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Is fall television still a big deal?

For decades, television programming has been centered on a big viewing tradition, Fall television.  America’s biggest, oldest, and most watched broadcasting networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, & FOX pretentiously advertise the upcoming viewing season with endless TV commercials, and ads that appear in other news outlets such as magazines, newspapers, and social media. But this is a tradition that should be done away with in 2015.

Fall TV used to be a big deal. Graphic by Katie Gibson
Fall TV used to be a big deal. Graphic by Katie Gibson

For starters, TV executives often tend to cater to one specific group of viewers. The 18-25 year old demographic. Since the invention of TV, this demographic was who watched the most Television programs; however, times have changed, and the average young American leans more toward online streaming services.

These streaming sites which have caught most people’s attention, such as Netflix, Hulu plus, or Amazon prime, have come in and changed how and when young adults watch television.

Not only boosting cheap monthly prices, but also giving viewers the ability to view at their demand. TV execs should take notice of this drastic change and cater more specifically to an audience of a certain age. Since viewing patterns have changed so should they.

Also, many 18-25 year olds myself included, don’t seem to watch television the way our parents did. So, having a fall primetime schedule is useless.

Of course, there are popular shows from Fall TV that have premiered recently and raked in some of the best ratings cable television has seen in the past few years. For example, shows like Fox’s Empire or ABC’S How to Get Away with Murder, have gained a huge following becoming trending topics on social media site twitter every week once a new episode premieres, even having their own special emoticon each week that relates to the show. But that’s the only good that has come out of TV in recent years. Big networks like those aforementioned should, have their hottest new shows sent directly to online streaming services.

Maybe then they will gain a bigger following and re-captures those sky-high ratings of past decades. Do you agree or disagree with my sentiments? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section.

“Once Upon a Time” takes viewers back to Storybrooke

On Sept. 28, magic returns to Storybrooke as “Once Upon a Time” begins its fourth season on ABC.

(No spoilers here, so don’t worry!)

Elsa is coming to Storybrooke
Elsa is coming to Storybrooke. Graphic from IMDb

Once Upon a Time is an American fairy tale-centered drama series that premiered in 2011. It takes place in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Me., where many of the characters we know and love from various Disney films and fairy tales live after being transported from their “Enchanted Forest” as the result of a powerful curse.

This season, Frozen is taking over with the arrival of Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff, Hans, and other characters from the blockbuster movie. This season of Once Upon a Time promises to take viewers past the events of Frozen to show us just what happens now that Anna and Elsa have had their “happily ever after.”

Season four also plans to answer some of the questions viewers were left with after last season’s finale.  However, having watched every episode until now, I can guarantee that there will be no shortage of drama, romance, and intense rivalry from the Evil Queen toward nearly everyone.

If you’re dying to get your Disney on or get your fairy tale fix, the first three seasons are all available to stream on Netflix and a few of the more recent episodes can be found on Hulu. Once Upon a Time season four premieres on ABC at 8 p.m.