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Bonnie-roo: artists welcome

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Bonnie-roo is being put together by the Music Business Association and the SGA College of Visual and Performing Arts student council. They’re trying to create an event that will put every department in the CVPA together. The name Bonnie-roo is actually a spin off of the yearly Bonnaroo music festival. The event was supposed to be in Bonnie Plaza, but was moved.

Essentially, Bonnie-roo is a large concert that will be put together by art departments of RU. Those departments include art, design, theatre, music, and dance. The MBSA is also trying to bring in three local and traveling bands: “Fletcher’s Grove”, “Mad Iguana”, and “Feel Free”. The bands will be confirmed just as soon as there’s funding found to have them perform.Bonnie-Roo flyer Slide1

The rest of the entertainment will be in the form of student work and pieces from each department participating. For example: the theatre and dance departments will be doing mini performances. The event is scheduled to take place Saturday, April 25 from 2-7 p.m. on Heth Lawn.

Samantha Onstad (the president of MBSA) contacted Sydney about a proposal Sydney made about creating a CVPA showcase this spring and thought to just combine events. Samantha is in charge of the MBSA planning. Sydney is in charge of gathering people from each department and organizing them. For Sydney, this was something she wanted to do as an SGA member. This event will hopefully help unite the CVPA in the community.

MBSA has funding from their program, but for this event to happen there needs to be more funding from the club programming committee (CPC). Here at Whim, we would like to promote this event and hope that others will try to lend a helping hand. You can do this by looking out for fundraisers that would like to make this happen.

Update: As of Wednesday, March 25th, Bonnie-roo managed to get all the funding they needed from the CPC.

Weekly Time Wasters: Werewolves and jihad

How many ninjas could you take on at once? Have you ever marveled at the destructive glory of a nail gun? Do you know how Dr. Evil got his start? There questions answered and a special musical guest to boot on this week’s Time Wasters. You know, with the weather now I should be telling you to read no further and go play outside. I won’t do this because, well, I want you see these clips but after you’re done reading this go enjoy spring.

What is the difference between a good prank and theater? Less than you would think as it turns out. What if Seth Rogan turned into a werewolf in your taxi?

http://youtu.be/q2L19ZIVeQ8 Continue reading Weekly Time Wasters: Werewolves and jihad

3OH!3 concert

Sean Foreman of 3OH!3. Photo by Jenny Krashin.

On Tuesday, Oct. 19, R-SPaCE hosted possibly the biggest event of the semester–3OH!3 in concert with guests Hellogoodbye, Down With Webster and The Secret Handshake. Before the doors even opened at 7 p.m., people were lining up around the Dedmon Center where the gig was held. Listening to the conversations before the show, you could easily tell that many people had come from other universities as well as the area high schools to have the opportunity to see these bands play live.

The night began with The Secret Handshake, which was probably the least known band on the bill, but the audience was very welcoming nonetheless. They were probably the most chill performers of the night as well as the most in sync (they were really into swaying along with their music). The next band was Down With Webster and the response they received from the crowd was only rivaled by the love showed for 3OH!3 further into the night. They really got the crowd pumped and showered them with red cups emblazoned with the DWW logo their fan base has grown to recognize.

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

Hellogoodbye performed a lot of songs from their new album Would It Kill You?, which drops Nov. 9. The crowd really seemed to enjoy the new tunes, but I also think they would’ve enjoyed hearing some more old favorites. And who could forget Forest’s claims that they were actually 3OH!3 and that they started a clothing line called Hellogoodbye that was selling at a merchandise table in the back. Good times. Then, after waiting with anticipation for what felt like forever, 3OH!3 took the stage. They played songs from all three of their albums and one of my favorites of the night was Sean’s rap about the wolves with laser beam eyes. If you didn’t go to the show, don’t have your vision checked because you definitely read that correctly–WOLVES WITH LASER BEAM EYES. Honestly, they were probably the coolest thing to be seen the whole night, not to mention the little Carlton-esque jig that Sean and Nat did during “Starstruckk.”

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

Having been to a concert at Virginia Tech the week before, I’ve got to say that I was really impressed with the RU crowd and how they treated the opening acts. At Tech, the first two bands didn’t really get much response from the audience. On the other hand, some people should probably brush up on their concert etiquette before attending a show because I know a lot of people who went home miserable because of the people around them.

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

Overall, the bands were great and each performance had really memorable moments. Be sure to thank R-SPaCE for putting together an amazing show and the various fraternities that helped out with the heavy lifting.

Interview with 3OH!3: