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eSports vs. Regular Sports

eSports should be just as respected as traditional sports. eSports athletes put just as much effort into their training as any Olympic athlete.  To compete at the highest level, eSports players practice hours a day.  They do training drills and scrimmage matches to perfect their techniques and strategies. In team eSports, watching your opponent’s past match footage gives each team a vital edge going into the big games.  Even ESPN is taking notice of the growing popularity of eSports.  If ESPN is treating eSports with respect, you should too.

eSports are competitions of skill conducted through video games.  Nearly any game can allow people to compete, but the most successful eSports games are ones that have high skill caps and reward both great strategy and great physical execution of that strategy.  eSports are a combination of physical and mental competition in the same way traditional sports are.

video games
“To compete at the highest level, eSports players practice hours a day. They do training drills and scrimmage matches to perfect their techniques and strategies.” Photo from: http://www.hindustantimes.com/rf/image_size_640x362/HT/p2/2016/04/26/Pictures/_18efe1c0-0bbc-11e6-9193-d7b8f3a11d8b.jpg

eSports are not only solo sports.  There are team based games that require as much precision and coordination as the best basketball teams.  This does not detract from the achievements of solo eSports athletes.  Many dominant fighting game competitors put in as many hours as the grandmasters of fencing.

eSports also have the advantage of accessibility.  In many cases, there are many more opportunities to play eSports at high levels than there are for more traditional sports. Many of us do not have the privilege of living in a family that can afford the costly sports training needed to compete in the highest levels of sports.  The eSports community is full of stories of teenage prodigies discovering the game that takes them all the way to the top of the competition. Barrios Gonzales from Chile, and Leonardo Perez of Mexico came from poor families, but are now making a large amount of money playing Super Smash Bros. in America. The low barrier to entry can make players’ dreams a reality.

One challenge to eSports’ growing popularity is the complexity of the games.  It is often more difficult to explain to a newbie what the rules of a game are than it is in traditional sports.  Most eSports are more complicated than putting the ball in the place, but this may change as the next generation of game designers build games with spectators in mind.  As eSports become easier to watch their popularity is sure to grow.

eSports are a growing industry.  They will never totally replace traditional sports, but that is okay.  There is a place for both in the spectrum of entertainment options.  All achievements that push the boundaries of human possibility should be recognized.

How To Use Lessons From Sports In Everyday Life

Growing up as an athlete, I learned a lot of things  differently than other kids. I played soccer with a team and my teammates were like my family. I thought of them all as my sisters and was very close with each of them. We traveled away every weekend together to go play 3 or 4 games in a weekend and be exhausted by Sunday but it was worth all the effort.

We had the same group of coaches throughout our years playing together as well. They instilled certain values in us in different ways than most kids learn these values. For example, leadership was the biggest value I took away from my soccer experience. I was captain for 6 years straight and with that came a lot of responsibility and decision making. I had to tell my teammates what we were going to wear every night for practice, traveling outfits for driving to games and jersey colors for games.

Incorporate sport lessons in other aspects of your life. Graphic from Scroll Online
Incorporate sport lessons in other aspects of your life. Graphic from Scroll Online

I also was very vocal on the field with my teammates letting them know when they were doing a good job and what we needed to improve on as a team. One year, when my team wasn’t doing as well as we had all hoped, I started to become very negative and I didn’t realize it until my coaches told me to lighten up and stay positive and optimistic. That was another lesson I learned–to stay positive, even when things aren’t going your way.

Staying positive has gotten me through so many things in my life that I didn’t think I would be able to get over or to see something turning out for the better for myself. Whenever I’m having a terrible day or struggling with schoolwork or something else in my life, I just think back to all of those times I was on the soccer field with my teammates, my family, and my coaches on the sidelines watching me and expecting me to be positive like they had shown me and taught me.

I’m so thankful I learned not just these two but many valuable lessons from playing soccer and other sports as well. I think it helped me grow up quicker and become a better and more positive person and equipped me to deal with hard times in my life.

Come to RU’s next Club Fair!

A lot of students look forward to Radford University’s club fair, a semiannual campus event that occurs at the start of each semester featuring  on-campus organizations that invite the student body, new and old, to participate and enrich their social and academic lives in college.

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Overdoing athletics may cause lifelong injuries

As spring slowly arrives at Radford University, many students will be taking part in athletic activities, but sometimes the cost is much greater than a new pair of running shoes.

Athletes push themselves to the limit for their coaches and their fans. Photo by Carina Garcia.

Young baseball or softball pitchers often strain their arms and shoulders when pitching. According to Science Daily, “In most children up to age 16, bones, muscles and connective tissues are not fully developed, so it should come as no surprise that the pitching motion can lead to injury if it is performed too frequently.” Parents should encourage their kids not to overdo it, even if they’re good at the sport. Continue reading Overdoing athletics may cause lifelong injuries

Radford athletics extends farther than you think

Do you enjoy sports like, soccer, basketball or football? Were you a pretty good athlete in high school? Well Radford most likely has a place for you. There are many talented athletes who play a variety of different sports here at Radford University. During the Fall, since Radford has no football team, soccer is one of those sports. So lets say that you played soccer in high school, and you come here. During your freshman year, you tried out for the team and your performance isn’t quite enough to get accepted. Or let’s say that you are good enough to make the team, but you don’t get to play a whole lot your first year. In fact, we could even say that you are good enough to make the team and you’re the best player, but you don’t have time to go to all the practices and away games because you’re busy with school work.

If these are things that concern you, then there’s still a place that you can because club sports here at Radford exist for reasons like that. Among the various club sports is the club soccer team. “We’re the shit! And I want that quoted!” said team captain Daniel Grandfield. Radford’s club soccer team this year, opened up their 15-game season with an 8-0 win over New River Community College, which is quite a turn-around from years past. The team’s next game was a 2-1 loss to Viginia Tech.

“One of our problems was that we’ve had a tough time scoring goals in the past several years and that’s not a problem this year since we scored eight goals in just the first game, which is really good,” Grandfield said. The team has alot of new freshman this year, as well as a number of experienced players from last year. With the way they’ve played, they’ve been pretty strong all over the field, their main advantage has been mainly attacking.

The team, in the past has also had trouble getting more than five games for the season. Unlike Radford’s actual teams, a club team doesn’t have a set schedule at the beginning of the year. This year however, club soccer has gotten 15 games, which is quite an improvement. Their schedule pits them against opponents they’ve never played before like William and Mary, Mary Washington, Longwood and the University of Virginia. Their season will have them playing a few familiar faces like Appalachian State, who they beat last year, and Eastern and Western Kentucky Universities.

The after the games against New River and Virginia Tech, the team traveled out to a tournament at James Madison. Their record for the year is 2-2 so far. “We have a good set of boys on the team, and if they keep working the way they are, we’ll have a very successful year,” Grandfield said. (Soccer is only one of the many club sports you can look into if playing on one of Radford’s actual teams is too much for you.) So if you’re an athlete who wants to play somewhere else, club sports is definitely something you should look into.

Pictures from Peter Mason and http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/photo.php?pid=35673857&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=26510636&id=26510636

Video from elflord9d on Youtube