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3D printing for foodies

Over the last couple of years, the excitement over 3D printing has been making headlines. The application for this incredible technology ranges from medical innovations to entertainment novelties. While prosthetic limbs and mini-me figurines are pretty cool, the next big thing is already here: 3D food printing. Continue reading 3D printing for foodies

The legal trouble with 3D printing

You wouldn’t download a car, would you? This is the question one recent anti-piracy ad asked. While the possibility is very unlikely until the distant future, printing useful objects from blueprints is possible now.

For $4,000, one can purchase a 3D printer themselves. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing works under the same principle as a paper printer. It takes data from a computer and transmits it into a tangible duplicate (for example, a spreadsheet in a normal 2D printer, and a new wrench out of blueprints found only with the 3D printer).

This technology could very well change the world. Continue reading The legal trouble with 3D printing

Print it, baby!

How would you like to take your wildest, most outrageous fantasies and turn them into custom sex toys? Turns out, science will let you do that.

As 3D printers continue to edge closer into mainstream life, new possibilities are opening up for lovers of gunsmodel trains and even sex toys.

Is your turn-on a toy for your intimate areas shaped like Justin Bieber or Hello Kitty? Fear not, Maker Love (a company that hosts a forum for sharing sex toy designs for 3D printing) has designs for those free on their website. Continue reading Print it, baby!