Top 5 Foods to Eat with Ranch

Ranch is an essential when I’m eating any type of food. It goes with almost anything if you’re willing to try it. I didn’t even like ranch that much until I came to college. I would eat it on salads or with carrot sticks but never let it touch my pizza or chicken. Now I find myself attempting to drench any of my food in it. Here are five foods I love to eat with ranch that are well worth the try.

  1. Pizza

Eating ranch with pizza may sound a little strange if you’ve never tried it, but I can assure you it’s worth at least trying. I first started only dipping my crust in it but now I have to have it to eat my whole pizza slice with and now can’t imagine eating pizza without ranch.

“I first started only dipping my crust in it.”
  1. Pizza rolls

Very similar to pizza, pizza rolls are also one of the best foods to eat with ranch. Again, if you’ve never given the pizza-ranch relationship a try, it might seem weird or gross to you. However, I can’t even eat pizza rolls without ranch now or it tastes too dry and a lot different from what I’m now used to.

  1. Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are another great food that pairs well with ranch. Whether you dip every bite you take of your wing or just occasionally dip it to take away some of the heat, it’s a great addition to eating wings and in my opinion way better than bleu cheese dipping sauce!

  1. Waffle Fries

This is a recent one that I’ve been eating with ranch. I went to Chick-Fil-A and they accidentally gave me ranch instead of honey mustard. So I decided to branch out and try it anyway. I actually really enjoyed eating my waffles fries with ranch and now continue to ask for ranch at Chick-Fil-A solely for my fries. It’s worth a try!

  1. Fried Pickles

Whether you order fried pickles at a restaurant or you decide to make some at home, they’re even more delicious if you dip them in ranch. Fried pickles can be slightly dry so pairing them with ranch gives it the moisture they need and still allows you to taste the actual fried pickle!

How you react to stress is vital for your health

The fact that stress and negative emotions can raise the risk of heart disease is evident, but the reasons why this occurs are not explicitly known. One possible rationale that connects stress to heart disease is an impairment of the autonomic nervous system — an instance of an individual’s typically self-regulated nervous system being led astray.

Nancy L. Sin, a postdoctoral researcher in the department of biobehavioral health and in the Center for Healthy Aging at Penn State, and colleagues desired to discover if everyday stress and heart rate variability are connected. Heart rate variability is the change in intervals between sequenced heartbeats, and a measure of autonomic regulation of the heart.

Depression and major stressful occurrences are indisputably dangerous for health, but less consideration has been taken to the health consequences of frustrations and hassles in everyday life. Before this study, not very many studies had explored the relationship between heart rate variability and everyday stressful occurrences.

“Depression and major stressful occurrences are dangerous for health.”

The researchers examined information gathered from 909 participants, involving day-to-day phone interviews during eight consecutive days as well as the results from an electrocardiogram — a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. The participants were between the ages of 35 and 85 and were drawn from a national study. The study’s discoveries were reported online in Psychosomatic Medicine.

Throughout the day-to-day telephone interviews, participants were requested to describe the stressful occurrences they had encountered that day, ranking how stressful each occasion was by picking “not at all,” “not very,” “somewhat” or “very.”

Additionally, participants were questioned about their negative feelings that day, if they were feeling either angry, sad or nervous. Participants reported, on average, experiencing no less than one stressful event on 42 percent of the interview days, and these events were, in most cases, rated as “somewhat” stressful.

Sin and colleagues discovered that the individuals who reported numerous stressful occurrences in their daily lives were not automatically those who had lower heart rate variability. No matter how many or how few stressful occurrences participants faced, it was those who rated the occurrences as more stressful or who encountered an increase in negative emotions that had lower heart rate variability. What this means is that these people might have an increased risk for heart disease.

I stand with Kesha

On Friday, February 19, singer and songwriter Kesha Rose Sebert (better known as Ke$ha) lost a bid to be freed from her contract with Sony. Kesha has been in this legal battle for quite some time now and has been fighting hard against a producer that she alleges was both sexually and mentally abusive.

Kesha was a model student in high school. She had perfect SAT scores and was even taking online courses through a nearby university. Kesha dropped out of high school at the age of 18 when she met Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, a world-renowned music producer.

Dr. Luke has worked with many other big names such as Katy Perry, Miranda Cosgrove, and Jessie J. Dr. Luke promised Kesha fame and fortune, recognizing the musical ability she had.

Celebrities on Twitter "stand with Kesha" after the court's decision. Image from
Celebrities on Twitter “stand with Kesha” after the court’s decision. Image from

Although Dr. Luke delivered his promise when Kesha hit it big with her multi platinum single, “Tik Tok,” Kesha was extremely unhappy with Dr. Luke as her producer.

In details of the lawsuit against Dr. Luke, Kesha was reportedly raped by the producer when he forced her to snort illegal drugs and later gave her “sober pills” which were actually a date-rape drug. Kesha woke up the following afternoon “sore and sick” and immediately called her mother and was taken to the emergency room.

Although it’s not clear why this was never reported to the police, other details in the case may be a sort of breadcrumb trail. Along with the alleged rape, Kesha claimed that Dr. Luke was mentally abusive. He repeatedly called her “fat,” eventually causing her to develop an eating disorder.

Kesha spent time in a rehab facility which specializes in eating disorders and was warned by doctors that Dr. Luke was a toxic force in her life and she needed to stay away from him. However, this is virtually impossible as Dr. Luke holds Kesha’s music career in his hands and avoiding working with him would be extremely difficult.

Kesha has been fighting hard to be freed from her 6-record contract with Sony so that she doesn’t have to work with her alleged rapist and abuser.

Kesha’s bid to be freed from the contract was turned down on the grounds that Kesha has the opportunity to record without having direct contact with Dr. Luke. However, even if Kesha doesn’t have to physically be near Dr. Luke, he would likely produce most of the songs on any new album, meaning they would have to be in contact.

Photos of the singer in court have been making their rounds on the internet. One photo in particular shows a tear-soaked Kesha crying in the back of the courtroom next to her mother as the ruling is announced. One particularly touching photo shows Kesha crying  with a fan in a strong embrace as she exited the courtroom.

Despite the disappointing ruling, the outpour of support for the singer has been overwhelming. Demi Lovato announced her support for Kesha via Twitter, while Taylor Swift reportedly donated $250,000 to Kesha, since her work has been put on hold. Social media has been a vital tool in the growing support for Kesha, with the hashtags #FreeKesha and #IStandWithKesha going viral and producing thousands of memes showing support for the singer.

Although this is one rape case out of many that may never get justice, this case is especially complicated as Kesha’s entire career and livelihood is essentially being held for ransom. Kesha has been extremely strong in the way she’s dealt with the case and offered up details that may have been extremely hard to come to terms with.

So why is it so important that we stand with Kesha? Although her sexual assault may not have been dealt with legally, one can tell that something has been done to Kesha that is causing her to fight so hard and be so visibly emotional.

This is an extremely high profile case, and with that comes people of much less stature who have experienced similar situations who are being exposed to the details of this case. To see Kesha’s strength and to offer support for her is vital not only to the singer, but to rape and abuse victims everywhere. If Dr. Luke weren’t guilty and if he had even an ounce of human decency, wouldn’t he simply step away and allow Kesha to work with a different producer?

Along with rape and abuse, there is a much larger picture we must look at: how the music industry treats its women. Rapper Chris Brown plead guilty in 2009 to a felony charge of assault against his ex-girlfriend, singer Rihanna.

Despite being a violent felon who has committed a heinous crime against another human being, Brown still has a thriving music career and his fans have largely forgiven the incident.

On the other hand, Rihanna said in a 2015 interview with Vanity Fair that she felt she has been repeatedly punished since the incident. For example, the NFL declined to use her and Jay-Z’s hit song, “Run this Town” during an opening-weekend broadcast of a game.

This happened around the time of the Ray Rice incident and many speculate that they didn’t want to use Rihanna’s song because she, like Rice’s wife, was a victim of domestic violence. Also, Zayn Malik, the now ex-member of boyband One Direction was freed from his contract simply because he wasn’t happy in the band anymore.

So why isn’t Kesha being given the same graces? Although there is an outpouring of support for the singer, there are also many harsh criticisms.

As with most unsolved rape cases, many are asking why the rape was never reported to police. Some arguments that I’ve seen against Kesha include allegations that the singer is only bringing up the lawsuit for money. Others criticize her for not continuing to make music, although she does have the option to record.

These criticisms show that there is a still a massive misunderstanding of rape in our culture. Rape often isn’t something that someone can just get over and move on from. Many times, victims experience extreme trauma following the incident. Along with that, it seems Dr. Luke has an extensive history in abusing Kesha. You know when doctors are saying she should stay away from him that there is a real issue.

Despite the fact that the universal understanding of rape is probably very far away, fans and supporters of Kesha need to remain strong. Our justice system has a long history of letting down rape victims, typically because of a lack of physical evidence. However, we need to be vigilant and stand up against a system that has largely failed.

Stand with Kesha, stand with sexual abuse victims.

5 Common Problems with College Apartments

Every college student has at least once lived in an apartment, and if not, at the very least been inside of one. At first, it’s great and you’re more than happy to be out of the dorms and living with your friends while still having your own room and personal space. However, the longer you’re there the more you start to notice persistent problems with your once seemingly perfect apartment. Then, you start to hear this from everyone you know and realize it isn’t just your apartment, it’s everyone’s. Here are five common problems with college apartments I’m sure you can relate to.

  1. When you’re taking a shower, if someone else turns on the sink, dishwasher, or washer you are doomed.

The water will either be scalding hot or ice cold in five seconds giving you no warning or time to have a plan of action ready. It can be brutal.

“It takes three hours just to get one load of laundry completely dry.”
  1. The dryer is barely that.

It takes three hours just to get one load of laundry completely dry and with three other roommates it can be a pain waiting around for that to actually happen when you’re used to your dryer at home taking a sixth of that time to dry twice as many clothes.

  1. The wifi constantly has something wrong with it.

Either it’s too slow, won’t turn on at all or says it isn’t on when it actually is. It can be rather frustrating dealing with this especially when you’re trying to get schoolwork done.

  1. The draining isn’t the best either.

If you take a ten minute shower, be prepared to be standing in water up to your ankles. It’s disgusting and will only go away by using Drain-o…every few weeks.

  1. This one is for the apartment complex in general…the parking lots.

The parking lot is so small you have to make a five point turn when trying to back out. It can be frustrating especially when the majority of your parking lot and neighbors all drive big SUV’s.

Marijuana sent me to the ER

Selling and recreational use of marijuana was legalized in the state of Colorado in 2014. According to the report, which was published on Feb 24 in The New England Journal of Medicine, the quantity of emergency-room visits likely related to marijuana since its legalization has grew among out-of-staters, contrasted with residents of Colorado.

According to Dr. Howard Kim, an emergency medicine physician at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, and an author of the report, the data is consistent with emergency room reports.

The researchers examined the rates of emergency-room visits in Colorado as a whole. According to the report the rate of marijuana-related visits to the emergency room for out-of-state residents increased from 112 per 10,000 visits in 2013 to 163 per 100,000 visits in 2014.

Snoop Dogg is high all the time and he seems fine. What's up with all these amateurs? Photo from
Snoop Dogg is high all the time and he seems fine. What’s up with all these amateurs? Photo from

The researchers did not investigate specifically how individuals were using marijuana; however, it’s possible that edible marijuana may have been a culprit behind the rise in ER visits.

According to Kim, individuals often underestimate the effects of edible marijuana because it has a delayed onset — instead of waiting to feel the effects, a person may eat more, thinking it hasn’t worked.

According to Kim, while Colorado has begun general public health initiatives to inform individuals of the potential side effects of marijuana, these messages may not reach individuals in other states.

The researchers focused on the significance of “point-of-sale” education — meaning when an individual buys marijuana in Colorado, the person or dispensary selling it should precisely clarify any health risks to the buyer.

The majority of individuals don’t have to worry about taking a trip to the emergency room due to marijuana use, according to Kim, but should still be aware of the side effects, and exercise moderation.

If you’re traveling to any of the states that recreational use of marijuana is legal — Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington — be informed about the side effects and don’t smoke in excess. Make sure you don’t spend your spring break, or other vacation, in the emergency room.

Everyone has the right to their opinion

Last week, I received a comment on an article about racism, more specifically, about Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl. I stated how I thought that white people didn’t understand the importance of inequality regarding race, how I enjoyed Beyoncé’s performance because of her message, in her video as well as her Super Bowl performance, of police brutality against black people, and the idea of people of color coming together to stand up against racism in the United States.

Graphic from
Don’t let what other people tell you what your opinion should be. Graphic from

The comment that was left on that article consisted of a person stating that oppressing any race is wrong, that I was implying that white people should be less than black people, that my article was “propagating hate.”

When I read this comment, I became upset because that interpretation is the exact opposite of what I meant to convey. In the article, I was expressing my frustration with white people, of course not all white people, and their mentality of feeling superior, thinking that Beyoncé’s performance was an attack at all police officers, which is a perception that I didn’t observe.

I was simply expressing my opinion on what white people have said on social media such as Twitter, on Beyoncé’s performance.

I never meant to imply that I thought white people should be oppressed or discriminated against. It’s unfortunate that this person who left the comment believed that was my intention.

This experience has allowed me to understand that not everyone is going to agree with what I write, nor are they going to interpret my writing in the way I intend them to. Not everyone who reads articles is going to understand the intentions of the writer simply because when reading something, you can’t hear the writer’s tone of voice, especially sarcasm.

If the reader is confused or misunderstanding the writer’s article, the reader can’t ask questions because they’re not face-to-face. I’ve discovered that talking about controversial issues, such as race, will cause conflict and some people are going to disagree with you, but you can’t let that discourage you from talking about things that are important to you as well as the world we live in.

Important topics need to be discussed and, with that necessity comes conflict and anger. All you can do is understand that people in this world have different opinions, have different views, but that shouldn’t stop you from expressing yourself or your opinion. All opinions matter, whether or not you think they are right or wrong.

The Best Places to Buy Food on Sunday

Whether you’re hungover or just craving a good meal for a great price, there are certain places to keep in mind on Sundays. I always go straight for sushi but my roommates tend to lean toward pizza deals or 39 cent wings. These types of deals are always great but especially when you’re reaching the end of the week and you’re trying not to spend anymore money on  your budget. Whatever you preference is, here are the four best places to buy food from on a Sunday.

“Whatever you preference here are the 4 best places to buy food from on a Sunday.” Photo by: Danielle Johnson
  1. Nagoya

Nagoya is a Japanese/Chinese restaurant located on Main Street. They have a deal where if you buy two of their sushi rolls you also get a California sushi roll, a drink, and a miso soup all for free! It’s a great way to spend a little bit of money and get a lot for it.

  1. Macado’s

Every Sunday Macado’s has 39 cent boneless wings and lets you pick different sauces and amounts. It’s another way to get your money’s worth at the end of the week when you’re almost hitting your budget.

  1. Sharkey’s

Sharkey’s, also located on Main Street, has a buffet on Sunday nights with wings, make your own tacos, and other finger foods for you. All you do is pay a flat fee and you can eat as much as you can or want.

  1. Domino’s A very common choice for pizza, Domino’s has great deals for students on Sundays such as a large pizza with two toppings for $7.99 and other options for a smaller portion or even larger portion.

New Chictawga- Part Three


Ariel’s eyes were glowing. Karen’s words, though spoken with conviction and truth, were not kind. They were not forgiving. They were not merciful.

“It is His word, a command not to be ignored.”

“Do you think me a fool, Karen?”

“I see the doubt in your eyes; the hurt of betrayal in your lion-heart, and rightfully so.”

“Then know that, yes, my wrath is seated in a sense of betrayal. Aras is our own, not of His flock.”

“The culling call sounds same for all.”

Graphic from Iconic Photos.
“Only in the silhouette did two large appendages unfurl from his back.” Graphic from Iconic Photos.

Ariel eyed the lesser with sudden fury. His shadow, something that should have been nonexistent in the vaporous air, stretched back. Only in the silhouette did two large appendages unfurl from his back and

beat the air furiously. Ariel’s eyes, not golden-flecked but nearly solid in color, bored holes into Karen, who shrank back.

“Perhaps your call is as close at hand, Karen? How does your servitude fare then?”

“His will is all.”

“Your blindness disgusts me. Are our numbers to be vulnerable to His every whim now?”

“His will is all,” Karen repeated, regaining his conviction. “Be wary—another of our kin once shared your thoughts and was cast away for the actions that followed.”

For all of his experience, Ariel could not see if Karen’s words were a simple reminder or a pointed threat. Nevertheless, he had tired of the conversation. If this new turn of events was to be carried out, then time was not something to be wasted. Aras was a brother to him, was a brother to Karen and the rest of their kind as well, but he would not die a member of their proud faction.

Ariel would not allow that.



Rates of depression and anxiety normal in supported transgender children

According to a new study published on February 26 in Pediatrics, transgender children who are given the opportunity to socially transition, to change their hair, clothing, and use their preferred pronouns as well as preferred names, had the same rate of depression and anxiety as two control groups of cisgender children.

Image from
A mother who fully supports her transgender child. Image from


These discoveries question the “long-held assumptions” that mental health issues in transgender youth are unavoidable, and some go as far as considering being transgender as a type of mental disorder.

The researcher, UW assistant professor of psychology and lead author Kristina Olson, noticed that in her experiment, 73 children, ages 3 to 12, had levels of depression and anxiety no higher than two control groups, which consisted of the transgender children’s siblings and other cisgender children of the same age. “Their rates of depression and anxiety were significantly lower than those of gender-nonconforming children in previous studies,” says Olson.

The research not only involved the children, but also the parents, having them fill out two short surveys asking the frequency of their children experiencing depression or anxiety in the last week.

The research said that the levels of depression regarding transgender children was an average of 50.1, essentially the same as the national norm, while their anxiety rates were 54.2, only a bit higher than the national average.

Researchers understand that “positive mental health among study participants might be explained by factors other than parental support.”

They know that the possibility of a parent making their child seem happier than they are is great, but they plan on creating future studies to investigate those possibilities.

This study was a part of the TransYouth project that Olsen founded. It’s the first large study of transgender youth in the U.S. It contains more than 150 transgender children and families from about 25 states, and Olson is still recruiting more participants.

Trump: He’s just like us, only richer and much more orange

**Disclaimer- This article was written before Mr. Trump’s visit to Radford University **

Donald Trump is coming to Radford on Monday and you could say that I’m just a little bit excited. Although Radford was his last choice, it’s still makes us here at little RU feel very special.

With the primary on Tuesday, it makes sense as to why Mr. Trump would want to come down here. It was a smart choice for him to come, with Radford being surrounded by towns that are largely populated with right wing conservatives.

Although Trump used to be a publically known democrat, his run as a republican candidate has done nothing but great things for the businessman. He seems right at home with his extreme stance on immigration and nationalistic views, however new they may be.

Image from
Trump may look like an Oompa Loompa, but he doesn’t act like one. Image from

I’ve never been to see a presidential candidate speak before so I’m very excited to see what topics Trump covers as well as how the crowd reacts to him. I know, from the people that I’ve talked to, that most people here at Radford don’t particularly like him.

With most college campuses being liberal, it’s understandable as to why the students here don’t appreciate or respect his viewpoint. I can expect there to be a multitude of protests occurring, hopefully non-violent ones, expressing their distaste for Trump’s blatant sexism and racism. However, I, like some other of my friends, are going because we want to see what he has to say, how he reacts to protesters, and how he chooses to talk to the younger generations, the ones who have a big impact on the election.

With Trump being the big deal that he is, I’m excited to see all of the secret service agents surround him, the dramatic precautions that happen when protecting a man with so much money and power. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not he decides to make a pitstop at Starbucks or the Radford theatre.

Whether or not you agree with Trump or his views, this opportunity could potentially be a once in a lifetime event, and should be taken advantage of.

How To Handle an 18 Credit Hour Semester

This semester I’m taking on the difficult challenge of an 18 credit hour workload. It didn’t start out this way and I certainly didn’t plan to do it on purpose. I started out with a normal 15 credit hour semester, similar to the majority of students in college. I then added a second minor to my graduation track and as a result, I had to add another class which was three credits. I thought it would be similar to a 15 credit hour semester like I had taken in the past semesters but my expectation was very far off.

18 credit hours a semester is no joke. You have to be dedicated and not just study a couple hours for each test and write your papers the night before they’re due. You need to be dedicated as in studying four to six hours for each test and start your paper two weeks before it’s due, not to mention the projects, presentations, quizzes, and not missing more than three classes in every class you’re taking. It starts to pile up on you without you really even noticing until it’s sitting on your chest and you feel like you can barely breath.


“18 credit hours a semester is no joke.” Photo by: Sydney Crawson

A way to get through a chaotic semester such as this is to take everything not just week-by-week but day-by-day. If you take it week-by-week you’re bound to get frustrated and overwhelmed by everything that you see on your calendar.

However, taking it day-by-day really helps because you only focus on what you need to get done for that day. Obviously still be aware of any test, paper, project due dates in the future you will need to plan for in advance, but for the most part day by day will slowly but surely get you through the semester.

If you’re taking on this challenging task like I am just know I feel your pain, struggle, and perseverance. Keep taking everything day-by-day and you will reach your goal in no time, remember to breathe along the way!


Redorand’s Rebuke, Part II

The entrance was well-concealed, blending in with the grassy earth with only a square-shaped crack in the dirt to serve as its revealer. Dendric had employed magical help in detecting the door the first time, but its location had stayed secure in his mind after setting the landscape to memory. Veasson was impressed—all his days as a thief in Riverfork, and never had he seen a trapdoor so well-concealed.

Dendric reached down to lift its branch-disguised handle, but was quickly stayed by the raised finger of the thief. The fighter took a step back to let Veasson do his work, and sure enough he had in his palm a moment later a small needle that had been concealed under the trap door’s handle.

“A poison of the blood . . . concentrated blackroot set in porous iron, I believe. Explains why it didn’t dry up.” Veasson wiped the needle’s length on a strip of cloth from his cloak, and flicked it into the tall grass several feet away.

Dendric gave a nod and lifted the handle, seeming to pull from the earth a solid block of grass-topped soil. However, this block of dirt swung easily on only slightly rusted hinges. Both Veasson and Rissien watched with interest, and Dendric’s heart sank when he saw the pitch-black hole that drilled into the ground in the shape of a perfect square.

And there was no ladder.

“Rope?” asked Veasson, spinning his backpack onto the ground beside him and beginning to undo its top flap’s clasp.

“I’m sure I’ve brought my hook as well.”

“Please, allow me,” spoke Rissien, and reached a star-tattooed hand toward Dendric. It glowed for a brief moment when it made contact with the man’s chest, and he suddenly felt as light as a feather. The elf did the same to Veasson, who shrugged and stood back up, slinging his bag back over his shoulder. Rissien cast the spell a third time on himself, and then motioned for Dendric to lead on.

It took a fair share of courage for Dendric to step forward and fall feet-first into the square chute, but after only a brief moment of free-fall he felt the spell slow his drop to the point that he was drifting lazily down the tunnel.

Veasson came down next, followed by Rissien. Only the light allowed in by the open trapdoor illuminated the hole, but it quickly weakened in intensity as the three bodies increasingly blocked it.

Dendric’s feet landed on a sandy floor when he reached the end of the snail-paced fall, and he quickly moved out of the way to make room for the other two to hit bottom. Veasson landed lightly and stepped to stand beside Dendric, but as soon as Rissien was on solid ground he had his ebony wand in-hand and scarlet-reflecting eyes searching the tunnel.

“Light a torch, Veasson,” the fighter said quietly, noticing how loud his voice echoed in this underground tomb.

“Couldn’t the elf just make light?” the rogue asked.

“I would rather not waste that particular spell if I needn’t have to, thief.”

Veasson gave a sigh and dropped his bag to the ground once more, rummaging for several moments before drawing a single torch and shard of flint. After a few strikes with his dagger his torch roared to life, throwing light into every crevice of the small chamber they had landed in.

Immediately the two humans stepped towards the center of the room, for only a foot behind both of them had been burial-holes dug into the wall with various humanoid bones resting within.

Graphic from Gothamist.
“He was drifting lazily down the tunnel.” Graphic from Gothamist.


Murderous cows

Between the years 1993 and 2015, cattle murdered 13 individuals who were out for strolls in the UK. Many more individuals had their bones broken or acquired different injuries from cattle.

According to veterinarian Angharad Fraser-Williams and other researchers at the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom, murderous cattle are an understudied occurrence. The team searched through scientific writing and news articles to find out about cattle attacks over the past 20 years.

Beware the cows! Graphic from Good Reads
Beware the cows! Graphic from Good Reads

To discover how regularly experiences of herds of grazing cattle turning dangerous occured, the team of researchers scoured through scientific literature for papers including the terms “bovine” or “cow” plus the terms “injury” or “attack.” After the team narrowed down the results to papers about attacks on only humans, they were left with only eight occurrences.

Slaughterhouse workers, vets and dairy and beef farmers are exposed to the most injuries caused by cattle. Nearly all the occurring damages are broken bones from being kicked, but additional deaths occurred from being trampled or just accidentally walked on by the large cattle. A study in America researched attacks by bulls, instead of cows. Over 28 years, the authors discovered 149 fatal incidents.

Among strollers on farmland in Britain, the University of Liverpool researchers discovered reports of 54 cattle attacks over 20 years. Of these cattle attacks, 13 had fatal outcomes. 2009 was the most lethal year, which had 4 deaths and 13 attacks that took place.

The research through the scientific writings and news articles revealed some reasons cattle might attack. One reason is maternal behavior. Heifers (mother cows) see humans as a danger to their offspring, and they may attack to protect their offspring if an individual gets too close.

Cattle are especially careful when dogs are close-by. About 66 percent of the cattle attacks involved dogs. In at least two cases, individuals were murdered while trying to protect their dogs, which had scared the cattle.

The authors claim that more research would assist in uncovering the reasons behind these fatal attacks, including their rate of occurrence. Additionally, it would be useful to have a single database in which individuals could report cattle attacks.

Growing up is hard to do

Taking the first steps toward your future is never easy. It’s exciting, yet scary, because for the first time in your life, you’re on your own. You’ve always wanted to feel independent and as if your life is finally yours (and only yours) to live how you please, but now, you’re left feeling like maybe you’re not cut out to make these important decisions by yourself. Like maybe you’re always going to need someone else to help pick you up from the fear and doubt you’ve always felt. But maybe, you are ready to be on your own, to live without fear or reservations, to feel what it’s like to be your own person, to be who you’ve always wanted to be.

Stand on your own two feet. Photo from
Stand on your own two feet. Photo from

“Becoming an adult” doesn’t always have to be scary. The very phrase itself is different for each individual. It might mean moving out of your childhood home, getting your first job, taking on more responsibilities than you’ve ever had, or it could mean something completely different, that’s something you need to remember.

Everyone has different experiences with “growing up.” Never try and compare your growth with someone else because you’re never in the exact same situation as the person next to you. Your childhood, economic status, social status, and personal status never has, nor will ever be, identical to someone else’s.

Never think that your own personal growth isn’t enough or isn’t escalating at the rate as someone else. Focus on who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to go in life.

Whether or not you’re ready to take on this new chapter of your life, it’s coming, and it doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Even though this new chapter is filled with new responsibilities and different types of emotions, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t ask for help.

Being a mature person means knowing when you need help and not being too fearful or prideful to ask for it. Although it might feel like you’re being abandoned or left to fend for yourself, it isn’t true. There will always be someone willing and able to help you out. You just have to be willing to ask and accept what’s being offered to you. Take one day at a time and remember that, in the end, this is your life to live and you should live to the fullest.

Trading In Netflix For A Book

After reading endless chapters of textbooks for all of your classes the last thing you want to do is pick up another book and continue reading. Most college students turn to Netflix or TV when they finish their homework and assignments. However, I think that if you attempt to find a book you are interested in you will enjoy it just as much as, if not more than, any television series or movie you can find.

The key to enjoying reading, especially during the school year, is to search and find something that you are very interested in or will be drawn into. It could be a fiction novel on something that is totally bizarre and unrealistic, or a mystery book about a murder, or a lighthearted story about a summer romance. Whatever it is you enjoy watching on tv or hearing about, you should find a book on it. This way you will want to read it and get pulled into the story just like you get pulled into television series.

At first it might be challenging to choose to read another book right after you put your textbook down. Maybe your eyes are tired or your head hurts from cramming so much information into your brain in such a short span of time, but once you get into the book you chose I guarantee you will be happy you chose it instead of watching Netflix or TV.

While reading the book of your choice you might even find yourself feeling like you’re watching a TV series except it’s being played in your head because you get to decide how the story plays out. That is the greatness of books– you are the imagination to the story you’re reading. Next time you think about switching on Netflix after studying, think again and reach for your book.



Reach for a book instead of the remote. Graphic by Katie Gibson
Reach for a book instead of the remote. Graphic by Katie Gibson