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5 Common Problems with College Apartments

Every college student has at least once lived in an apartment, and if not, at the very least been inside of one. At first, it’s great and you’re more than happy to be out of the dorms and living with your friends while still having your own room and personal space. However, the longer you’re there the more you start to notice persistent problems with your once seemingly perfect apartment. Then, you start to hear this from everyone you know and realize it isn’t just your apartment, it’s everyone’s. Here are five common problems with college apartments I’m sure you can relate to.

  1. When you’re taking a shower, if someone else turns on the sink, dishwasher, or washer you are doomed.

The water will either be scalding hot or ice cold in five seconds giving you no warning or time to have a plan of action ready. It can be brutal.

“It takes three hours just to get one load of laundry completely dry.”
  1. The dryer is barely that.

It takes three hours just to get one load of laundry completely dry and with three other roommates it can be a pain waiting around for that to actually happen when you’re used to your dryer at home taking a sixth of that time to dry twice as many clothes.

  1. The wifi constantly has something wrong with it.

Either it’s too slow, won’t turn on at all or says it isn’t on when it actually is. It can be rather frustrating dealing with this especially when you’re trying to get schoolwork done.

  1. The draining isn’t the best either.

If you take a ten minute shower, be prepared to be standing in water up to your ankles. It’s disgusting and will only go away by using Drain-o…every few weeks.

  1. This one is for the apartment complex in general…the parking lots.

The parking lot is so small you have to make a five point turn when trying to back out. It can be frustrating especially when the majority of your parking lot and neighbors all drive big SUV’s.

Three ways to deal with political monsters

Do you live in an house, apartment, or dorm room where the people have different political views than you? Do you have trouble having conversation with them because everything they say is completely the opposite of what you believe? I have the same problem. I’m a freshman and live off campus with my family. Unfortunately, they are all republicans and I am a democrat. Here are the three ways to deal with living with people with opposing viewpoints.

         1.Be respectful

I know what if feels like to deal with people who, in my opinion, have stupid and ridiculous ideals. They believe that abortion should be illegal, gay marriage should be illegal because of “tax reasons,” and Donald Trump is a better candidate than Hillary Clinton. Yes, that is a real statement said in my household. They have values that are the exact opposite of mine and they don’t shy at voicing those views. However, I discovered that voicing my direct opposition to their statements can come off as rude and confrontational which, in the end, will only cause issues within my relationships. I learned that even though I think their beliefs are barbaric and promote inequality, that being respectful and trying to understand where they are coming from is more beneficial for my relationships and keeping the house peaceful and in order is more important than ranting and being vocal with my disapproval.  

Can't we all just get along? Photo from mintpressnews
Can’t we all just get along? Photo from mintpressnews

         2. You can be respectful without losing your own opinion

Finding a balance between being respectful and not losing or letting go of your own beliefs can be difficult, but not impossible. When one of your roommates, friends, or family members decides to bring up something political, you are allowed to voice your opinion, whether it be the same or the opposite of what the other person says. All you have to do is say phrases such as “I understand what you’re saying but here is what I think,” or “I respect your belief/opinion, but I have to disagree and here’s why.” Saying these statements will allow for respect to still exist but also ensure that you aren’t passive with your opinions and won’t leave you feeling like you don’t have a voice.

        3. Pick and choose your arguments

If you’re like me, you will have someone say something ridiculous almost everyday if not more than once a day or you will have someone bring up the same argument multiple times no matter how often you prove them wrong. This scenario is when you need to choose whether or not the argument is worth your time and effort. Sometime people will be stuck in their ways and no matter what you say, there beliefs won’t change. That is when you need to move and and decide to stop arguing the topic, there is no point. By picking and choosing your arguments, you will save your time and effort as well as keep peace in the house and in your mind.

These three points should make political issues and arguments easier to handle. I know some people are so ridiculous and stubborn that these point won’t work, so in that case, why even try anymore? Some people are simply not worth it and figuring out who those people are will make your life happier and more peaceful in the long run.

Who you gonna call? Donotrent.com

Being a college student brings many opportunities, including living away from home. This can be a pretty rough transition for some. After the required time living on campus, many students try living in an apartment alone or with a few roommates. This is an exciting experience, but it can go horribly wrong, especially if you rent from the wrong people. Continue reading Who you gonna call? Donotrent.com

Grow fresh veggies, no backyard needed

Advertisers and numerous sources tell consumers to purchase fresh and locally grown food. There are farmer’s markets and specialty stores located throughout Virginia that serve this exact purpose. It’s considered to be a better value and supports the community. In an age where sustainability has moved from a serious idea to a point of action, it’s time to think outside-the-box. Consumers can take the idea of purchasing locally grown food a step further by growing their own plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Grow herbs in your window. Photo by Creative Commons.

Many students live in apartments or residence halls, and don’t have a backyard and the tools to grow a garden. In today’s technological world, that’s no longer a problem. Growing produce in a small space inside has become a fairly simple task. Farmer’s markets sell packets of a variety of seeds for those who want to stick with the local theme. Seeds and window kits are also available at stores like Lowes and Wal-Mart. The difficulty depends on the plant.

Brittni Hammond, a senior at Radford University majoring in Interior Design, feels that growing fresh herbs is the easiest feat to accomplish.

“Even if you don’t use them for cooking, the smell that fills your room will be worth your efforts,” Hammond said.

Lavender and rosemary are examples of herbs to try. Hammond has grown flowers, herbs, green peppers, cherry tomatoes and strawberries inside her dorm room and townhouse. Her best advice is to follow the directions on the packet.

“The seeds are not difficult to grow, but you have to be willing to keep up with it. It is definitely possible to do,” Hammond said.

She also doesn’t think it’s time consuming because she just has to prune and water the plants on a regular basis. She compared it to a chore like taking out the trash.

To start an inside garden, it’s best to begin with something simple like an inside plant or fresh herbs and work up to something more challenging like peppers or strawberries. With winter on its way, plants need enough sunlight and plenty of water. Most produce also has a peak season in which they normally grow. Information about growing indoor plants is available in books, magazines or online. Some plants need bigger pots, so look into what particular plants will prefer. Cheaper decorative pots can be purchased at discount stores such as Ross and T.J. Maxx. The soil and seeds can also be purchased for a low price and are easy to find.