuxnet was reportedly developed by the United States to sabotage a nuclear facility in Iran. The discovery caused a furor due to the sophistication of the worm, and led to further discoveries of similarly-designed programs. Continue reading Cyber-Spies and Cyber-Wars

Angry Bird space cadets beware of viruses

The newest edition of the hugely popular game franchise Angry Birds was released on March 22. This release saw the game downloaded over 10 million times in the span of three days. Angry Birds in Space is on track to rival the popularity of the first game in the series which is now up to 300 million downloads. Continue reading Angry Bird space cadets beware of viruses

Instagram and Picnik: The photo wars

One of the biggest pieces of news in the past few weeks was the purchase of Instagram, the photo sharing app, by Facebook who acquired the company and app for an impressive billion dollars. Something that happened beneath the radar is the closing of Google-funded Picnik, a popular web based photo-editing website. Continue reading Instagram and Picnik: The photo wars

Spicing up Skyrim with mods

The Elder Scrolls has, over the years, developed a vibrant and growing community of modders, a community that the developers have embraced for the PC version of the games. Since the launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, hundreds of mods have been pumped out by the community from the strange and whimsical to the impressive and useful. Here is just a glance at a few of these mods that can be found online. Continue reading Spicing up Skyrim with mods

“0x10c” the new game by the creator of “Minecraft”

The creator of the ever popular Minecraft, Notch, chose April Fools day to announce a new game. The game was titled Mars Effect and it promised to be a hardcore science-fiction game, allowing players to experience the joy and terror of flying through space and creating their own computer program. Continue reading “0x10c” the new game by the creator of “Minecraft”

April Fools pranks from around the Web

April Fools came and passed once more with a number of websites and companies using this time to announce phony technology and health news. This seems to be a tradition as old as the Internet. This article is going to highlight just a few of the April Fools inspired jokes from around the Internet. Continue reading April Fools pranks from around the Web

Cheetah robot breaks land speed record

A Boston Dynamics engineer has designed a robot to mimic the running motions of a cheetah. This is the same company behind the military’s Bigdog robotics project, the future robotic work mule for the military. This project was a military-funded experiment to examine the motion of cheetahs to create a robot that has more fluid and life-like motions. Continue reading Cheetah robot breaks land speed record

The Internet: A vital tool to any job search

The Internet is becoming an increasingly important tool to any soon-to-be college graduate. The Internet is one of the most common ways through which people obtain jobs. If a job seeker knows where to look, the Internet can be a useful tool for both job seeking and networking. Both are vital in the hunt for employment.

There are a number of resources out there for job seekers to use, all of which have their benefits and drawbacks. Below are some useful tools in the search for employment. These resources should provide a good base for any job seeker and help them decide what to do once they have that all-important interview. Continue reading The Internet: A vital tool to any job search