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To Sell Your Soul- Part 1

Demon deals are perfectly ordinary. Sure they’re a terrible idea, but an ordinary one. And despite the fact that they’re illegal, and despite the fact that demons aren’t trustworthy, and despite the fact that making a deal will guarantee you a spot in hell, people are constantly making them. And, in the especially stupid cases, breaking them. People think they can get away with it by moving away, either to a Haven or a big city, as if hiding behind a barrier or getting lost in a crowd could actually stop a demon. Slow them down a bit maybe, but never stop them, not when they had humans to act as debt collectors.

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Don’t let the Angels get you down

If Facebook and Twitter are accurate indications of what people are doing, which I think they are, then most people were watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The fashion show drew 10.5 million viewers. That’s a lot of people watching those models walking down the runway in next to nothing.

And if Facebook and Twitter are accurate indications of what people are thinking, most women were resolving to hit the gym. I’ve never seen so many statuses about going to the gym, starting a diet or developing an eating disorder. Seriously, some girls were thinking of starving themselves. I don’t get it. Sure, these women get paid a lot of money to walk around in underwear, look hot and lead fabulous lives. And, yes, they get to wear a bra worth $2.5 million (you can see Miranda Kerr in all her post-baby glory here).

Photo from Creative Commons.

Guess what: These girls have to go on a serious diet and exercise routine. Adriana Lima, one of the most famous “Angels” said she worked out every day with a personal trainer for two months leading up to the show. Then, for nine days before the fashion show, she consumes nothing but egg shakes made with powdered eggs. And 12 hours before the show, she consumes absolutely nothing.

That’s disgusting. I can’t imagine being restricted to shakes made of fake eggs for over a week. Actually, I don’t want to imagine that. I think prisoners get better food than that. Not only is it disgusting, it’s unhealthy. You need many more vitamins, minerals and, well, food than that to remain healthy.

Photo from Creative Commons.

Health aside, imagine being backstage at those shows. These models are literally starving and stressed and all running around trying to get ready. Talk about a huge bitch-fest. While these women probably have great personalities, that will get to you. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame them one bit for biting off the heads of anyone who even looked at them wrong.

While I’m writing this article, I’m trying to imagine a point in my life where I’ve been that hungry. And, while I’ve never in my life been that hungry, I can tell you I’m no angel when I’m waiting for some sustenance. I get pale, cranky, immature, cranky, bitchy, cranky and crazy. That’s not a fun sight.

So, sure I could be watching the fashion show in total awe at their dedication to that lingerie and the immaculate wings they get to wear. I could dream about how awesome it would be to be that beautiful. I could curse them for being so smoking hot while my boyfriend can barely keep his mouth shut.

But, alas, I’ll sit there and enjoy my pizza and beer and be thankful that I will NEVER have to eat nothing but protein shakes for nine days.