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My Horizon

I want you, but I don’t.

The pain in my chest is weakening.

How did this happen? I need a drink.

Where did the past two years go?

I was so sure of myself and I thought I understood my emotions.

Why oh why am I suddenly feeling this way.

I didn’t want you, threw you out, and not in the best way.

In fact, I was relieved to be free of you. I was young and free.

The last thing I wanted was you.

But suddenly, it has become apparent that you were there all along.

You were always with me. In the back of my mind,

I knew you always loved me, and I needed that.

Why did I hurt you? You were always so nice.

I used to think that I was better than you, you told me I was a couple of times,

But now I see, the one that was mistaken was me, for you are far greater.

Your beauty as a person shines bright and attracts people towards you.

My mother said you wouldn’t be single for too long,

I guess this was just something else she was right on.

I feel raw and wounded.

I feel like a fool.

Why did you let me push you away?

If you loved me the way you said you did, why did you just let me walk away?

Sometimes, I think it’s because you thought I deserved someone different,

Someone greater, but other times,

I fear it’s because you gave up on me, on us.

I’m sorry I was difficult, rude, young, immature, nasty, selfish and proud.

I’m happy for you in all that you do. I see that you are whole with her.

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you that.

My world was small then, and I didn’t understand love,

maybe I still don’t, but I have learned that when you love someone, you want what is best for them.

She is better for you; I’m still searching for my horizon.

Cover graphic by Kasey Sutphin

Parliament Square Tree

Tree in Parliament Square

This is yet another photo taken on my study abroad trip to London in May of 2009. I especially liked this tree because the leaves had a look that reminded me almost of bronze. Notice the shading is very close to that of the statue right next to it depicting Winston Churchill. The building behind it is probably rich in history. If the camera were to pan to the right, the viewer would see Big Ben and The Parliament.

Even When…


Even when your heart breaks
And they’re not there,
Life just takes,
All that’s fair.
Your heart wakes,
Your eyes to stare,
At what makes
You and your soul care.

Even when you make mistakes
And hurt someone,
You slam on the breaks.
Because you realize what you have done,
And when your soul aches,
Look to the sun.
He knows what it takes,
And in him you have won.

Even when you fall on the ground,
Don’t give up on your dream.
Just listen for a sound,
And something will gleam.
By the one who’s crowned,
He is supreme,
And he will surround.
Because you’re on his team,

Even when they aren’t around.
And you feel all alone,
Don’t go drowned,
You’re just in a zone,
Look to the rebound.
And how much you’ve grown,
Look at what you have found.
When you’re seated before the throne,

Even when everything’s not perfect.
And it seems it never will be,
Don’t let it affect
What you truly see.
For it’s direct,
And it’s a guarantee.
You can connect,
And you can be free.

Even when they reject,
And you feel ignored,
Remember he is here to protect
Just wait to be restored.
And gain the respect,
By getting your reward.
You will be correct,
Just look to the Lord.

Cover graphic by Kasey Sutphin

A tribute to Alexander McQueen: Remembering a genius

McQueen was born in London in 1969. He left school at an early age and started an apprenticeship at Savile Row in London. He went on to work for other designers such as Anderson and Sheppard and Gieves and Hawkes.

McQueen did a few stints at designers around Europe until returning to London in 1994. He went to design school and received a Master’s in Fashion Design from Central St. Martin’s College. He recieved critical acclaim when his collection was bought by famous Fashionista Isabella Blow, whom later became his mentor.

McQueen quickly became one of the most respected designers in the fashion world. He won the Brittish Designer of the Year Award four times from the Council of Fashion Designers of America and he was awarded the Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by the queen.

McQueen went on to take over as Creative Director of Gucci and moved on to Givency in 1996. He also had his own label known best for its expertise in couture.

McQueen was found dead in his apartment Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010.

Cover and story photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Farscape: An amazing sci-fi and comedy

“Farscape” was a TV series that first aired on SciFi in the 1990’s. There are two aspects of the TV show that really make it great. For one thing, the show is a science fiction TV show with some pretty awesome graphics, as well as some cool action scenes. The other aspect of this show is the fact that it’s also kind of a comedy, and some parts in the show will make you laugh your head off. It’s definitely one of the best sci-fis out there, and it has an extremely well written story. The star of the show is a man named John Crichton, who in the very first episode, is a scientist working for NASA.

In the first episode he and his father are planning on conducting an experiment with a small ship that belongs to John. John goes up in the space shuttle while his father works with mission control down below. When John launches in his small ship from the space shuttle however, he suddenly goes flying into a wormhole in the middle of his experiment and it sends him off to a distant part of that galaxy, light years away from Earth. As soon as he comes out of the wormhole, another ship crashes into his and while his ship survives the collision without so much as a scratch, the other ship is destroyed almost immediately. He made an enemy within one minute of arriving right there.

John ends up on a living transport ship transporting runaway prisoners who are trying to escape from the peacekeepers, who are people who look like humans. The man who was piloting the ship that was destroyed by crashing into John’s ship was a peacekeeper, and that man’s brother sets his sights on taking revenge on John. As John explores this new part of space, far away from his home world, he learns all about the two major powers in that part of the space. The peacekeepers and the scarons, who are two races bent on destroying each other. John later in the series becomes the keeper of a deadly technology which has the power to destroy entire races, and even the entire universe if it’s used in the wrong way.

Both the peacekeepers and the scarons come after John, because they want this technology so they can use it to destroy each other in an inevitable war. John, along with the rest of his new friends on the transport ship he comes to know as his new home, spend the series outsmarting and eluding peacekeepers, scarons and other strange aliens who live in that part of space. When you watch Farscape you’re in for quite an adventure, because it’s not only an awesome sci-fi, but it’s filled with all sorts of laughs that you’ll enjoy over and over again. It has action and comedy like all good series however it has it’s fair share of romance too. For awhile, it was one of the best shows on sci-fi, and if you’re into science fiction Farscape is a show that you’ll love for sure.

Cover and story photos from Creative Commons

Oscar buzz for “The Blind Side

There is much Oscar buzz this year for Sandra Bullock in the Best Actress category for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in “The Blind Side. The movie has also been nominated for Best Picture, going up against other box office hits such as “Avatar” and “Precious just, to name a few.

The Blind Side” depicts the story of Baltimore Raven Michael Oher and his tragic yet miraculous upbringing. Oher, played by Quinton Aaron, is African-American and was born in Memphis Tennessee in 1986. With twelve other siblings, an absent father and a mother addicted to crack, things were never looking too hopeful for Michael. Going to school was never enforced at his house and Michael had to repeat both the 1st and 2nd grade. After breaking out of foster homes and not being able to live with his mother and siblings, Oher soon found himself homeless.

While sleeping on random porches and friends’ couches, one of Oher’s friend

He Sits in Darkness

He Sits in Darkness

He sits in darkness, knowing that he did wrong.
He tries to stop the tears that are flowing down his face,
Thinking why has this hiding been going on so long?
It’s like he is losing his humanity in the cold and dismal place.

Why can he do to put things back together?
His mind spins ’round, trying to find an escape.
Surely this pain can’t go on forever,
Can it be fixed with some superglue and tape?

A knock on the door interrupts his thought,
And when he opens it, on his face is not even a fake smile.
His eyes can’t believe what he has wrought,
When he sees the cops and their guns facing him, hostile.

He sits in jail now, wishing he could go back
And change the way his life was turning out.
But there was a light shining in the pitch black,
His friends still loved him, and he knew without a doubt.


Elephant Sculpture by Salvador Dali

The title of this photograph is “DAALII.” I took this during my study abroad semester to London in May of 2009. Positioned in the shadow of the London Eye, this sculpture is of an elephant with spindly, giraffe-like legs carrying an obelisk on its back.

I took this picture because Dali is one of my favorite artists. The elephant is at least 15 feet tall, and I’m marveled by Dali’s ability to create such beautiful and psychotic works of art.

Local bands rock out in the Centennial Battle of the Bands

In wake of Radford University’s Centennial Celebration, Radio Free Radford, along with SGA and R-SPaCE, held the Centennial Battle of the Bands last Thursday in the Bondurant Auditorium in Preston Hall. It featured local bands from all over Virginia. The event consisted of five bands and DJ Mike Andrews, the general manager of Radio Free Radford. Oakroot, Cicatrix, Flight of the Lemming, Vegas on Fire and The Okay Feeling all took the stage last Thursday, Feb. 4 in hopes of placing in the top three.

Oakroot, from Roanoke, Va., was the first on stage at the battle, but did not receive a top spot. Originally known as Commonplace, Oakroot formed in June of 2008 and with their unique alternative sound the band was voted the second best local act in the Roanoke Times Music Poll in 2009.

Next to jam out was Cicatrix of Virginia Beach, Va. Their “reggae/rock” sound turned out to be a great show for the crowd, but still wasn’t enough to place. Either way, Cicatrix rocked the house and brought their beach style along with them.

Flight of the Lemming, a hometown band from Radford, are just starting to put their sound together, and placed second in the battle. Influenced by greats like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, Flight of the Lemming put together a great show right as the battle began to heat up.

Straight out of the New River Valley, Vegas on Fire rocked out on stage for a third place finish in the battle. Displaying their power, Vegas on Fire is on the rise and throws a great live show. This four man band can be found performing all over the Valley with their electric rock tunes.

Last but not least, The Okay Feeling stole the show last Thursday and came away champions of the Centennial Battle of the Bands. Out of Pulaski County, The Okay Feeling brought their roots and rock to the stage better than any other band at the show and it paid off as they left with the crown. Together since 2006, The Okay Feeling is influenced by artists of many different genres. Their music is meant for nothing more than “pure enjoyment.” If you take the crowd, you take the show, and that’s just what The Okay Feeling did.

As the night came to an end, you couldn’t have asked for a better performance out of anyone, and the Centennial Battle of the Bands was a success. For more information on the bands, check out their Web sites on MySpace and listen in to Radio Free Radford for more great local music.

Cover and story photo by Heidi Chantry

Life Cycle

This stop motion video shows the cycle of nature from life to death. I made a wreath out of live plants I picked from nature. I then created an inner circle of charcoal to signify summer. The I added dead leaves, which represent autumn. The last cycle involved adding sticks and burning the wreath to symbolize the death of winter. The song is “Cherry” by Ratatat.

Link to Life Cycle

Illustration by Heidi Chantry