Thanksgiving Break Reminders

Thanksgiving break is almost here! For most students, this means a long trip home, some last minute assignments and a complicated packing routine. Everybody has a rough time knowing what needs to be accomplished before the first break of the school year. However, after this first experience, wrapping up school assignments and figuring out what to pack becomes easier.

Before leaving the residence hall, the first thing to consider is whether or not your room and bathroom is clean enough. The RAs in every hall will hold a meeting about this, and it is important to attend this meeting so that they can explain to everybody what type of mess they will hold residents accountable for. It is usually best just to have everything as neat as possible. Also, anything that is not supposed to be in a dorm room should be removed.

Another critical thing to look out for is what is left plugged in during the break. Typically RAs will say that only refrigerators and fish tanks may be left in. It is especially important to leave the refrigerator plugged in to avoid a meltdown, which could lead to water damage or mold.

Although no one will be allowed in or out of the residence halls during the break, one can never be too careful with their valuables. To avoid any unwelcome surprises, it is always advised that students lock any important items in a closet or a safe. If that doesn

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We Need a Break

Radford University needs to consider giving us some breaks every now and then. Other schools get at least one three or four day weekend between the beginning of fall semester and Thanksgiving break.

I have just returned from my first visit home since the beginning of the semester. It took me eight weeks to finally get home because of a lack of transportation, and the fact that my boyfriend and I need a lot of motivation to go home for a day and some hours. I feel even worse for those who are out of state. My four to five hour drive home doesn

More Badass Than A Badass Skag Borderlands

Borderlands opens with a story, about treasure, women, guns, money and all that good stuff. How does one obtain this untold wealth? The hidden vault of alien technology, which is stored somewhere on the planet of Pandora. You get your choice of four characters to play and seek out the treasure that awaits you on Pandora.

Game Play

Borderlands is sort of difficult to explain. At its most basic level it is a first person shooter that incorporates the loot based and mission aspect of a role playing game. At times, though, Borderlands seems as though it could branch off into its own entirely separate genre. The intense fast game play mixes well with the slow moments in the game, though slow moments are far and few between. The graphic style of the game and its cell shading tends to lure players into a false sense of security, only to be moments later attacked by a random enemy. Towns are no safe haven from attack, as your enemies will follow you right into town and continue attacking. This just adds to the fast and sometimes panicked game play, which adds to the experience.

Players get to choose one of four characters to start the game. These characters are each members of a different job class. The classes are Hunter, Siren, Solider, and Berserker each class offers players a different and unique way to play the game. Hunter class specializes in snipers and magnums as such the hunter skill tree reflects that. The Siren class focuses more on increasing the chance of inflicting specialized effects such as corrosion and burn. The Solider is more of an utility class though it does have some specialization with automatic weapons and shotguns. The majority of the Solider’s skill tree is devoted to its special ability. Berserker class is the final and most powerful of the classes available in the game. Its skills focus on both its special ability and increasing the damage it does with explosives.

Along with their built-in specialized focus, each class has a special ability. These abilities are extremely useful in a pinch. The Hunter class’ ability is to call upon Bloodwing, a pet falcon that attacks your enemies from afar. The skill upgrades for this ability increase the amount of damage Bloodwing does or increases the drop rates on weapons and money for an enemy killed by Bloodwing. Sirens have the ability to phase walk. The phase walk ability allows Sirens to turn invisible and sneak up on enemies. When you come out of phase walk an elemental blast is let off creating a radius of damage around your character. The skill tree ties into this ability by decreasing cool-down time between its usage and other odds and ends to tweak this ability. Soldier class’ ability is to throw out a portable automated gun turret. The turret provides cover fire as well as a built-in shield, allowing players to hide behind while their own shields recharge. The skill tree works with the turret ability, giving players the option to have the turret regenerate health or ammo while nearby. Also one branch of the skill tree focuses on making the turret more powerful.

The controls for the game are fairly basic and feel rather natural to pick up. There is a bit of a learning curve but not much of one. The game takes time to make an obvious effort to explain the controls and other information to the player, forcing you read the information by not allowing you to exit out of those information boxes immediately.

Co-op mode truly transforms this game into a different sort of beast. Outside of co-op the game is a rather decent shooter, fun but a bit of a grinder. In co-op mode the game really opens up, allowing players to push the envelope as the game adapts to enemies becoming harder and the drops becoming better. Co-op mode allows for players to try out different tactics to accomplish missions that otherwise would be extremely difficult to manage alone.

The Good

The game developers half way through production decided to go back and change their graphics. This usually spells disaster for a game. That is not the case with borderlands. Developers displeased with how they had strayed from the concept art went back to the original style and it was a great choice. The art for the game has a definite graphic novel feel that is only enhanced by the choice to use cell shading. In the process, they created one of the more visually stunning games of the year, while it does not have photo-realistic graphics it doesn’t need it. The game’s current almost cartoon-like graphics fit amazingly well with the story, not taking away from game play at all.

Dialogue in the game is amazingly funny. In co-op mode characters will talk to each other, often times complaining if you take too much time to heal or shouting out warnings. Some of the bandits will shout phrases such as, “I’ll make you sorry you ever came here,” usually as they are being shredded to pieces with machine gun fire. It’s not what one would call the most in-depth dialogue, and in truth it does little to add to the overall story, but it is still a rather amusing plus.

The Bad

Weapons. It doesn’t seem that the game can even be mentioned without talking about its massive amount of weapons. For many people this was a major selling point for the game and it was what was pushed the hardest, but while there are plenty of different weapons there isn’t much variety in actual design. The majority of the weapons look similar, just having different status effects or colors. So for those who were looking forward to seeing millions of different styles of gun, this a definite downside.

Bugs. The game on its release is and was one of the buggiest games. There are plenty of bugs which are exploited to the benefit of the players and just as many that are extremely detrimental to the players. Co-op mode, truly the shinning gem of this game, suffers the worst of the bugs. There are occasions where players lose their skill points upon logging out of the game. Gearbox is currently working on a solution.

Final Thoughts

Borderlands is an example of what games can be. It is very much a rejection of the more and more realistic games. The cartoonish art style and the comical interchanges between yourself and the other people of Pandora both build an interesting web that keeps you trapped within this game. It is among one of the most addictive and entrancing games of the 2009 year. It is a game I would definitely suggest to those who savor and enjoy co-op play, as this is when the game shines its brightest. While the game falls somewhat short in its variety of weapon designs there are still plenty of weapons, many of which will have you giggling like a madman as you watch them destroy your enemies. You have to love a game that labels the strongest of the normal enemies as badass. It is a definite must-have.

Whim Rating 4.5

Check out the intense trailer:

Game Play

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The Art of Drinking

Being a student here at Radford, this is something you may know all too well, or maybe you don’t drink. Either way, if you sit down and think about it, there are lots of different ways that people like to get drunk when they go to parties. There are so many different creative ways to get drunk that we even make various competitions out of it. Here are some of the things you can expect to see at a Radford party, or really any party.

Keg Stands

Keg stands are a very popular thing to do at Radford parties, and they’re one of the things that people compete over to see who can get the best time. In a keg stand, two people lift you into the air by your feet while you hang on to the keg, and one person pumps the keg and puts the tap into your mouth. You drink for as long as you can, and everyone around counts the seconds that it takes. Wimpy keg stands are usually about five to 15 seconds long. Decent keg stands are about 20-40 seconds long, and really good keg stands are anything longer than that. Doing a kegstand will get you drunk pretty quickly.

Beer Bongs

Beer Bongs are also really popular at Radford parties. A beer bong is a funnel with a plastic tube attached to the bottom. You fill it up by pouring a full can or cup of beer into it, and then you drink from the plastic tube at the end of the funnel. Because air is able to pass through both sides of the beer bong, the beer rushes down your throat really quickly, and taking beer bongs all night at a party is another really quick and easy way to get drunk. People make competitions out of it by seeing who can drink a beer bong faster. What’s really sad is that if you think about the science behind a beer bong, somebody smart had to figure that out.


There are many different popular card games you’ll see at parties that involve drinking. Of all these games however, kings is the most popular. The rules for kings are probably complicated to figure out when you play for the first time, but you learn pretty quickly. What you do is, you put out the entire deck of cards in a circle, and then one by one each person turns over a card. Every card ends up forcing somebody to drink in a different way, and you play until all 52 cards have been turned over. After having played a game of kings, you’re guaranteed to be pretty drunk.


Quarters is a game that involves liquor. You play against a single opponent who sits across from you at a table. The two opponents put a shot glass in the middle of the table and fill it with any kind of liquor. Then you take a quarter and attempt to bounce it off your side of the table and into the shot glass. If you make it in, your opponent has to drink the shot of liquor, and if your oppent makes it in, you have to drink the shot of liquor. This is a game that can get you drunk quickly if your opponent is really good at getting the quarter in, but it’s pretty tricky to do.

So in a way, it’s almost like drinking has become so popular for college students that we’ve made an art out of it. So practice bouncing quarters, or taking a bong, and you’ll be set when the weekends roll around. Don’t get too good though, because your liver will not be happy with you. When it comes to drinking responsibly however, there are some people who just couldn’t care less. There are many more things you can expect to see at parties. Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Jello Shots, and more. It’s important to know your limits though, because too much alcohol can get get kicked out of school.

Grandma Does Keg Stand

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Google Wave, The Wave Of The Future

Google Wave, is the latest project in development at Google. It promises to make people rethink how the browser can be used. Earlier this year Google announced the project and by late September it was in limited preview mode. Google users can sign up to join the preview and have the option once they are in to nominate 20 other users to have the chance to join.

Google Wave very well may be the future of online communication. It is a combination of messenger, forum, and e-mail. Instead of a message being sent to an inbox it is put into a text document known as a Wave. Waves work in real time, so as you type it others can see what you are saying. They also allow for a great diversity in editing, giving anyone who is part of a wave the power to edit any message in real time, making this great device for collaboration. One nice thing about this is wave replay, which allows people to run through the wave from the beginning and see when stuff was added and how it was edited. Waves do not have to be purely text, they can be multimedia, incorporating pictures and video. All it takes is a simple click and drag and pictures and videos can be added to the wave.

One of the more impressive things about Google Wave is live translating. You select an language and Google wave will automatically begin translating your type into whatever language. This opens up a great number of possibilities and is likely to make this a very attractive application for businesses that do work overseas that requires collaboration on projects.

A great deal of the appeal to Google Wave is it doesn’t require you to download anything. Everything you need is right there in the browser window. What makes this possible will soon be open and free to everyone as Google has announced plans to release the source code for Google Wave once it is out of closed preview. The idea behind this are hopes that the open source community will aid Google in pushing wave to its limits and bring ideas and add-ons to the table that Google itself might not of thought of. In this, Google is borrow from the Mozilla model of play.

Another reason for the open source release is hopes that service providers and other e-mail services will pick up on Wave and replace what they currently have. Google plans on Wave completely replacing e-mail protocol, and hopes that by releasing the source code they will encourage those companies to follow suit to redesign email for today.

The potential Google Wave offers is hard to ignore with its fusion of e-mail and instant messaging. It is hard to say where Google Wave will go, it would not be the first revolutionary idea to go ignored before its time. Whatever happens with Google Wave it is certainly one of the more interesting Web-based applications to come out in recent years.

Long overview of Google Wave

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2009 CMA’s = Great Performances

The 43rd annual country music awards show was a big night for newcomers like Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker. The award show was held at the Sommet Center in Nashville, TN and had several musical performances including the Zac Brown Band, Brooks and Dunn, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood.

The CMA was hosted by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley and was mostly dominated by Taylor Swift, who walked away winning all four categories she was nominated in

Weekly Sports Report courtesy of Whim

The weekly sport report is going to be a new addtion to the Life section of whim. Each week, a brief update of sports is going to be given for each professional level around the country. For those of you who are into sports, this is perfect for you to keep up with your favorite sports.


Football is probably the most popular sport going on this time of year. This week in the NFL, the Division leaders in the American Conference are the New England Patriots, the Denver Broncos, the Indianopolis Colts, and the Cincinati Bengals. So far the Colts this year are unbeaten, with a record of 8-0, and they’re probably the team that most sports fans are looking at when it comes time for the Super Bowl this year. The Patriots, who defeated the Miami Dolphins 27-17 this week, come up just behind the Colts. They have quite an explosive offense, and for the past three weeks have dominated opposing defenses offensively. With the way things seem to be going right now, the main competion for the American Conference will be between the Partiots and the Colts. The Divison leaders in the National Conference are the New Orleans Saints, the Dallas Cowboys, the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings. The Saints, like the Colts, have also managed to stay unbeaten so far this year, with a record of 8-0, and the Vikings are right behind them with a record of 7-1. The Cowboys, who hold a record a 6-2, have made pretty impressive turnaround from when the year began. The Giants, who are currently on a four game losing streak, began the season 5-0. So Far it looks like the main competition for the National Conference will end up being between the Vikings and the Saints.


Not quite as many people enjoy basketball as much as football, but the NBA is still pretty popular. So far this year, in the Easter Conference, the Division leaders are the Boston Celtics (7-1), the Chicago Bulls (4-2), and the Miami Heat (5-1). The Bulls siezed first place in their division with their one point road win against the Cavs. Celevland is a strong team, but they’ve had their struggles this year. The Celtics, having only one loss so far to the Phoenix Suns, have been pretty dominant, both offensively and defensively. They’re a really strong team, and will stay in contention for the Eastern Conference title all year long. In the Western Conference, the division leaders are the Denver Nuggets, the Phoenix Suns, and the Dallas Maverics. The Lakers are still going to be in contention for the Western Conference no matter what, but the fact that the Suns were able to beat the Celtics is the thing they need to watch out for when the time to clinch the Western Conference finals come.


So far in the NHL, the Eastern Conference leaders are the Pitsburg Penguins, the Buffalo Sabres, and the Washington Capitals. Pitsburg holds a record of 12-5, and is the defending NHL champion from last year, they’ll be the team to compete against when clinching the Eastern Conference is concerned. The Western Conference division leaders are the Columbus Blue Jackets, the San Jose Sharks and the Colorado Avalanche. The Sharks held the best record in the NHL Western Conference last year and undoubtedly are looking to repeat. With more playoff success. So when the time to clinch the Western Conference comes around, they’re the team to watch out for.

So that’s all for this week. The world of sports is a quite and competetive one. Perhaps some of the predictions made in the above paragraphs will change as the season progresses, you’ll just have to wait and see.

NHL Highlights

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Magna Carta 2, not the second great paper

Magna Carta 2 is a breath taking game with an interesting and twisting story that draws players in. You play as Juto, a man who has lost his memory. The game opens with Juto awakening on a boat being hoisted onto shore. As the first few moments of game play unfold, you learn that Juto is on Highwind Island, which is currently under the control of the Southern forces. They are excavating a mysterious weapon known as the Guardian. They hope to use this weapon to oppose the Northern army and their monster weapons known as Sentinels. The peaceful island is quickly entrenched in a power struggle as both sides seek to gain control of this power, Juto and his unknown past and powers dragged in along for the ride

Game Play

The game play is pretty much your standard role playing game affair, there are the magic users and the more physical types, such as Juto. Players are free to cycle through and control any number of characters that join your party, each offering their unique abilities. What is different to the game is how the characters power up their moves for their special attacks. As you battle, you build up what is known as Kan. It is the source of power in Magna Carta. Each character has a specific type of Kan that they need to build up adding to this is that some areas will start you off instantly with a certain number of Kan, making it much more ideal for some characters and much less for others. It becomes a game of balancing your party to make up for your weaknesses and play somewhat strategically. Adding to the need to play strategically is the stamina system built into Magna Carta. As you fight, your character drains his or her stamina until it enters what is known as over drive. Over-drive allows you to deal out more damage for a limited amount of time. After over-drive you enter into over-heat which is more or less a cool down period where you character is unable to preform any tasks. This is done to encourage over drive to be used sparingly, forcing players to weigh the risks and the advantages of this.

The Good

The graphics are quite nice and visually appealing. Cut scenes that play more like movies are amazing and well done. The characters are all well voiced. Juto is a likable character, even if he spends most of the early parts of the game whining. Game play in general can be fun and intense at times, especially during some of the harder boss fights. While the game forces strategic play, it doesn’t really take away from what the game has to offer players, in many ways adding to the over all experience. Dialogue between characters is spontaneous and funny most of the time. Cut scenes for the special moves look awesome, adding to the rpg experience.

The Bad

The story seems extremely forced and parts of it are rather random and don’t make much sense. Dialogue while it has its good moments, tends to drag on forever as characters dance around what ever point they are trying to make. The over-drive and over heat system is among one of the most annoying systems out there. You spend half your fights charging, attacking and then abruptly backing away so you don’t over heat. It makes it hard for the characters who have to gain the physical type of Kan. Gaining enough on a consistent enough basis to use their power is nearly impossible. Boss fights tend to be rather ridiculous as the majority of the bosses seem to have the ability to heal themselves which drags the fight on forever.

Whim rating: 3.5/5

Game Trailer

Game play

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How to handle the police if you’re drunk

Well, seeing as your a student at Radford, you probably agree. Maybe you don’t, not everyone does, but a lot of Radford students do. A lot of partying does go on at Radford, sometimes during the week, but mainly of course, on weekends. Radford’s police force patrols the streets of lightside constantly, keeping a watch for students who have had just a little too much to drink. The police believe it or not, don’t actually want to arrest you, but when the have to they will. Here are some helpful tips to help you reduce your chances of being arrested if you’re ever stopped by the cops when your drunk.


This is something that doesn’t need to be explained in a whole lot of detail. Don’t be behind the wheel of a vehicle. If a cop stops you for that, and finds out that you’re drunk, you will be arrested no matter what the circumstances are. That’s pretty much common sense to students though.


Don’t try to deny that you’re drunk if a cop asks you. Last year, a Radford student was carrying beer with him during Quadfest when a cop pulled him aside and asked him what was in his hand. He didn’t try to come up with an excuse, and he merely said, “It’s a bear and I’m not 21.” The cop took the beer, but let the freshman go because he was honest. If you’re honest and cooperative with the police if they stop you on the side of the road or bust a party you’re at, it’ll greatly reduce your chances of getting in any trouble at all. It may not get you off the hook every time, but it will make you alot less likely to be arrested.


This one will hopefully keep a police officer from noticing you in the first place. If your drunk, try not to act like, it. Don’t urinate somewhere where you shouldn’t. If a cop sees you, it’s a guarentee that you’ll get arrested. Don’t run around screaming how drunk you are. The police are trained to when they’re intoxicated, so if you don’t give them a reason to arrest you when you’re drunk. If you’re at a party and you don’t think you can make it back without doing something stupid, then stay until you sober up a little bit.

Tip# 4:

If the police knock on your door and you’re throwing a party, answer the door. Last year, a party on Darkside got busted because the police knocked on the door and nobody answered. If somebody had answered the door, then the police probably would have just given them a warning. When nobody did however, the police called for backup and they surrounded the house. Over 20 students got strikes that night. If a police officer knocks on your door, it might just be for a warning due to a noise violation or something minor, so just answer the door and do whatever they tell you to do.

However, despite all these tips, the best way not to get arrested here in Radford is just to avoid the police. Don’t go to a wild party if there are police cars driving all over Lightside, because they do some nights, and other nights, not so much. The police are here to protect us, they don’t want to ruin our lives here at Radford, but some people give them no choice.

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Assassinating the competition, Assassin’s Creed

With the second game in this series, I felt it was time for a long deserved review of Assassin’s Creed. As the game proceeds, you play as Desmond Miles, the descendant of Altair Ibn La-Ahad. It seems your ancestor has information that certain people find to be of extreme value. You are given two choices: either cooperate with these people or be put into a coma and left to die. The choice seems rather obvious. To unlock this information they have attached you to the Animus System. Its purpose is to read the genetic memories built into the human body and extract the information that is needed. There is only one issue, it seems the memory they are trying to access is to unstable too be accessed directly. So instead the Animus System must start at an earlier memory and work its way forward.

Game Play

Assassin’s Creed is based on free flowing movement, allowing players to scale just about any surface in the game. The combat system is pretty straight forward, the X button does it all, it slices, it dices and it throws knives. You change what weapon you have selected by using the D-pad. Altair has a rather interesting ability known as Hawk vision. It allows him to interrupt the intentions of others. This makes it easier to seperate enemies from allies and so on. Health in Assassin’s Creed is sort of an interesting concept. Instead of the typical health bar you are stuck with a synchronization bar. This represents how close you are to your ancestor’s actions. If you lose this completely, the Animus System will restart you from the last save point and you will have to work from there once more. You can resynchronize with Altari by following the Assassin’s Creed. Here is the interesting part: if you stray too far away from the creed, you begin to lose synchronization with Altrai, so taking damage is no longer the only way to die. The way in which you can kill your enemies varies greatly. You have two choices when confronting a target, low or high profile attack methods. Low profile attacks draw less attention allowing for easier escapes. While high profile attacks tend to be more visually appealing. Low profile attacks take advantage of the social stealth concept built into the game, you are not hidden when you are in the shadows but you are when you blend in among the crowd using it to inch ever closer to your enemies.

The Good

Combat is just awesome with the free flowing system that the game developer decided to put in the game. Even two years after its initial release the graphics are still up to date if not superior to many of the games released more recently. The social stealth system is unique and fun to play as it allows you to more or less walk right up to your target and kill them without being noticed. The two choices that are provided of profile and low profile kills is a fun concept. It gives players a chance to try different ways of handling a situation with the freedom of replaying a certain stage over and over again if you want.

The Bad

It is really difficult to come up with anything that is particularly bad about Assassin’s Creed. It was a solid game and remains such. That being said there are a few minor things that bothered me. Occasionally there would be the odd visual glitch in the game. There were also parts where the Animus system would jump you forward in the memory. I am sure it was meant to speed up game play but it would often jump forwards where the player would just be out side of the building they were just in. The jumps really don’t make much sense.

Whim rating 4.5/5

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Xbox 360 dashboard update launched

Microsoft recently released its preview option for Xbox 360, giving gamers a sneak peak of its latest system update. This update contained several new features which Microsoft announced earlier this year. This update to the Xbox dashboard had been one of the most anticipated in recent years. The update contained, additional Facebook, and Twitter apps along with a few other perks.

The Facebook and Twitter addition to Xbox is Microsoft’s answer to Playstation3’s web browsing capabilities. They were added to answer cries coming from those who wanted a way to update their Facebook while on Xbox. The Facebook application is very visually pleasing and fairly easy to understand. The interface is simple, and the auto login option is welcomed. It is hard to describe just how annoying it would be to key in the username and password over and over on Xbox. For those who have the messenger pad addition for the Xbox controller, it won’t be as bad the mini-keyboards making typing simpler. The Facebook app does not incorporate Facebook chat nor does it allow you to see who is online. In fact the only thing the app is good for is making status updates and viewing photos. It was hoped that the update would have some sort of auto updating on Facebook every time an achievement was earned. This was not the case. In fact, Facebook is unable to run in the background, making you log out every time you want to go play a game. Twitter suffers from the same problems that make Facebook so useless, only allowing updates when directly accessed and an inability to run in the background. Though it does allow for one to view the popular trends. The simple interface of both Twitter and Facebook make it easy to use but both were less than expected.

One of the other features added to Xbox is Last.FM it is a commercial free digital radio station. It allows you to pick what music you want to listen to by telling it what artist or genre you like. Based on that Last.FM will sort through all of the artists it has, playing those similar to the ones you like. As it plays the artist, you can cycle through information on both the artist and song. If you allow for it to auto-play, it will run through album art and various other photos of the artist. This service is very similar to that which can be found on Pandora. Like the other apps involved in this update, it is unable to run in the background. This means you can’t do much of anything but listen to music on your Xbox.

The other major addition to Xbox is the Zune marketplace. This is to eventually replace the Xbox live video marketplace. This portion of the update is fairly simple and straight forwards. The Zune marketplace will accept Microsoft points for movies, videos and music.

Overall the update was a rather interesting mix of programs, as Microsoft tries to suit the desires of its consumers. Though the update did not live up to expectations, it is only a matter of time before more changes are made to answer the wants of those consumers who are unwilling to accept things as they are. That leaves to question, just what will be in the future for the Xbox dashboard?

E3 facebook/twitter demo

Xbox Dashboard update commercial

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Major League: Featuring Cleveland

If you like baseball, then you’ve probably heard of some pretty good baseball movies before. One movie you may have heard of would be the movie, The Sandlot. Another might be the movie, Field of Dreams. Both of which are pretty good movies about baseball, but neither of them really show any good baseball action. None of them do this like the movie, Major League anyway, a film that was originially released in 1989. Major League is a comedy and as you watch the first half of it, it seems like a joke to you at first. However, what begins as a pretty funny movie, ends up being a really great baseball movie. Major League has some good comedic aspects, and it also conveys what it’s really like to be a part of a marjor league baseball team.

The movie begins with a woman named Rachel Phelps, inheriting the franchise of the Cleveland Indians when her husband passes away. Rachel’s plan is to put together a baseball team bad enough to finish in last place in Cleveland’s division, so she’ll be able to relocate the whole franchise to Miami, where she can enjoy her own selfish pleasures. She puts her plan underway, and at first, it looks like she’s doing a pretty good job. The Indians loose their first game 9-0 against the New York Yankees, and it seems that the Indian players have no chance of a very sucessful season at all.

As the movie progresses, you learn about each of the players on Cleveland’s team, and how they have to deal with the issues in their own personal lives. The main character in the movie who faces the biggest issues with his life, is the Indian Catcher, a man by the name of Jake Taylor. While he’s trying to lead a loosing team as a catcher, he’s also dealing with physical problems in his legs, as well as chasing the love of his life who is engaged to another man. The movie has not only a lot of good action and comedy, but it also has a fair amount of drama in it as well.

Anyway, a little over half way through the season, the Indian coach Lou Brown learns of what Rachel Phelps is really trying to do. As soon as he discovers that she really wants the Indians to finish in last place, he tells the team, and they become motivated enough to prove her wrong and turn their season around. They finish in a first place tie with the Yankees, and play New York in a one game playoff for the division as the home team. This is where the movie really kicks in with some good baseball action, and it’s also the turning point in the movie to make the veiwer realize that it really is a good movie.

This movie is by far one of the best baseball movies ever made. There were two sequels that were made after it, Major League II and Major League: Back to the Minors. Neither of these two films were as sucessful as the first. Major League is a movie that you will really want to watch some day if you like baseball, it’s a great movie from the start of baseball season, to the end.

Keep our campus clean

If there was one thing one could say to the whole Radford University campus, it would be to please keep our campus clean. There are people who come and visit this campus and there are even more people who actually live here. I think I speak for most of the student body when I say that seeing garbage on our sidewalks and in our halls is not appreciated.

The worst problem is in our residence halls. On the weekends there is typically no cleaning service, and some people like to go out at night. The problem being that these goofballs and some of the students that stay in at night will drop food and liquids on the floor and not clean up their mess. This causes a sticky, smelly and unpleasant mess for everyone else who resides there. There have been times when I have had to avoid drippings of vomit on the stairs for an entire weekend. It appears that many students feel no need to clean up after themselves, and others certainly feel no obligation to clean up the mess caused by others.

I would also like to point out the mistreatment of the campus outside the buildings. Many times I have walked down a sidewalk only to have to navigate around dropped food that no one has bothered to pick up. One time in particular I saw remnants of a whole burger and its toppings strewn along a sidewalk. Every day when I walk up the exterior stairs to the terrace shops I see the ground covered in gum, partially eaten food, spilled soda and a number of dropped objects that make walking difficult and at times dangerous.

There are also non-food related incidents that may seem funny to people at the time, but in the long run make our campus look less beautiful. Last year I remember walking along the sidewalk in Moffett quad, only to find a whole bike rack stuck up in a tree. My first reaction was laughter at the thought that anyone would go through so much effort to put it there. However, after the initial amusement wore off I was more worried about the staff that would have to get it out of the tree, and how it makes our school look.

Our fountain has also been the victim of abuse. Throwing junk in the fountain, peeing in it, jumping in it and putting soap in it is not amusing. Our fountain is the most central landmark on our campus. When people come to visit they are inevitably going to pass it at some point. Why do some students insist on making it messy or not functional?

I understand that being in college is a transitioning stage for a lot of people. Some are not yet mature enough to be out in the world, while others are more than ready. Despite this fact, there is no good reason to deface our campus. It is home to more than a few people, so I ask the students of Radford to please think before they act.

For more reasons to keep our campus clean, watch this video

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