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Goku vs. Superman

Many people in the comic book community strongly believe that Superman is the strongest character to exist. However, those in the manga/anime community believe that the character Goku from Dragonball Z is the strongest character to exist. These two communities have been arguing since the 90’s about who would win in a fight: Superman or Goku. Now, it seems almost impossible to compare two characters from two totally different realms, but some people have gone into real depth when talking about who would win.

goku vs superman
“Based on Goku’s power level and ability to fight, Goku would win against Superman.” Photo from: http://img13.deviantart.net/b2ad/i/2012/099/e/5/superman_and_goku_by_dmgoodr-d4vkc5y.jpg

Superman and Goku have some similarities that should be considered in this fight. Both characters are not from Earth, and both of their species have been proven to be much stronger than humans. Each has special abilities, such as flight and super-strength. Both characters are the protagonists in their series. Both have enemies that have pushed them to their limits.

Now, what differences do they have? Goku has the sense of Ki, which enables him to pull off the Kaioken, Super Kamehameha Wave, speed, and flight. He is a Saiyan, which means that he can surpass his “base form” and become a Super Saiyan, or even surpass that with Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue God. Superman does not have the transformations that Goku has, but he does have x-ray vision, heat vision, cold breath, and is basically “invincible”.

In power levels, a human’s power level is 5 (based on Dragonball Z readings). Superman’s power level is 5 x 3125 because he can lift 3125 times what a human can, thus making his power level 15,625 (1). Goku’s power level at Kaioken x4 was about 40,000, thus making it seem like Goku would win out of pure strength. Goku also has been trained in martial arts, which means he has been trained to fight, unlike Superman (2).

So, in conclusion, based on Goku’s power level and ability to fight, Goku would win against Superman.

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Netflix’s Asian Erasure and Racism

We all know about Netflix. In fact, it often seems synonymous with college nowadays. Everyone has it, and everyone uses it. There are hundreds of shows to watch online, some recent and some old. Some of them are even Netflix originals. Many are based off previous characters and/or are revamps of old shows. There are several Marvel superhero TV shows, for example. But one of Netflix’s newest TV shows is based off an anime that many may have heard of. Netflix is doing a live action remake of Deathnote, and they completely messed up.

“Worse, they’ve completely erased the Japanese people from the show. Asian people get so little representation in the media as it is.” Photo from: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af03a0ff80f68be7963f4bf0ac3907b8a21eb6f3d742b5c1b645de387a6c6cff.jpg

This is a TV show about a Japanese person in Japan dealing with, among many other things, the Japanese legal system. Yet, they place the show in America and make the main character (and presumably the rest of the cast) white. The show isn’t even out yet, and they’ve already ruined a large part of the entire premise of the show. Worse, they’ve completely erased the Japanese people from the show. Asian people get so little representation in the media as it is. Taking a show like this and completely erasing them is both salt in the wound and a blatant insult to Asian people, and more specifically, Japanese people.

This type of action shows blatant discrimination towards Japanese people. Here was a perfect opportunity to hire Japanese actors, portray some aspects of Japanese culture, and give Japanese people heroes and villains that they could identify with and relate to, so they wouldn’t have to feel like they are on the outside looking in. This is white washing to such an extreme that it seems like a very deliberate insult directed at Japanese people. Everything about this show came from a uniquely Japanese perspective. Now it is just about a white boy becoming a serial killer, and if we wanted to watch that we could just turn on the news.

Magical Girl Animes: Sexist or Feminist?

Most people know about anime and plenty of people watch it. They’re a fun source of entertainment where almost anything is possible. They can stretch across any genre, and they’ve even created a few of their own. One such genre (and a popular one too) is the magical girl anime.

sailor moon
“A female character has supernatural and/or magical powers, usually obtained from an outside force.” Photo from: assests2.inmings.com

For those of you who are unaware of what a magical girl anime is, here’s a basic explanation. A female character has supernatural and/or magical powers, usually obtained from an outside force. Generally, they have to balance their normal life with fighting whatever enemies are around (who are usually the reason they get their powers in the first place). It’s a pretty simple and self-explanatory idea. The potential issue with the genre is that often times the female characters can be over-sexualized by unnecessary attention placed on their breasts, overly skimpy and/or sexualized outfits, and even the occasional shot of their underwear, depending on the show. However, not every magical girl anime does this, and some even promote female empowerment and discuss (to a certain degree) important issues. Hence the conflicting ideas and this article.

One of the oldest and most famous series from this genre is Sailor Moon; this show was the kick starter for many of these types of animes. The show often discussed gender roles and identities, and it was a great example of powerful young women working together. It also switched around traditional gender roles, where the women in the show were the competent heroines and the male characters were often incompetent and in need of help.  This is a welcome change from the typical damsel in distress trope that so many TV shows and movies often go for.

This idea of women being powerful figures with actual depth to their characters has happened quite often within this genre but so has the over-sexualization of female characters. I think that what it comes down to is how the creators and animators choose to present their show. This genre is literally about empowering women so that they can fight back. But anyone can make it unnecessarily sexual. I think that, at least conceptually, magical girl animes can be an empowering form of entertainment.

Octoberfest: Scary, dark and tons of fun!

This year’s Octoberfest, which occurred on October 18th, was a lot of fun!

Admittedly, the food wasn’t what other members of Otakudon were expecting; the Asian food usually received for the celebration was replaced by sandwiches, chicken tenders, nachos and casseroles. The food was delicious, but a little disorienting because members expected Asian foods.

BOO! Did I scare you? Photo by Sydney Crawson.

The Bonnie combo room was split in half so people could enjoy whatever form of “scary” entertainment they chose. One section of the room was devoted to Asian horror. Most of this year’s selection was Korean horror, though of course there were plenty of classic Asian horror selections (like the original version of “The Grudge” and “One Missed Call,” or a really scary Japanese horror movie called “Spiral”). It wasn’t all serious; a few were cheesy in ways that only horror movies can be, with strange, off-the-wall plots, gratuitous gore and unbelievable characters. Many of us weren’t sure whether to laugh or be terrified. Continue reading Octoberfest: Scary, dark and tons of fun!

Have fun and celebrate Halloween at Octoberfest!

Are you a self-described nerd? Do you enjoy anime? Do you enjoy laughing at silly things from different cultures? Are you a person who enjoys free food and cheesy horror movies?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then come to the Radford University Anime Club’s annual Halloween celebration!

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Come to RU’s next Club Fair!

A lot of students look forward to Radford University’s club fair, a semiannual campus event that occurs at the start of each semester featuring  on-campus organizations that invite the student body, new and old, to participate and enrich their social and academic lives in college.

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