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Taste for Diversity at RU; a look back at the experience of cultures

The 2009 Taste for Diversity week started off with a bang on Monday September 28. Dalton dining hall was decorated with flags and displays for countries all over the world. Both live and recorded music was played throughout the cafeteria, enhancing the multicultural vibe of the setting. It was lively with the commotion of people migrating from one cultural section to the next. With the crowd constantly growing Dalton workers couldn

Radford athletics extends farther than you think

Do you enjoy sports like, soccer, basketball or football? Were you a pretty good athlete in high school? Well Radford most likely has a place for you. There are many talented athletes who play a variety of different sports here at Radford University. During the Fall, since Radford has no football team, soccer is one of those sports. So lets say that you played soccer in high school, and you come here. During your freshman year, you tried out for the team and your performance isn’t quite enough to get accepted. Or let’s say that you are good enough to make the team, but you don’t get to play a whole lot your first year. In fact, we could even say that you are good enough to make the team and you’re the best player, but you don’t have time to go to all the practices and away games because you’re busy with school work.

If these are things that concern you, then there’s still a place that you can because club sports here at Radford exist for reasons like that. Among the various club sports is the club soccer team. “We’re the shit! And I want that quoted!” said team captain Daniel Grandfield. Radford’s club soccer team this year, opened up their 15-game season with an 8-0 win over New River Community College, which is quite a turn-around from years past. The team’s next game was a 2-1 loss to Viginia Tech.

“One of our problems was that we’ve had a tough time scoring goals in the past several years and that’s not a problem this year since we scored eight goals in just the first game, which is really good,” Grandfield said. The team has alot of new freshman this year, as well as a number of experienced players from last year. With the way they’ve played, they’ve been pretty strong all over the field, their main advantage has been mainly attacking.

The team, in the past has also had trouble getting more than five games for the season. Unlike Radford’s actual teams, a club team doesn’t have a set schedule at the beginning of the year. This year however, club soccer has gotten 15 games, which is quite an improvement. Their schedule pits them against opponents they’ve never played before like William and Mary, Mary Washington, Longwood and the University of Virginia. Their season will have them playing a few familiar faces like Appalachian State, who they beat last year, and Eastern and Western Kentucky Universities.

The after the games against New River and Virginia Tech, the team traveled out to a tournament at James Madison. Their record for the year is 2-2 so far. “We have a good set of boys on the team, and if they keep working the way they are, we’ll have a very successful year,” Grandfield said. (Soccer is only one of the many club sports you can look into if playing on one of Radford’s actual teams is too much for you.) So if you’re an athlete who wants to play somewhere else, club sports is definitely something you should look into.

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Radford’s own little piece of Scotland!

The sky was cloudless, the music loud, and the was crowd abuzz during with the energy of the 14th annual Highlander festival and the 24th annual Folk Arts festival. Moffett quad and Heth lawn were both set up for business and fun this past Saturday. Booths lined the edges of both areas, awaiting a potentially large number of customers.

In Heth lawn there were booths for the folk arts including metalwork, needlework, wicker baskets, caning, quilting, woodwork, corn husk dolls and the art of Willard Gayheart. A couple of booths sold homemade confections such as honey and apple butter. On the stage of Heth lawn was a band playing folk music for the crowd.

Across the way, next to Fairfax Hall, there was an exhibit of birds put on by their keepers. A large group of people gathered around an owl, a red tailed hawk and other such birds in order to take pictures and learn more about them.

Another demonstration was of goat herding. The trainer of two herding dogs displayed how to use the two dogs to determine where the four goats walked, and how they keep the goats traveling in a pack rather than wandering off.

On Tyler Street there was a parade consisting of marching bagpipers, the Radford University cheerleaders, the dance team, the highlander mascot and fire trucks to name a hand full. People flocked to the sides of the street and the medians upon hearing the first band of bagpipers approach.

On Moffett quad, people with dogs and children were milling about. Many spectators waited around the sectioned-off portion of the field to see the procession of the bagpipe bands and the march of the clans. Three bands of bagpipers were in attendance this year. Virginia

Pressure on the rise: college stress

The stress of college life is something we all experience and it’s something that we experience in many different ways. However, if you experience no stress during your time at college, then you’re simply not getting everything you should be able to get out of the college experience. We’ll look at stress on several different levels, and then we’ll put it all together to show you how it fits into being a college student. Hopefully it may help you manage your life here at Radford University just a little bit better.

First, maybe you have a boyfriend or girlfriend you’ve been dating for a long time and you sleep together every night, or you’re the person that everyone around you wants to be like, one of the morepopular people in the crowd, or you have very few friends here at Radford and get straight A’s. If you’re somebody like that, then you simply need to find the right balance between your grades and your social life. If you make straight A’s but never talk to anyone, well, later on in life that’s something you’ll seriously regret. If you have a lot of friends, go out and party a lot and make terrible grades, then that’s something you’ll also end up seriously regretting.

So you need to find the right balance. Obviously it’s important for you to do well in college, but it’s alsoimportant for you make friends and know the people around you. You should go out to parties when you get the chance, regardless of whether or not you’re a pothead or a drinker, because it’s a good chance to get to know people and improve your social skills. So that’s where the role of stress comes in. What stresses you out more, your grades, your relationship issues or your friends. Perhaps you play on an athletic team or are in a club that requires alot from you.

All of these things can put a great deal of stress on you. Especially if you face problems in all these categories at once. What’s the best way to manage this stress? Should you go to the top of Muse and jump off? Well obviously that’d be a completely stupid thing to do now, wouldn’t it? The stress of college life affects you in many different ways. It’s a kind of stress that never goes away, either. Regardless of how many assignments you turn in, there will always be more until the semester’s over. Almost nobody’s relationship is perfect and you may or may not have trouble with your friends.

The best way to balance your life while at Radford or at any college is to do the best you can but not to overdo things. Complete your assignments on time and make sure you schedule time for yourself to do the next ones. Go out at least on weekends with your friends or by yourself to meet people. If you’re in a relationship, well, just make sure your girlfriend or boyfriend understands that you do have a life of your own (without showing any disrespect of course). Do the best you can at everything you do, and that will be the key to keeping your life in order.

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October baseball, who will prevail?

Well it’s that time again! The NFL season is four games in, the NHL season is underway, and soon the NBA season will be too. There’s also less recognized sports, such as Major League Soccer. The WNBA is also currently in the midst of their final series. October has got to be the busiest month for the athletic world, and there’s one sport that the country eyes the most: baseball. The battle is on between the best teams in MLB to decide who will travel to the World Series. This year should include some tough matches between some pretty tough teams.

First let’s look at the American League, which makes up three of the teams competing in the playoffs this year. Surely this come as no surprise. We have the New York Yankees, who finished their regular season with the best record in MLB, 103/59. Right behind the Yankees we have the Boston Red Sox, who finished with the same record they did last year, 95/67. The third team competing in the playoffs is the L.A. Angels, who hold the second best record in the majors, 97/65. Finally, the fourth team competing in the American league is the Minnesota Twins, who won their one-game playoff for first place against the Detroit Tigers, 6-5 in extra innings, to secure their spot in the playoffs this year. The Twins fell 1-0 last year in a one-game playoff against the Chicago White Sox, and will surely be looking to prove themselves this year now that they’ve been granted a second chance. The Twins, however, are the only team in the major leagues who are traveling to the playoffs with less than 90 wins.

So our matches in the American league will pit the Red Sox against the Angels and the Twins against the Yankees. The New York Yankees have been pretty dominant so far this year, hitting home runs in nearly every game they’ve played. They have some pretty hot players. Unless the Twins really step up their game, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to overcome the Yankees, especially when New York will have the home field advantage. Our other contest pits the Red Sox against the Angels. It is the fifth time in a row that the Red Sox have been to the playoffs. The Red Sox are 12-1 against the Angels in the post-season and defeated the Angels 3 games to 1 last year, even though the Angels finished their season last year with the best record in MLB, 100 wins and 62 losses. The Red Sox have a history of being pretty dominant over the Angels in the off-season, but this match will surely be a tough one. Boston is looking to maintain their record, and the Angels are looking for some payback. It’s a matchup you won’t want to miss.

Now we turn to the National League, and unlike the American League, the National League is much less predictable. However, there are several familiar teams in the playoffs this year. The L.A. Dodgers for one, who have had quite a commanding season this year with the help of Manny Ramierez, who used to play for the Red Sox last year until they traded him. The Dodgers this year finished 95/67, which is the best record in the National League. Right behind the Dodgers are last year’s world champion, the Philadelphia Phillies, who finished their season this year with a record of 93/ 69. Then there’s the Colorodo Rockies, who finished this year 92/70, and we all remember what happened to the Rockies back in 2007, who fell 4 games to 0 to the Red Sox in the world series. They may be coming into the playoffs this year with something to prove. Finally, we have the St. Louis Cardinals, who finished their season with a record of 91/71.

So, while this is an educated guess. The World Series this year seems to favor the Yankees and the Dodgers. New York has been pretty dominant for most of the year and holds the best record in the major league. They’ll also be granted the home field advantage all the way through the playoffs. That’s usually something that a good team doesn’t let go to waste. As for the Dodgers, well, they do have a pretty good hitter. Ramierez has over 500 home runs and they’ve held the best record in the National League all year long. They also stunned everyone last year when they defeated the Chicago Cubs 3-0 in the opening round of the playoffs before they fell to the eventual world champion, Philidelphia. So they could very well be coming into the playoffs this year to pick up where they left off and carry it all the way. Who will be the team to prevail in the 2009 World Series? The stakes are high, and every team is in it for their own reasons. Let the madness of October baseball begin!

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Flo Rida visits Radford!

Radford is usually a quiet little town in Virginia. Provided, Radford definitely has its moments, like when the Highlanders won the Big South NCAA Basketball Tournament and traveled out to the NCAA tournament last year. There’s always Quadfest, which rolls around every year. Well, now Radford University will play host to one of the biggest events in the state. At the Dedmon Center on Saturday, October 17, Flo Rida will be performing live. It’s an event that if you’re a Radford student who’s really into modern music you won’t want to miss.

The first thing to understand about this guy is that he is a rapper. So if you don’t like rap, this may or may not be the concert for you. However, you may want to consider attending anyway, due to how many people will probably be in the crowd. It’ll be a good chance to meet new people and you can say you went to the concert that some of your friends at home may be jealous of. Ask any of your friends if they’ve ever heard of Flo Rida, and it’s almost certain that they have.

Flo Rida has had several big recent hits. His first single was the song “Low” featuring T-Pain, which was very successful when it was released. Other hits he had that were released include “In the Ayer”, “Elevator”, and one of the most successful songs, “Right Round”. All of these hits are songs you can expect to hear on October 17. If they’re songs you remember singing along with or dancing to, you’ll want to make sure you get a ticket to this concert. Tickets for students are $20 and $25 for everyone else. While they’re currently still on sale at the Hurlburt Student Center, there’s a good chance they’ll run out quickly if you wait too long. If tickets are still available, they’ll be on sale on the night of the concert, but waiting that long would be unwise if you’re able to obtain tickets at an earlier time.

Two of Flo Rida’s most well known albums include “Mail on Sunday” and the more recent “R.O.O.T.S.”, which are albums that many students at Radford probably own. If you’re considering going to the concert but are unsure of whether or not you’ll enjoy it and have never really listened to any Flo Rida songs before, you may want to borrow one of these CDs from a friend and see if you like any of the songs.

This concert is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest events in Radford this year, and it’s not something you’ll want to miss if you’re an R.U. student. There are probably many young people around the state right now who are jealous that Radford is getting the chance to host an event like this. Tickets are still on sale so take advantage of being able to say you were there because odds are you won’t end up regretting it!

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Is Living Off Campus Better?

What’s so great about owning your own place? Well, that’s a question that everyone would answer differently. Some people would probably prefer to live off campus and others like living in dorms. Radford is a very small town, and most of it pretty much surrounds the campus anyway. You can walk almost anywhere, and for most students, walking is actually easier than going down to get their car it is a really long walk anyway. If you live on campus, however, you’re bound to meet all kinds of new people. Some people find their perfect soulmate living right down the hall from them. If you’re unlucky, you might get landed in a hall where nobody ever talks to anyone else, but usually the people who live together in a hall get to be friends really quickly.

Now, for the most part, Radford is 60 percent women, which gives the guys a slight advantage in meeting girls. Most of the halls on Radford’s campus are comprised of more girls than guys. One thing that women love to do is get together in groups and go party on Friday nights. If you end up friends with the women on your hall, imagine how much fun you’ll probably have traveling out to party with a huge group of women. The thought of this makes living in the dorms quite promising.

When you live off campus, however, it’s probably a great deal more difficult to stay in contact with people. You won’t be making nearly as many friends as you would be if you lived with over a hundred other people in one of the buildings on campus. Also, the only real way you can go out and have a good time at a party on weekends is to hope that you know somebody where you’re going.

However, there are several advantages to living off campus. If you live in your own place (with a couple others of course) you won’t be bound to anyone’s rules. RA’s sometimes complain at people for things that aren’t that big of a deal and can hold hall meetings which can be extremely inconvenient for some people to make. If you live in your own place, you’d have to take decent care of the property and pay your landlord on time, which are about the only rules you’re bound by, as well as pets and parties which some apartment complexes enforce more than others. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting in trouble for reasons that don’t seem all that important.

So the question is, is it worth being under stricter authority to have a chance to meet tons of new people in order to make new friends all the time? Or is it worth being a little more isolated from everyone else to live in your own place? Some people who’d like to have their own place simply live on campus because it’s not as expensive, and everyone’s opinion on this matter probably differs in one way or another. However, the best way to do it if you’re not sure how you prefer things would probably be to try living on campus for your first two years then living off campus during your junior and senior years. Thats the way most people do it and it’s also the way that makes the most sense.

NFL, let the madness begin!

Well it’s official, the NFL season has started. In fact, we’re already two weeks in. So, which teams are going to come out on top this year? It’s really hard to tell since we are so early into the season. After all, last year probably didn’t turn out quite the way anyone was planning. For the most part, it seemed like the Superbowl was going to pit the New York Giants against the Tennesee Titans. Both teams finished with the number one seed in their conferences by holding a record of 13-3; but in a shocking turn of events, both teams were eliminated early in the playoffs despite having the home field advantage and a spot in the playoffs.

The Superbowl last year pitted the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals. Most people favored the Steelers since they had been to the Superbowl before, whereas Arizona was entering for the first time. The game was surprisingly good (despite trailing 20-7, the Cardinals came back to take a 23-20 lead right before the Steelers managed a touchdown in the last couple of minutes in the game to take a 27-23 win.) The game was just as exciting as the game two years ago, in which the Giants surprising comeback against the Patriots.

So with all that in mind, what two teams will travel to the Superbowl this year? Obviously, things didn’t go the way some people thought they would last year. The NFL has been known to come around and surprise you every now and then. Being only two games into the regular season, it’s too early to tell who will be in contention for the championship. The Patriots are always a good choice for playoff contention, having missed the playoffs only three times in the past nine years. This year they’re 1-1 with their first win over the Bills, and that game was a come-from-behind win.

The Patriots trailed 24-13 as the game was coming to an end. They then managed a touchdown pass from Brady, and after cutting the lead to 24-19, the Bills fumbled on the kickoff, and the Patriots recovered, just in time for Brady to complete a second touchdown pass giving the Patriots a 25-24 win. However, the patriots lost 16-9 to the Jets the very next week.

The New York Giants, who are currently unbeaten (and we all remember what they’re capable of), are a good team to look at for playoff contention. Two years ago they barely managed to make it into the playoffs on a wild card, but as soon as they did, they rolled through the playoffs and managed the shocking comeback to win the Superbowl over the Patriots. Then, just last year, they finished with one of the best records in the NFL securing a spot in the playoffs as well as being assured the home field advantage. However, they lost in the opening round, and their hopes of repeating the previous year were eliminated.

There are several other teams you can look at. Pittsburgh always seems to have a good chance of finding their way to the playoffs, Baltimore usually plays pretty tough and Indianapolis has had a pretty good record in the past several years. So the season is still young and we’ll just have to wait and see who ends up with the best record. Keep in mind, however, that even having the best record in the regular season means nothing when playoff time comes around. So if you bet on a team to win this year’s Superbowl think about it very carefully.

A deer issue

You are driving down the road, just cruising along. All of sudden a deer jumps into your line of sight and you desperately try to slam on the brakes, swerve; anything to avoid hitting it. However, all this is useless as you slam head on into the deer. You have just become another statistic in what is turning out to be a growing problem in the country: deer-vehicle collisions.

Animal collisions are nothing new to the roadways of America, but the increase in cars on the highway and increase in deer population has created an even more dangerous situation. This has led to billions of dollars in damages and the loss of human life.

In 1980 there were 800 thousand reported according to an Iowa Animal Collision task force. The number has risen to around 1.5 million according to a recent report from These incidents have caused 150 deaths and ten thousand injuries. These numbers might not even be reliable, since a lot of incidents are not reported.

This part of the country is usually a hotbed for deer. Virginia ranks eighth in the nation for deer accidents, while its neighbor West Virginia ranks first. Virginia crashes are up over 30 percent in recent years according to a Virginia initiative call Drive Smart Virginia.

All these show a correlation between a rising deer population and more vehicle accidents. Most of the accidents happen between 6 p.m and 9 p.m.

At night the deer are blinded by the headlights and are usually unaware of traffic. They move quickly and are hard to predict which makes it harder to avoid them. Another hazard with deer is that they move in packs; so when you see one, you will usually see more. The months of Nov., Dec., and Jan. are usually worse as well because deer move around more due to hunting season and because it is their mating season.

The deer problem is also an economic one as insurance companies and accident victims attempt to cover the damages caused by these accidents. According to State Farm, deer accidents cost over $1.1 billion a year in damage.

Despite the erratic nature of deer; there are steps one can take to lower their chances of an accident:

  • Keep you headlights on high beam. This will help you see their eyes sooner.
  • Be aware of signs that could warn of high deer activity.
  • Stay alert.

If it seems that you are going to hit the deer; do not swerve. Many of the fatalities come when people swerve to miss and end up in a bigger wreck.


My generation, otherwise known as the “Millennial Generation,” has been influenced by movies, television and magazines more than any other generation. Everywhere we go, everywhere we are, we see advertisements. It forces us to believe that we need to be something specific, so we can fit in with our society today. My generation is said to be lucky, because a lot of us have advantages like education, rich parents and designer clothes. However, outsiders of our generation do not see what we have to really emotionally and physically deal with on a daily basis.

We are surrounded by pressures from skinny models in magazines, significant others we want to make happy, and overall pressures about what we should look like. Don

I play chicken with the…

I have been living in Japan (Nihon/??) for about two months now, and I have realized a few things about the Japanese. For example, the Japanese love their cell phones (keitai/ ????). These things can do anything you can think of, from reading a certain type of bar code, going online, checking e-mail, making video calls and of course, making voice calls. If you want to go anywhere you take the train (densha/????). In my case, I have to take the bus to get to the train, but the train system can take you anywhere in Japan.

If you want to go anywhere local you must take your bicycle (jitensha/?????). Everyone rides their bike; once I even saw a mother with two small kids and a load of groceries on her bike. There is something else I should mention: you buy your groceries every day in Japan because space is so limited in the house. Back to what I was saying, bikes are used by everyone. There are grannies, young kids, crazy teens, and workers in suits on bikes. You even see people carrying other people on the back of their bike (which is illegal in Japan). It is hard to have someone on the back of the bike since there is no seat, not to mention the extra weight over the rear wheel makes it hard to move.

I have used a bike here in Japan a few times. I have done so with my host family, with some friends while carrying a Japanese girl on the back and by myself. When I was with my host family I almost crashed into some other people on their bikes.

The most interesting ride was when I had a Japanese girl on the back. She? thought that I couldn’t ride a bike with someone on the back, so she wanted me to sit on the front and she would ride it. Well, I did, and we didn’t even make it five feet before the bike went in the air. She hit a bump, and the front of the bike went up. Somehow as she got off. I ended up catching it. She went to the back. It’s easy once you start to move, the hard part is getting started and stopping. While most of that bike ride was done at night on the street, it was still quite busy.

When I was riding by myself a couple weeks ago ?it made me realize something: Japanese people (Nihon-jin/???) will play chicken with you, and they will win! When you are on the sidewalk, you ride your bike on the left side. If Japanese people are walking on that sidewalk, they will walk wherever they like. That means they won’t move out of a biker’s way, regardless of the biker’s speed or size.

It is even worse when there are Japanese people walking and riding bikes. No one will move out of the way, so you have to get off of the sidewalk and brave the street. If you have to get onto the street, you must make sure that you don’t hit a car (kuruma/???). Cars just go around bikers as if they are not there. You see, I am not really one to play chicken, and since I am the foreigner (gaikoku-jin/??????), I think they are even less inclined to move aside and let me go on my way without playing chicken.?So, there are bike riders everywhere in Japan, and if you want to ride a bike with them you’d better be prepared to play a couple games of chicken when you are out on the bike. Even the grannies will challenge you, and they are the hardest to beat since they are old?ladies (obaasan/?????).

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Power hungry? Maybe there’s a better way

You flip on your computer. You flick off the lights in your room. You eat in a dining hall or other eatery that is alternately heated or air-conditioned, where there are also lights and stoves on. They are all powered by energy of some kind. We take all this electric power for granted; we hardly ever, if ever, think about what it would be like to live without it.

So what