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Skinny and curvy are both natural

A new article trend has been spreading through websites such as Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post. These articles edit images of female celebrities, comic book characters, and Disney princesses and reimagine them as if they were plus size.

I understand that the media shouldn’t put as much pressure on women to be super skinny ,or on men to be super buff; however, there’s no reason to Photoshop all of these females to make them look more “realistic.” Celebrities may not be as average as your normal soccer mom, but they’re still real people. With occasional eating disorders aside, celebrities often have to work very hard through exercise and diet control in order to maintain their physiques, and shouldn’t be shamed by saying they don’t look natural.

Both of these bodies are realistic. Photo from Huffington Post.
Both of these body types are beautiful. Photo from Huffington Post.


Now let’s instead think about the average teenage girl. There are plenty of curvy teenage girls in the world. It’s also true that ‘curvy’ is a very natural body type. This does not mean, however, that skinny isn’t also a perfectly natural body-type. Imagine being a super thin 14 year old girl in high school. You wear size 00 jeans, and you also have no real breasts to speak of. Every day curvy girls look at you and make remarks like, “Damn, girl, eat a hamburger or something!” or “Are you anorexic?”

You wish with all of your 100 pounds that you could be as curvy as they are. You wish that with all of the Big Macs and foot-long sandwiches you eat that you could gain some weight. But it’s just not happening. The media tells you daily that skinny is desirable, that women would kill to be you. But you don’t feel desirable at all.

Now how would it feel to be told that not only are you “anorexic-looking”, but that you’re also unnatural-looking? How is this okay? How is it possibly okay to tell one group of women that they are the real kind of beautiful, simply because the other group of women aren’t normal?

The answer is simple—it’s not okay. I am all for body empowerment. It’s paramount for women to begin to feel more comfortable in their own skins. But this isn’t the way to go about it. It’s not right to make women feel better about their bodies by bringing other women down. Skinny is a normal body type, as is curvy. The only way to give women confidence is to make all types of women synonymous with beauty and femininity.


How to help a friend with an eating disorder

Eating disorders come in many different shapes and sizes. The prevalence of these disorders in society is at an all-time high, so chances are you know someone who’s struggling with one. There are some things, however, you can do to help a friend or family member who may be struggling with an eating disorder. These are relatively simple things, but they can mean the most.  Continue reading How to help a friend with an eating disorder