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Austin Renfroe’s talent takes over the Bonnie

Radford University was lucky enough to host rising acoustic pop artist Austin Renfroe in the Bonnie last Wednesday. Renfroe is originally from Nashville, Tenn., but spent a lot of his time in Fredericksburg, Va. When he first stepped on stage, his baseball cap made it hard to see his face. It’s typically taboo to wear a hat on stage, but this bad first impression went out the window when he took the mic. His powerful, soulful voice had audience members’ jaws on the floor when he began to sing. Everyone looked at their friends as if to say, “that voice can’t possibly be coming from that tiny body!” Renfroe told the audience later that he knows his voice doesn’t match his body, but often some of the best musicians are the ones that surprise you. Continue reading Austin Renfroe’s talent takes over the Bonnie