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Main Street Night Life–One Student’s Opinion

At bigger schools and universities, the students normally go out on the weekends. They have a main street that’s lively with people, bars, restaurants, and small music venues. However, when people come to visit Radford they ask what bars we go to or where they are, if it’s a long walk to them, et cetera.

What they don’t know is, we only have two or three “bars”, if you can even define them as such, that people will venture to and actually have fun at.


The bar scene in Radford is definitely not like the bigger university. Graphic from Brightest Young Things
The bar scene in Radford is definitely not like the bigger universities. Graphic from Brightest Young Things

BT’s is the closest and is within manageable walking distance. There’s Sharkey’s, which is further, but you can still walk there without much trouble. The last bar is Macado’s, which you would probably want to drive to since it’s sort of out of the way of everything else happening on the weekends.

So, I would definitely say that Radford does not have a bar scene or a street specifically for students on the weekend.

Although we do have a main street that has a decent amount of shops, no one bothers to remember the names of them, let alone visits them. What would be beneficial to our students, our community, and our school would be to renovate our main street and start to build a nightlife scene.

Students would be excited about the new bars, they would make a lot of money off of the students especially on the weekends, and it would give Radford something that it doesn’t have yet. Radford is already growing significantly, and has big plans for the next several years on expanding.

This would bring in a lot of wanted and needed revenue and give students another option for the weekends. It could also make it safer for students if there were police down there to help deal with traffic and helping students walk across the streets. Radford would thrive off of a main street nightlife and I see it happening sometime in our school’s future!


RU Home for the Summer: Roanoke, Va.

I love Roanoke, but I can’t say it’s particularly interesting.

Roanoke is strange in that combines a dense population one normally associates with cities and a conspicuous lack of smog.

Roanoke isn’t the most beautiful place to live, but it’s not the ugliest. It’s not the least polluted, and it’s not the most polluted by any stretch of the imagination. Honestly, the appropriate word seems to be “boring.” You’re more likely to find a church than you are to find a decent bar or club to spend your weekends at, and while no one could call Roanoke a “sleepy” city, its energy cannot and will not rival metropolises like Chicago or Richmond. It’s a little middling — not an escape from anything, not a shot of adrenaline, just … normal. Boring. Continue reading RU Home for the Summer: Roanoke, Va.