Finally a Batman game we all deserved Batman: Arkham Asylum


Arkham Asylum was released late summer of 2009. The game puts you into the shoes of Batman as he returns the Joker to the island prison. Once there, the Joker breaks lose with the help of his side kick Harley Quinn, who has taken control of the asylum. After a few cut scenes, the game thrusts you into the thick, battling the Joker’s henchmen and various other villains that Batman has put behind the walls of Arkham. It quickly becomes apparent that Joker’s plan is more than a common jailbreak as he leads Batman ever deeper into Arkham and the story continues to take strange and unexpected turns.

Game Play

Story mode for the game is intense and in-depth, drawing you in and making it hard to put the controller down even when reaching the more difficult portions of the game. The combat style of game-play for Arkham Asylum is as free-flowing as you would expect, coming from The Dark Knight. Each attack easily and fluidly flows into the next, leading to massive chains of hits. Though the free flow battle system is nice, it is not the only way in which Batman dispenses his foes. More often than not, the game will require the player to sneak around, taking enemies out from the shadows. To aid you in this task are a number of gadgets and weapons you obtain as Batman throughout the game. Some are old classics like the “Batterang,” while others are new to Batman’s arsenal. Each item gives you a new way to approach each level, making it fun to go back and replay levels once you have acquired a new tool. A new aspect of game play involves the NPC’s (none player characters) they wander about each level with no set pattern. This feature allows them to respond instantly when you have snared one of their allies and left them dangling up in the air overhead. However, the free roaming feature can also be very annoying. Upon sneaking up on an enemy you are often surprised to find another coming up behind you, seemingly out of nowhere.


Throughout story mode you will be given a chance to face the Riddler’s challenge. This mainly involves solving riddles or finding a hidden riddler trophy somewhere throughout the game. More of the unlockable content involves interview recordings with a number of Gotham’s villains. More of the hidden content in the game revolves around the founder of Arkham and the secret he left behind in various encoded drawings scattered all over Arkham. These are much like the Riddler’s trophies because you more or less have to stumble over them to find any. Searching for these can be a fun diversion when you have hit a wall in the gameplay. Online play for this game is more like a challenge mode where you consistently try and beat other player’s scores or times on any particular level with the two different modes of play. Exclusive to the PlayStation 3 is the ability to play one of the many challenge modes as the Joker. The Joker has his own assortment of weapons and gadgets to be used against his opponents.

Final Thoughts

There is hard to find much wrong with this game. It is clearly well developed, thought out and made a solid impression as a game based on a movie. The only real issues I have with the game are more of personal preference and that is in regards to the Joker. Yes, his quips and comments are for the most part funny but he has way too much dialog. You spend most of the game listening to him ramble on about one thing or another.



Pocket projectors: the future

While everything has been shrinking in size, digital projectors for the most part have remained about the same. Those giant, clunky cubes are hardly something you could call portable. Several companies have been working towards fixing this issue. They’re trying to shrink those massive but useful devices down to a much smaller and more manageable size. Technology has finally reached the point where such a feat is in fact capable.

It is now a brave, new world for projectors as several companies have come out with pocket projectors a.k.a pico projectors. Ever wanted to watch a movie on your mp3 player on something besides that tiny screen, without losing its portability? Well now you can. Just imagine the fun that could be had on camping trips or any other vacation when there is no need for a source of power for a television. You can just hook up your battery-powered pocket projector to the portal device of your choice and have an instant movie theater. Some of these projectors also have the ability to hook up with dvd players and most console gaming devices. One is not limited to mp3 players alone.

The two leading companies in this new emerging field are Microvision and 3M. As with any new field, competitors are quickly rising to fill in the void of this new market, hoping to make some money on this budding niche. As a result, it will be only a matter of time before this technology continues to adapt and grow. It will not be long before pico projectors become common place items in everyday life, much like how the mp3 player was rapidly accepted into common use.

Admittedly, these projectors have their limitations. Some of these pocket projectors produce too dim of an image to be used in lit rooms. However, this is not really much of an issue since most of the time these products would be used in the dark. The images produced by these projectors are not the most sharp, but for their size they pack a big punch. For the ones that run purely off battery power, the battery life is relatively short but long enough to go through most movies. Another common complaint with these devices is the low sound quality, but some products avoid the issue by having a jack for plugging speakers or headphones in.

These devices could very well become a hot item for the Christmas season. They are pretty much an ideal gift for those who love to have the latest little gadget to show off. The price range starts as low as $170 and works its way up to $550. It may not be the cheapest item but it would be among the cheaper of the big ticket items for sale this Christmas. Whether they do well or not this Christmas, pocket projectors are certainly something to keep and eye on in the future as technology develops and they are certain to get only better.

NFL, let the madness begin!

Well it’s official, the NFL season has started. In fact, we’re already two weeks in. So, which teams are going to come out on top this year? It’s really hard to tell since we are so early into the season. After all, last year probably didn’t turn out quite the way anyone was planning. For the most part, it seemed like the Superbowl was going to pit the New York Giants against the Tennesee Titans. Both teams finished with the number one seed in their conferences by holding a record of 13-3; but in a shocking turn of events, both teams were eliminated early in the playoffs despite having the home field advantage and a spot in the playoffs.

The Superbowl last year pitted the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals. Most people favored the Steelers since they had been to the Superbowl before, whereas Arizona was entering for the first time. The game was surprisingly good (despite trailing 20-7, the Cardinals came back to take a 23-20 lead right before the Steelers managed a touchdown in the last couple of minutes in the game to take a 27-23 win.) The game was just as exciting as the game two years ago, in which the Giants surprising comeback against the Patriots.

So with all that in mind, what two teams will travel to the Superbowl this year? Obviously, things didn’t go the way some people thought they would last year. The NFL has been known to come around and surprise you every now and then. Being only two games into the regular season, it’s too early to tell who will be in contention for the championship. The Patriots are always a good choice for playoff contention, having missed the playoffs only three times in the past nine years. This year they’re 1-1 with their first win over the Bills, and that game was a come-from-behind win.

The Patriots trailed 24-13 as the game was coming to an end. They then managed a touchdown pass from Brady, and after cutting the lead to 24-19, the Bills fumbled on the kickoff, and the Patriots recovered, just in time for Brady to complete a second touchdown pass giving the Patriots a 25-24 win. However, the patriots lost 16-9 to the Jets the very next week.

The New York Giants, who are currently unbeaten (and we all remember what they’re capable of), are a good team to look at for playoff contention. Two years ago they barely managed to make it into the playoffs on a wild card, but as soon as they did, they rolled through the playoffs and managed the shocking comeback to win the Superbowl over the Patriots. Then, just last year, they finished with one of the best records in the NFL securing a spot in the playoffs as well as being assured the home field advantage. However, they lost in the opening round, and their hopes of repeating the previous year were eliminated.

There are several other teams you can look at. Pittsburgh always seems to have a good chance of finding their way to the playoffs, Baltimore usually plays pretty tough and Indianapolis has had a pretty good record in the past several years. So the season is still young and we’ll just have to wait and see who ends up with the best record. Keep in mind, however, that even having the best record in the regular season means nothing when playoff time comes around. So if you bet on a team to win this year’s Superbowl think about it very carefully.

Taking the 80s comeback too far

It’s 1986 and “Material Girl” by Madonna is blasting from your boombox as you get ready for your Friday night. Can you visualize it? Because chances are you destroyed any pictures taken during the aforementioned decade. For the majority of you who are products of the 90s, think about movies like”The Breakfast Club” or flashbacks in movies like 13 Going on 30. There is a reason why pictures of the 80s were destroyed, no one wants to remember what they looked like. If there are any pictures in existence they are most likely used to embarrass the subject by showing the awful side ponytail, electric leggings, and over-sized crop tank. Some of you may be thinking that this look sounds like the latest trend hitting the streets, but my plea is to not copy the 80s, but mimic them just a little. There is a reason those pictures were destroyed. Looks from that time were unflattering, ridiculous, and drug induced. Unless you are tripping on acid please leave the acid wash jean jacket where you found it.

Now I’m not saying completely forgo the 80s comeback, I’m just asking that you please mimic rather than copy the era 100 percent. Electric colors and acid washes are fine, just not head to toe. Also, please remember your proportions. If you are wearing skintight liquid leggings, forgo the skintight shrunken top you were planning on pairing it with. As far as electric colors go, I say go for it but leave it to a single piece. If you’re wearing those hot pink leggings you just got from American Apparel, please pair it with a loose but well fit shirt in a color that’s, say, less blinding. A great way to wear neon is under a boyfriend blazer with a great pair of skinnies. The idea here is don’t wear the 80s look head to toe and you will avoid looking like you stepped out of a Vanilla Ice video.

The next 80s trend I would like to address is the punk rock look. Once again, it’s great mixed with basics or other looks. If you show up with a black leather studded jacket, teased hair and combat boots you will frighten the crowd. Pair your leather jacket with a feminine blouse or a patterned t-shirt. This is a great time to throw in your electric colors. On the bottom, go with a simple skinny and a great pair of pumps and and you will go from terrifying to trendy.

Now it’s time to discuss accessories. High heeled combat boots and studded booties are a great look when paired with something classic like your little black dress; if you feel like being adventurous try a knee length fitted hot pink dress with a black belt, metallic cuff and a slicked back pony. The key to this look is to appear classy but with an edge. Other great 80s accessory making their comeback are piled on necklaces and bangles. Both looks are great paired with an outfit, but steer clear of wearing them together. You don’t want to look like you drowned in your mothers jewelry box. Rule of thumb: keep the accessories to either bangles, a necklace, or earrings. Never all combined,

Bottom line, folks: take the 80s comeback with a grain of salt and combine it with other looks. If you’re not sure, then do a combination of 80s clothes and your closet staples. Make sure everything is well fit, think proportion and if all else falls ask yourself if you want to see photos of yourself in 10 years.

If you really want to see what the 80s was like check out this clip.

Welcome back to Whim Internet Magazine

Welcome back everybody to the wonderful world of Whim. We have had many changes over the past few months, and we now prepare for a full semester of exciting content. This semester you have features, movies, podcasts and much more.

As for the world; well, many things have changed this year. People are in an uproar over health care, the king of pop is dead … still, political critics are now racists, “Twilight” is still coming; God help us all, swine flu is rampant and President Penelope Kyle was given a raise … in July (so much for relevant, BREAKING news). So pretty much some things are news, some things are ludicrous and some things are just wrong. You can count on Whim this semester to keep things straight or at least fun.

Some might have thought Whim to be dead; some might have wanted Whim to die. However, we remain and we continue to do what we do best: be real. There won’t be any bland, PR features here. You will only find the truest and most cutting-edge articles. Enjoy Whim daily this semester. Also, if you want to give comments or just general ideas, e-mail us at

Have a good year,

Adam LaFon
Executive Director, Whim Internet Magazine

Here is just a sample of what is to come:

Video games Fall 2009 preview

The Fall season is something certainly worth looking forward to this year with a number of well known and not so well known titles coming out for all three of the major consoles plus PC.

Dead Space: Extraction, September 28

This Wii exclusive is the prequel to the Dead Space game released earlier last year. This game promises the same amount of necro-morphed zombies as the first game and more twists and turns, this time for Wii owners. It is certain that this game will make use of the Wii motion sensitive control system for both shooting and slashing the alien zombies to pieces.

DJ Hero, October 27

This is the latest game in the ever-growing genre of music playing games. DJ Hero is hoping to bank into the success that its predecessors Guitar Hero and Rock Band have achieved. The game title is self explanatory. In the game you play a DJ and gradually work your way up as the game becomes more and more difficult.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, November 10

This is a sequel to one of the best selling first-person-shooters of all times. This game promises much of the same experience. Although a third party developer is responsible for making it, all indications show that it will live up to the precedent set by the original.

Dragon Age: Origin, October 27 Xbox360, November 17 ps3

BioWare, a powerhouse in creating role playing games, returns with a new addition to their impressive line up which includes Mass Effect. Though this time they have returned to their roots of fantasy role playing games. Activision has made it clear that this game should be equal to if not better than their epic best seller Baulder’s Gate.

Left 4 Dead 2, November 17

This sequel to the original Left 4 Dead game promises to be as good if not better than the previous game. This game boasts the addition of melee weapons for your heroes to use as they fight off the zombie horde. The game also sports brand new character. Say goodbye to Zoey, Bill, Francis and Louis and hello to Nick, Coach, Ellis and Rochelle. Left 4 Dead 2 is set in Louisiana and promises more special zombies along with stage-specific zombies.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, October 13

This Play Station3 exclusive game promises to be one of the most visually stunning games to be released this fall. This sequel to the original Uncharted is perhaps the most anticipated game coming out for the PS3. The original game is still in many regards, considered the best game to come out on PS3. Combine that with the stunning graphical display that was put on during the Electronic Entertainment Expo and it is easy to see why.

Forza Motorsports 3, October 27

This Xbox 360 exclusive is the third game in the stunning and fun Forza series. This sequel to the game promises more than 400 different cars, over 100 tracks and 50 different car makers. This makes Forza 3 perhaps the most in-depth Forza game to date. This is among the most anticipated car games coming out this year.

Saw: The Video game, October 6

Yes, it is here: Saw on a console. Play as one of jigsaws victims as you try and make your way through his traps and keep alive. This game very well may be a sleeper in a season full of certain blockbusters and a year with above average movie-based games.

Avatar: The Game, November 17

This game is among the most hyped coming out this season, with good reason. With its story driven content mixed with in depth multiplayer gameplay it is hard not to agree with all the hype. If all that was not enough, the game will be in 3-D on televisions, with the ability to support such features.

Health care: rallying against useless windbags

I don’t care if your dad works for a health insurance company, or your mom, or you. Whoever is working for those sons of bitches needs to take a knife and stick it right through their windpipe, or at least quit. The health care industry provides no service. It provides nothing except a rocky middle-ground for money to pass over and slip beneath the cracks as profit for assholes who have found a loophole in American commerce.

Here are some facts that you should know, health care accounts for one-sixth of our economy. The largest demographic without health care is us: 18-28 year olds who have recently been taken off their parents’ plan but have yet to get their own. We spend 50 percent more than any other country per capita on healthcare, but have absolutely nothing to show for it, because almost 40 million of your fellow Americans are uninsured.

The most recent health care bill that may or may not pass through congress aims to address a few awesome things:

  • Make it illegal for healthcare companies to not insure you for pre-existing conditions
  • Make it illegal for healthcare companies to drop you or water down your coverage when you get sick
  • It won’t change your coverage if you are comfortable with it


  • There is no public option, that is to say no government-issued health care
  • You have to buy health care if you’re uninsured, and if you can’t afford it, the government will buy it for you from one of the providers
  • That means a LOT more money for private health care providers, paid for by the people who are forced to purchase it and the government that will pay for those who can’t afford it.

If you’re not an ignorant crack-shooter, you know that the U.S. is the last industrialized nation without nationalized health care and medicine. Why? WHY!!!

It is because health care companies have prominent fucking lobbyists, who control Congress. Excuse me for sounding like a conspiracy-theory hippy douche bag, but I’m right. The latest bill is a delicious, blonde blowjob for those lobbyists. It guarantees almost 40 million more customers for various healthcare providers, when it should be wiping them out altogether, or at the very least providing a free option for those who can’t afford co-payments and deductibles.

Yes, I said it. Put one-sixth of the economy out of work. Because those assholes don’t provide any service in society other than taking my money, keeping 1 out of every 3 dollars for profit, and giving the rest to my doctor. Make them do something useful, like work for GE.

Some quasi-retarded people think that the free market system is the only thing that’s important in our culture, that the ‘invisible hand’ of the market will make everything work out. Those people are naive. For one, we’ve never had a laissez-faire (let alone) market. We’ve always had a controlled market, and government has always competed with free-enterprise companies without wiping them out. That’s what a public option (my view of the bare minimum) poses to do, provide an OPTION to go alongside ridiculously priced options set by the cheating private insurance companies.

Look at the postal services. Our national postal service has been supplemented by FedEx and UPS and none of the three have gone out of business. Look at our education system. Yale, (a private university) along with hundreds of private universities, coincides with NYU, Radford, Penn State, UCLA, and hundreds of other government funded universities without showing signs of tarnished business.

Words like ‘socialism’ and ‘communism’ and ‘Marxist’ get thrown around a hell of a lot. Idiots think that paying a tax so others can get the same care as the rest of us is un-American. What about social security? What about Medicare and Medicaid? Are those not socialist ideals? The truth is that we’re already a socialist nation and we should be fucking fantistically proud of it. We care for our elderly and aid our less fortunate. Now it’s time we pay a bunch more and receive the same care for everyone. Take the money you’re giving to the inflated health industry, give it to the government, and let it filter throughout everyone else’s tax to insure every American’s health. That’s one thing that they should be doing for us right now, helping with our illnesses.

To get more information listen to Obama’s health care speech.

Whim premiere

Hello Whim fans,

I know you have been anxiously awaiting our launch for this semester. Whim will premiere in all it’s wonder Friday September 25. From then on you can expect exciting daily content including feature stories, podcasts, videos and photgraphy.

Come check us out at midnight, September 24 for our official relaunch.

Fight Club: A model for God

The following is an in-depth discussion of the book: Fight Club.

“If you’re male and you’re Christian and living in America, your father is your model for God. And if you never knew your father, if your father bails out or dies or is never at home, what do you believe about God?” What do you believe about God? We believe what we are told about God. But look at your relationship with your father; the lack there of, the past, and the present. Now look at your relationship/view of God. See the similarities?

In Fight Club, both Tyler Durden and the unnamed narrator have no relationship with their fathers, due to both a complete absence and a bail out. Because of this misfortune neither Tyler nor the narrator grew up with a strong masculine figure in their life, which impacted both differently. The narrator seemingly becomes the guy who settles for things, the guy who works 9 p.m to 5 p.m, never questioning, never changing. On the other hand Tyler appears to be more of a macho, masculine man and this is what draws the narrator to him upon their meeting.

After a business trip the narrator arrives at his apartment only to find it blown to smithereens; his perfect life seemingly ruined. Everything he had worked for and paid for was burnt, shattered and sprinkled all over the block. Upon seeing this, he calls Tyler, thinking “deliver me, Tyler” hoping for an escape; for a savior. Just as he had hoped for, Tyler pulls through and offers to meet the narrator at a bar and offers him shelter with one stipulation: “I want you to hit me as hard as you can.” The narrator punches Tyler, and Tyler punches back … soon enough a crowd is drawn and the beginnings of fight club is seen as well as a bond between the narrator and Tyler.

“The first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club … the second rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.” Tyler quickly steps up as leader of this group and is soon recognized as more than another member, but almost a deity. To all of these average, 9 to 5 working men, Tyler is something they all long to be; someone they can look up to. Tyler does becomes their god, despite the relationship how good or how bad any of them have with their fathers. Tyler is their fight club father, he is their leader, and their dictator.

After the narrator moves in with Tyler the bond between the two is strengthened all the time. Tyler begins by teaching the narrator how to make soap, explaining “with enough soap … you could blow up the whole world.” From that day on the narrator seems to become more and more involved with Tyler’s life; going to work with him sabotaging fancy dinner parties, going to fight club and admiring Tyler’s leadership. Soap making becomes more than just a hobby; it is now a source of income.

While Tyler seems to be nothing but a good guy, things begin to get out of control. While the narrator is finally able to overcome his insomnia and sleep more, Tyler is out causing trouble. Fight clubs spring up all over the U.S., and Tyler becomes this mysterious figure. Then, from the various fight clubs, Project Mayhem emerges with the goal to “blast the world free of history.” When the narrator discovers this, his insomnia returns and is often unable to find Tyler. The narrator discovers the mayhem and mischief that is being caused by Tyler’s deadly project, but is still confused about what exactly is happening. To figure out what Tyler has done, he asks many of the project members, but all of them refuse to tell him anything stating “the first rule about Project Mayhem is you don’t talk about Project Mayhem.” While from a religious sense God is not trying to make us all his monkeys in the destruction of the world; Project Mayhem reflects often what life is. We are educated and trained in a specific field, but for what? To those unknowing — which is most everybody — the big picture is unclear and only the small, minuscule details are in focus. “The fifth rule about Project Mayhem is you have to trust Tyler.”

While the Project Mayhem members seem content with their mindless jobs and assignments, the narrator isn’t. He has to know where Tyler is, and then sets out on a nationwide search for him. The narrator’s search for Tyler is much like many religous people seeking God. He was seemingly there at one time and everything made sense, but we fall asleep for a few hours and everything is gone, everything is a mystery; Tyler … God, doesn’t make sense anymore. After an exhausting search, the narrator finally finds relief from his insomnia in Seattle, only to finally find Tyler.

The discovery of Tyler would seem to be the end of the narrator’s journey, but it is not. Tyler then reveals more and more about what he has done while the narrator was sleeping. When we finally “find” God, we think it’s finally over, but more questions and more events unfold that begin to baffle us even more. It’s only in the end are we able to haggle and come to terms with God; it’s only in the end we are able to haggle and come to terms with our inner demons.

If our idea of God is similar to that of our fathers … what about those with no fathers? They will eventually find a male figure in their life, and suddenly, they are God. Everything they’ve ever wanted to be, they are. Tyler Durden proved to be a willing candidate for a father figure, a model for God, perhaps; a spokesperson for change and action. Tyler Durden became the epitome of perfection for the members of fight clubs around the nation, and the selfless Project Mayhem members. To the narrator, Tyler was the father figure he never had … a model for God he never had.

Check out a pivotal scene from the film “Fight Club”, based on the above book:

Gears of War 2: back to war

In this second installment of the acclaimed Gears of War game series, you are once more a member of the Cog army facing down the enemies of humanity known as the Locus. In this sequel to the original Gears of War, the Locus grew stronger since your attack on them in the first game. As a result, the Locus multiplied and different types began to appear.

This sequel features a much needed improvement to the storyline with characters who seem much more human, displaying a greater range of emotions than those found in the original game. Along with a greater amount of story and improved characters, a number of other additions made an already solid game all the better. With the improved storyline comes the game’s biggest flaw. Once the bullets stop flying and all calms down, you are still left with way too many loose ends. More than likely, the game’s designers left it that way for yet another Gears game.

There was considerable improvement to the cover and blind fire system, enabling better control. The improvements to the cover system in the game allow for players to hug much closer against walls and various other forms of cover. This prevents many of the stray hits and kills that occurred in the first game. The game flows more quickly and smoothly thanks to the improvements made to the blind fire system. It enables you not to waste as much time taking aim and instead fire wildly, pushing the Locus back when needed.

The original Gears of War was marked as one of the most violent and gory games to date. The addition of the execution system for downed enemies, initiating a different execution style for each lettered button on the Xbox controller makes it unlikely that the series will lose that reputation. Hitting A enables you to use a downed enemy as a shield to protect you from enemy fire. Pressing B initiates the quick kill; using the back of your gun, you crush your opponent’s head in. The X button causes you to curb-stomp the enemy, while Y triggers the extended execution style. The problem with the extended kill style is, once it starts, you can’t do anything to defend yourself. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself down and frantically crawling for help.

The weapons system, while not getting a complete overhaul, did get some minor tweaks that make gameplay easier. In other words: no fear, the chainsaw-equipped assault rifle remains a main staple in the game, so go forth and hack your enemies to pieces. On a more serious note, beyond the addition of a flame thrower and heavier weapons like a grinder and mortar, the only real difference is the balance of the guns. This minor (but needed) tweak enables quicker targeting and better all-around gun movement.

Another much more obvious change is the utter overhaul to the revival system. In the first game in the series, once downed you had to wait around and hope that one of your teammates would stop by and be nice enough to revive you. In this installment of the game, that is no longer an issue. By tapping A you can crawl toward your teammates in a desperate attempt to avoid becoming someone’s meat shield.

The online play for the game gained four additional play modes: horde, submission, wingman and guardian. Horde pits yourself and four other brave Gears of the Cog Army against wave after wave of attacking Locus. This mode of play is by far the most addicting, as players push themselves to improve upon their previous best survival. Submission is an interesting take on capture the flag. In this mode, the flag is a civilian that you have to capture and use as a meat shield. The only catch is that your flag is hostile and carries a gun, shooting at any opponents that get close. Wingman pits players in teams of two. The main point is that the teammates work together, reviving each other and working toward killing the enemy teams. Guardian pits two teams of five against each other, designating one member of each team as the team’s leader. The point of the game is to kill the other squad’s leader. Anyone but the squad leader can respawn after death an infinite number of times.

This is definitely a game that should be in everyone’s Xbox game library. Aside from its one flaw, this is a very solid game. The sheer amount of carnage you are capable of inflicting makes this one of the more fun recent releases for the Xbox.

Whim Score:

Check out the trailer!

A deer issue

You are driving down the road, just cruising along. All of sudden a deer jumps into your line of sight and you desperately try to slam on the brakes, swerve; anything to avoid hitting it. However, all this is useless as you slam head on into the deer. You have just become another statistic in what is turning out to be a growing problem in the country: deer-vehicle collisions.

Animal collisions are nothing new to the roadways of America, but the increase in cars on the highway and increase in deer population has created an even more dangerous situation. This has led to billions of dollars in damages and the loss of human life.

In 1980 there were 800 thousand reported according to an Iowa Animal Collision task force. The number has risen to around 1.5 million according to a recent report from These incidents have caused 150 deaths and ten thousand injuries. These numbers might not even be reliable, since a lot of incidents are not reported.

This part of the country is usually a hotbed for deer. Virginia ranks eighth in the nation for deer accidents, while its neighbor West Virginia ranks first. Virginia crashes are up over 30 percent in recent years according to a Virginia initiative call Drive Smart Virginia.

All these show a correlation between a rising deer population and more vehicle accidents. Most of the accidents happen between 6 p.m and 9 p.m.

At night the deer are blinded by the headlights and are usually unaware of traffic. They move quickly and are hard to predict which makes it harder to avoid them. Another hazard with deer is that they move in packs; so when you see one, you will usually see more. The months of Nov., Dec., and Jan. are usually worse as well because deer move around more due to hunting season and because it is their mating season.

The deer problem is also an economic one as insurance companies and accident victims attempt to cover the damages caused by these accidents. According to State Farm, deer accidents cost over $1.1 billion a year in damage.

Despite the erratic nature of deer; there are steps one can take to lower their chances of an accident:

  • Keep you headlights on high beam. This will help you see their eyes sooner.
  • Be aware of signs that could warn of high deer activity.
  • Stay alert.

If it seems that you are going to hit the deer; do not swerve. Many of the fatalities come when people swerve to miss and end up in a bigger wreck.

“Air Force One”: remembering the ride

Surely you must have seen this movie at some point; if you haven’t, check it out. It’s an amazing thriller from beginning to end. The story takes place on the president’s plane, Air Force One (of course). On the plane, a band of terrorists high-jack the plane in an attempt to get the United States government to comply with their demands. Harrison Ford, who plays the role of the president, single-handedly faces the terrorists on board to retake his plane.

The movie has some pretty good fight scenes, some good shoot-out battles, as well as a cool airplane fight in the end. The whole story has a pretty good plot behind it. If something like this ever happened in real life, it’s unlikely the president would be able to get away with staying on the plane when he should evacuate. As cool of a movie as this is, when the terrorists attempted to take over the plane in the very beginning, the president’s Secret Service agents attempted to evacuate him from the plane. He managed to get out of the pod to stay on board, which probably isn’t possible–there shouldn’t be any way to get out of a pod like that when it’s about to be dropped from the sky, and if there is a way to get out, then you may not want to get into the pod in the first place.

Also, the terrorists took over the plane with help from one of the president’s own Secret Service agents. Why would a Secret Service agent want to betray the man he took a vow to give his life to protect? Not only would that provide a great deal of guilt to live with, but Secret Service agents probably make more money than most people can ever hope to see in their lifetime. What could anybody possibly offer a Secret Service agent that would convince them to do something like that? It’s extremely unlikely that anyone would have that much money, especially if they weren’t American.

One final flaw in the plot is the fact that the president should never risk his life the way he did in this movie. If something like that ever really happened and the president didn’t end up getting killed, he’d probably be impeached as soon as he returned to the White House. The only reason he stayed on the plane was because the terrorists had his wife and daughter. Quite frankly, when the president makes a trip to another country to deal with issues concerning terrorists and things like that, if there’s even a chance that something like this could happen, his family should have no place being there with him. If his family wasn’t on the plane, he would have been evacuated and the terrorists’ whole plan probably would have been foiled.

The movie is definitely worth watching. If you’ve never seen it, try and find it sometime; it’s a great action movie. There are many ways you can look at this movie and compare it to something that can actually happen in real life, but it’s not very likely.

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