Radford Highlanders Fall to the Campbell Fighting Camels

On Thursday, January 26, the Radford Highlanders Men’s Basketball team hosted the Campbell Fighting Camels. The game was broadcast on ESPNU, the first time a Highlander home game has been broadcast on the network since February 2014. Cheerleaders and coaches made sure that Radford’s return to the screen was made known to students and got their fellow Highlanders hyped with free pizza and giveaways in the Bonnie hours before the game.

ru basketball
“On Thursday, January 26, the Radford Highlanders Men’s Basketball team hosted the Campbell Fighting Camels. The game was broadcast on ESPNU, the first time a Highlander home game has been broadcast on the network.” Photo from: washingtonpost.com

Tip off was at 7 p.m, and the Dedmon Center was buzzing with fans, most decked out in red and waving red and white long balloons to show school spirit.  Radford got the first possession, and Guard Caleb Tanner sunk a 3-pointer to score the first points of the game. After the first score, however, the Highlander’s offense struggled and by halftime, had managed only 25 points to the Camel’s 37. Turnovers also hurt the home team, and they wrestled with field goal accuracy which led to Campbell gaining a 21-point lead with less than 12 minutes in the second half. Radford Guard Justin Cousin then hit a 3-pointer which allowed his team to come back 8 points, cutting the Camel’s lead to 13. The Camels then responded, however, with 5 straight points. The final score of the night was Campbell 78, Radford 61.

Justin Cousin was the leading scorer for Radford with 18 points, including five 3-pointers.

Forward Ed Polite Jr. put up 12 points, while Caleb Tanner scored 8 points.

Throughout the game, dancers and cheerleaders worked to keep the crowd’s excitement high, launching t-shirts into the stands via t-shirt guns or throwing them themselves. The halftime show featured two acts, one by junior cheerleaders and another by a dance team, which performed their routine to a mashup of pop hits such as “24k Magic” by Bruno Mars and “Bad and Boujee” by Migos. Dance Cams and Smile Cams entertained the crowd during timeouts, spotlighting people in the audience, and fans of all ages participated in shooting contests, three legged races, and other competitions to win money and gift cards.


Parking On and Around Campus

Any student at Radford University can have a car while they are away at college. Unlike most universities or colleges, Radford does not have a policy that doesn’t allow freshman students to bring their own car to college with them (provided they pay for their parking pass, of course). As such, Radford has a fairly high number of students who bring their cars with them, not to mention there are various commuter students. But as any student who drives and has a parking pass can tell you, the amount of convenient parking space for non-commuter students at Radford is almost non-existent.

parking lot
“The amount of convenient parking space for non-commuter students at Radford is almost non-existent.” Photo from: media.graytvinc.com

The most convenient space to park for students who live on campus is parking lot CC, located off campus, on the other side of a short bridge, and down a somewhat steep hill. For most students this is a fairly long walk, especially for students who live in Moffett quad. It would make the lives of many students much easier if they had closer, more convenient parking, particularly when you consider that parking lot CC does not have enough space for all of the student drivers and that the next closest parking area is parking lot Z. It is a small hike to get to and from parking lot Z, and this lot is often in danger of flooding when it rains.

However, it is also understandable that Radford University has not made more parking spaces, as there is limited space available in the area, much less space that would be convenient for on-campus students to park. It is also worth noting that students can park on campus during the weekend, something that can help ease the trouble with parking.

Nonetheless, I am sure if there was a reasonable and effective way to provide more convenient parking, then most students would encourage the university to make that happen. While this is admittedly not a top priority for the university, it would be interesting to see if Radford’s administration does anything to provide better parking in the near future.

In The Dark

Silence hangs in the air like an axe.

The clock tick-tick-ticking closer toward the witching hour.

Gradients of darkness give shape to the room.

A black mass in the corner waits, quiet and knowing.


A face with two sets of eyes stare,

One a ghastly green, the other a blazing blue,

Never blinking, always watching.

High above it waits, eternal.

“Never blinking, always watching.” Photo from: media4.giphy.com

The axe falls by degrees, a slow draining drip of dread.

Whispers, voices, leak through the wall,

Crawling along the ceiling and echoing,

Loud enough to hear, muffled enough to hide.


Scratches dig deep into the door,

Claws dragging long grooves.

Just wait, wait until the night ends

And the blood red light leaks in.

Magical Girl Animes: Sexist or Feminist?

Most people know about anime and plenty of people watch it. They’re a fun source of entertainment where almost anything is possible. They can stretch across any genre, and they’ve even created a few of their own. One such genre (and a popular one too) is the magical girl anime.

sailor moon
“A female character has supernatural and/or magical powers, usually obtained from an outside force.” Photo from: assests2.inmings.com

For those of you who are unaware of what a magical girl anime is, here’s a basic explanation. A female character has supernatural and/or magical powers, usually obtained from an outside force. Generally, they have to balance their normal life with fighting whatever enemies are around (who are usually the reason they get their powers in the first place). It’s a pretty simple and self-explanatory idea. The potential issue with the genre is that often times the female characters can be over-sexualized by unnecessary attention placed on their breasts, overly skimpy and/or sexualized outfits, and even the occasional shot of their underwear, depending on the show. However, not every magical girl anime does this, and some even promote female empowerment and discuss (to a certain degree) important issues. Hence the conflicting ideas and this article.

One of the oldest and most famous series from this genre is Sailor Moon; this show was the kick starter for many of these types of animes. The show often discussed gender roles and identities, and it was a great example of powerful young women working together. It also switched around traditional gender roles, where the women in the show were the competent heroines and the male characters were often incompetent and in need of help.  This is a welcome change from the typical damsel in distress trope that so many TV shows and movies often go for.

This idea of women being powerful figures with actual depth to their characters has happened quite often within this genre but so has the over-sexualization of female characters. I think that what it comes down to is how the creators and animators choose to present their show. This genre is literally about empowering women so that they can fight back. But anyone can make it unnecessarily sexual. I think that, at least conceptually, magical girl animes can be an empowering form of entertainment.

R-Space Event Friday

Sponsored Content for R-Space

R-Space’s own Richard Delehanty has an exciting event planned for the Radford student body. Beginning at 9 p.m. on Friday, February 2, escape rooms will be located upstairs in the Bonnie. With eight people allowed per room, bring your friends and go through the challenge as a team. The three options range from deadly viruses to two bomb-themed rooms. Both picks are well-designed and exhilarating. They give you the opportunity to impress your friends by solving clues, working together, and escaping the areas. Complete the obstacles in the fastest time and everyone in your team will receive a sweet prize. Following your escape, join Comedy Magician Brian Miller downstairs from 9-10:30, eat free food, and visit the Radford event tables. Stay behind for bingo and try your hand at winning prizes. Some—but not all—are a long board and a Keurig.

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Ripped cellophane drifting in the wind,

Covering my childhood spot.


A habit of harmony and wonder

Turned resting place for all creativity.


Sleeping dog, covered in careful spots,

Striped with innocence.


I come here to dream

Drab and crass thoughts.

“This place is mine.” Photo from: www.pixabay.com







Never have I shared this place,

Not even as a curious child.


False impression of ignorance,

This place is mine.


My place of sin,

Shaded by fading memories.

Contradictions and Contrasts on Inauguration Day

On January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Trump’s inaugural speech focused largely on ideas of putting America first, uniting the nation, and making sure the country is controlled by the people. In his speech, he also talked about the government benefiting all Americans, not just the elite of Washington D.C. (1).

However, many made their opposition to Trump known as protests occurred in D.C., in major cities throughout the country, and across the globe (2). Protesters have made it clear that they wish to have no part in Donald Trump’s America and that they did not want any part of it to begin with. For all of Trump’s talk of uniting the country, he has made many feel hated and endangered.

“On January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.” Photo from: www.static2.politico.com

Trump has been accused of racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, and threatening women’s rights, among many other things. He has said and done many things that support these accusations. For example, Trump has argued for reviving New York’s stop-and-frisk policy, which was infamous for being used in a discriminatory manner against African Americans and Latino Americans. The policy has often been used for racial profiling against these races (3).

Trump has also shown disregard for groups such as the LBGTQ+ communities, immigrants, and women by electing Mike Pence as his Vice President (VP), who is a known opponent of LGBTQ+ rights, immigration policies, and women’s rights. Mike Pence has advocated against enacting new laws and policies that would protect the rights of these groups. He has advocated for defunding Planned Parenthood and making abortions more difficult to obtain. He has also supported Gay Conversation Therapy, which is essentially torture. Despite Trump’s claims of wanting to unite the country, his VP decision is a strong and alienating statement to many people.

Trump’s inauguration speech was about uniting America and putting America first, but his actions (and the reactions of various protesters) say something very different. Either Trump has not realized the impact of his actions or he is blatantly lying about his intentions. Either way, the significant differences between his actions during his campaign and his recent inaugural speech have some very serious and concerning implications about what Donald Trump will be like as our next president.




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American Psycho

A few weeks back, my girlfriend’s brother was ranting at CNN the way that only middle-aged intellectuals can. “ . . .. And they take these kids, and they develop them into psychopaths until they are so far gone that they will blow up themselves and an entire mosque!”

I resent that statement.

I would never blow up a mosque, let alone blow up myself.

I am a psychopath, and I have shared a campus with you for the last three years. And I haven’t killed anyone. I am a bit of a victim of popular culture. I am not a soulless, remorseless killer. I probably don’t even give you a reason to suspect me. I have sat next to you, talked with you, exchanged texts with you . . . I even had sex with a couple of you. Nothing like a scene from The Last House On The Left went down. I was kind, reassuring, and gentle in those interactions we had. I have feelings just like you do. I just don’t experience them on the same level as you. To explain it simply, I have an emotional “Off” switch. It just happens to be in the “Off” position most of the time.

“I’m still the same person you knew earlier this semester.” Photo from: www.staticflickr.com

Just like redheads, psychopaths make up about 2% of the world population. We don’t shoot up schools, blow up churches, or chop up people with chainsaws (the people who do those things have real problems). We tend to find careers as nurses, surgeons, lawyers, and soldiers mainly because we do well in scenarios where something bad may have to occur in order to ensure a better future (Making good use of the “Off” position, after all).

I’m still the same person you knew earlier this semester. I’m still the smart guy in class.

I’m still your friend.

Why Girls Wear Makeup

No, it’s not for boys.


With all the recent developments in the makeup community, there seems to be something for everyone. While the popularity of makeup is clear, there is still one thing that doesn’t seem to be—the answer to the question, “Why do girls wear makeup?”


Popular opinion seems to be that girls wear makeup in order to impress and get attention from boys. Some even say that wearing makeup is the equivalent to lying.


Girls use and wear makeup as forms of satisfaction, creative outlets, self-esteem boosters (and let’s make this very clear: you do not need to wear makeup to be beautiful), and mainly because they want to, and it’s fun. If you think that I have naturally sparkly gold eyelids, then that’s on you.

“Some even say that wearing makeup is the equivalent to lying.” Photo from: photobucket.com

Boys don’t understand the precious investments of time and money that go into makeup, so how would they appreciate it, and why would I wear something for someone who I know won’t fully appreciate it? Do you think we’re going to put on a full face of makeup for someone who doesn’t know the difference between strobing and baking and who quite honestly, probably doesn’t know what those terms mean at all? No. Do you think we’re going to waste beautiful products on someone who doesn’t know the difference between NC 45, and NW 45? No. Girls do these things because we love makeup. We love the way it makes us feel and we love the feeling of satisfaction after we put on a flawless full face of makeup.


So I can go swimming on the first date because I know that I primed my face and set my makeup, so it’s not going anywhere. However,girls if there is anyone makeup-shaming you, you put on your Ruby Woo lipstick and keep moving with the satisfaction that they don’t even know the difference between that and Russian Red.

Big Brother Shouldn’t Get a Say in a Woman’s Reproductive Rights

One of the big debates that has been happening for quite some time now is whether or not a woman should be allowed to get an abortion. This is a debate that has gone on for years with many people providing their input, and some have complicated the topic unnecessarily. The government itself tries to regulate and dictate the laws surrounding abortion, but one of the issues is the U.S. Congress, the group of people who make the federal laws in our county. Congress has only 104 women in it, out of 535 total seats available (1). It seems a little ridiculous that the group who decides the laws on an issue that can only be experienced and fully understood by women is made up of mostly men, who outnumber the women present by more than 4 to 1.

big brother
“The government itself tries to regulate and dictate the laws surrounding abortion, but one of the issues is the U.S. Congress, the group of people who make the federal laws in our county.” Photo from: www.vignette2.wiki.nocookie.net

This is not to say that men cannot have a say or a hand in crafting whatever abortion laws need to be made. However, their voice should be secondary on this issue. Women are perfectly capable of understanding and realizing the needs and functions of their own body, and they absolutely have every right to decide what they wish to do with it.

One of the major targets of anti-abortion legislation has been Planned Parenthood. Many of the accusations that are made against it show a distinct lack of an understanding of what Planned Parenthood does. This reflects the lack of understanding some lawmakers have of women’s health and health services. Abortions are only a small part of what Planned Parenthood does; it also provides STI and STD testing, cancer screenings, and health education as well as functioning as an OBGYN (2). This shows that Planned Parenthood provides so much more than just abortion services. The fact that many lawmakers would like to shut this organization down despite all of the good it does makes it seem like they are having a witch hunt rather than attempting to serve the American public.

  1. http://www.cawp.rutgers.edu/current-numbers
  2. https://www.plannedparenthood.org/about-us/who-we-are

Waiting Room Blues

We’re all sitting in a makeshift waiting room.

A drug treatment facility masquerading as a fidcus emporium

The doctor is late

It’s as if having a medical degree comes with a broken watch

All of us are here for the same reason

Our brains flood us with that feel-good chemical

Get my heart racin’ baby

We shift uncomfortably

Unsure as to whether or not we’ll get our fix

waiting room
“The doctor is late. It’s as if having a medical degree comes with a broken watch.” Photo from: www.juiceforskin.com






They leave us in twos

Some cross the threshold and never come back

Gone into the zone of white lab coats and Zoloft

‘Not I’ said the bipolar

‘Not me’ said the schizophrenic

We shift and stare

Trying to find the drug addict among us

Only to find that we’re all addicts,

Getting high off serotonin.

Comics in the Classroom (Originally posted in “News and Events” in School of Communication)

Dr. Matthew Smith, the newly appointed Director of the School of Communication, will not only be holding his new position but will also offer a new course this fall semester at Radford University entitled: “Graphic Storytelling”.

The course enrollment caps at 20 students, and it has a current enrollment of 16. Smith teaches Graphic Storytelling every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 10-10:50 a.m. As of now, Smith is set to teach the course every other semester but hopes that he has the opportunity to teach it more often.

This course covers the principles that guide graphic novels with a focus on how the novels communicate their meaning. Students will also learn the history of graphic novels and, hopefully, develop an appreciation for the medium of graphic novels under the guidance of Dr. Smith.

“The basic notion is to look at the kinds of communication that go on in graphic novels. As a unique form of media representation,” Smith said, “this is another form of communication that isn’t widely studied but is worthy of study in terms of understanding how we use images and words put together to make meaning on their own.”

Smith’s personal life has a major impact on his desire to teach the subject. Smith has a deep love for comics and along with Randy Duncan and Paul Levitz, co-authored the class’s textbook, “The Power of Comics: History, Form and Culture”.

Today, youth grow up with superheroes just like past generations, but most of the children do not read about Superman and Batman. Instead, they watch these iconic superheroes in the movie theaters or on television shows.

“This course covers the principles that guide graphic novels with a focus on how the novels communicate their meaning. Students will also learn the history of graphic novels.” Photos from: www.blogspot.com

“There is a wide cultural relevance to what goes on in the medium, and it’s interesting because a lot of students haven’t picked up a comic book in this generation, and that’s fine,” Smith said. “They’re interested in the source material for all those adaptations they’re seeing in the mass media so it’s a way to get back to the basics.”

Along with understanding a new medium and gathering a greater appreciation for comic books, Smith takes his students to Comic-Con International located in San Diego, California.

“We use the tools of ethnography in the process, which is participant observation, we enjoy comic-con, but we study comic-con while we are there,” Smith said. “There is a level of awareness about what’s going on and how things are going on.”

The opportunity is open to students of different majors as a way to pull in students who are interested in the different dynamics that Comic-Con has to offer, while also gaining college credit.

Dogs are a College Student’s Best Friend

As any student can tell you, college can be a stressful time, from the first week of classes to finals week. Especially during finals, everyone has an increasing number of homework assignments, projects, and tests, and it can quickly become overwhelming. Many people have their own way of destressing; some hang out with friends, some read a good book, and some go out for a fun weekend. However, as many recent studies have been suggesting, time spent with a dog can be a great way to destress.

“However, as many recent studies have been suggesting, time spent with a dog can be a great way to destress.” Photo from: www.projectinspired.com

Petting dogs has been shown to lower blood pressure, help ease depression, lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and increase the levels of oxytocin, the love hormone (1). A canine companion can be one of the best ways to help students with the stress of everyday college life. Radford University itself often holds a therapy dog day several times throughout each semester. People advocated for more of these days, and the university is usually happy to provide a few of them. They understand that spending time with dogs helps the students, and providing these days is often a safer and better option than the more chaotic options some students employ.

Therapy dogs are a good, low-cost way for college campuses to help students relieve their stress or anxiety. In fact, rarely does it cost the student or school anything at all as most of the dog handlers are volunteers who bring trained therapy dogs. This is a safer method of destressing than going out to drink and party all night, as Radford University still has something of a reputation as a party school.


Fluttering, falling, fading,

Once green leaves stained yellow with groundless fears,

Buffeted and shaken by rains that once

Wouldn’t have even been noticed.

One by one the leaves die of terror,

And the branches are left bare.

But instead of doing anything,

The tree lets it happen.

The more the leaves fall,

The less strength there is to hold on to the ones left.

The wind tries to help,

Tickling branches in ways the tree once loved.

But without leaves, the wind feels harsh and exhausting.


“One by one the leaves die of terror, And the branches are left bare.” Photo from: www.staticflickr.com



Branches snicker, snap, and groan

At the innocent wind.

The bare bony fingers reach towards the sky,

Scraping against the blue in desperation.

But the sky never says anything,

And only the rain that was already coming

Responds to the cries.

Soon there is nothing

To protect from the coming ice,

And all that remains

Is to do


Seven New Year’s Resolutions Most Girls Have Made

“I’m going to work out more.”

We’re a little more than halfway through January now and we all know what that means – New Year’s resolutions! We have all made resolutions (whether we have kept them is another story entirely). Here is a list of common New Year’s resolutions, especially if you’re a girl. Hey, you might find one or two on here that you’ve made!

“I’m going to work out more.”

Whether we’ve phrased it as “get fit” or “go to the gym,” we have all made this resolution. But why go to the gym when you can go to Buffalo Wild Wings? Do the carrots and celery that come with my chicken wings count as being healthy?

  1. “I’m going to budget my money better.”

Of course you are…after you hit up that sale at Victoria’s Secret, and Bath & Body Works…and Target.

“My grades are going to come first this semester.”

“We have all made resolutions (whether we have kept them is another story entirely).” Photo from: www.t4.ftcdn.net

One of my personal favorites. We all have good intentions when it comes to our grades, but binge watching a whole season of Friends on Netflix is so much easier than typing that paper for Economics.

4. “I’m going to read more.”

Again, why read when there’s Netflix?

  1. “I’m going to learn a new skill.”

If that new skill is watching Netflix without having to press “continue watching,” then sign me up.

  1. “I’m going to be more productive.”

We all say this, and then all of a sudden it’s 5 p.m. and we’ve only left the couch to use the restroom.

  1. “I’m not going to wear leggings every day this year.”

Haha, okay.

Have you made any of the resolutions on the list? Did you keep them? If you did, kudos to you! And if not, better luck next year!