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Spring Baseball Games

Now that the weather is getting warmer and sunnier it’s a perfect time to spend the afternoons outside. One thing I love doing when it gets to be around spring time is attending our school’s baseball games.

The field is really nice and there are stands or you can bring a blanket and sit in the grass on the side of the stadium. The games are long which means you can either spend the whole day outside or you can stay for a little while and enjoy the nice day briefly.

Some may think baseball is boring but you don’t have to go just to watch the games. You can go with friends and just enjoy being outside and the baseball game can be something to occasionally look over at and a good conversation starter.

“If you haven’t been to a baseball game before you should definitely try to go to one.”

They also have concessions at the fields so you can go and enjoy those with your friends. At half time they usually do games where you can win a variety of prizes and rewards. Certain games are active where you end up getting on the field and playing something against another opponent from the crowd and whoever ends up winning gets the prize. The prizes are normally something like a t-shirt and the games are all friendly and fun. They also have games where you stay in the stands and they put the camera on you and have you dance or make a face to win prizes.

The players also have walk out songs that play right before they go up to hit. Each player has a different one and it’s fun to wait and listen to see who picked what song to get them pumped up for their turn to hit. It’s fun to sing along to the songs and there’s a variety of songs from country to rap to EDM.

Overall the spring baseball games are a lot of fun whether you like baseball or not they’re a great experience and a great way to spend a nice, sunny spring afternoon. If you haven’t been to a baseball game before you should definitely try to go to one before you graduate because you will have a great time.

Be the bigger person—You’ll be more successful


In life there will always be people who want to push you down for whatever reason. Maybe they’ll make fun of the clothes you wear or the people you associate yourself with. Or maybe, they’ll make fun of you for taking selfies at a baseball game you attended with your sorority sisters.

This past week some sisters from Alpha Chi Omega, at Arizona State University, attended an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game and were made into a joke. They spent a good chunk of the game taking selfies and laughing with one another. They were made fun of for having fun.

The sorority was publicly offered free tickets by the Diamondbacks to a future game as a “we’re sorry” gift.

sorority1When handed an opportunity to yell, scream, and generally cause hell for the news reporters who mocked them, they took a completely different approach.

They asked that the tickets be donated to A New Leaf—a non-profit organization that helps domestic violence victims.

They were given an axe to beat Fox News with, but they didn’t take it. These ladies chose to be the bigger person and forgive the obnoxious reporters instead of choosing to hurt them the way they had been hurt.

This is absolutely the best way to respond in such a situation. Not only do you come out looking like a classy, kind, and caring person (or group of people), but you end up making the people who ridiculed you look ridiculous in comparison.

We can learn a lot from these ladies about responding to hurtful words in our daily lives. The instinct we have is to be as hurtful as possible to mean people because you want them to feel the way that you did. This is understandable, but will only lead to you looking as cruel and petty as they do.

Never respond with fire when you’re put in a situation like this. Never stoop to the level of your opponent. In your professional life, responding in a hateful way will always come back to haunt you.

If you always take the high road, you’ll rarely get mud on your boots.

Overdoing athletics may cause lifelong injuries

As spring slowly arrives at Radford University, many students will be taking part in athletic activities, but sometimes the cost is much greater than a new pair of running shoes.

Athletes push themselves to the limit for their coaches and their fans. Photo by Carina Garcia.

Young baseball or softball pitchers often strain their arms and shoulders when pitching. According to Science Daily, “In most children up to age 16, bones, muscles and connective tissues are not fully developed, so it should come as no surprise that the pitching motion can lead to injury if it is performed too frequently.” Parents should encourage their kids not to overdo it, even if they’re good at the sport. Continue reading Overdoing athletics may cause lifelong injuries

Major League: Featuring Cleveland

If you like baseball, then you’ve probably heard of some pretty good baseball movies before. One movie you may have heard of would be the movie, The Sandlot. Another might be the movie, Field of Dreams. Both of which are pretty good movies about baseball, but neither of them really show any good baseball action. None of them do this like the movie, Major League anyway, a film that was originially released in 1989. Major League is a comedy and as you watch the first half of it, it seems like a joke to you at first. However, what begins as a pretty funny movie, ends up being a really great baseball movie. Major League has some good comedic aspects, and it also conveys what it’s really like to be a part of a marjor league baseball team.

The movie begins with a woman named Rachel Phelps, inheriting the franchise of the Cleveland Indians when her husband passes away. Rachel’s plan is to put together a baseball team bad enough to finish in last place in Cleveland’s division, so she’ll be able to relocate the whole franchise to Miami, where she can enjoy her own selfish pleasures. She puts her plan underway, and at first, it looks like she’s doing a pretty good job. The Indians loose their first game 9-0 against the New York Yankees, and it seems that the Indian players have no chance of a very sucessful season at all.

As the movie progresses, you learn about each of the players on Cleveland’s team, and how they have to deal with the issues in their own personal lives. The main character in the movie who faces the biggest issues with his life, is the Indian Catcher, a man by the name of Jake Taylor. While he’s trying to lead a loosing team as a catcher, he’s also dealing with physical problems in his legs, as well as chasing the love of his life who is engaged to another man. The movie has not only a lot of good action and comedy, but it also has a fair amount of drama in it as well.

Anyway, a little over half way through the season, the Indian coach Lou Brown learns of what Rachel Phelps is really trying to do. As soon as he discovers that she really wants the Indians to finish in last place, he tells the team, and they become motivated enough to prove her wrong and turn their season around. They finish in a first place tie with the Yankees, and play New York in a one game playoff for the division as the home team. This is where the movie really kicks in with some good baseball action, and it’s also the turning point in the movie to make the veiwer realize that it really is a good movie.

This movie is by far one of the best baseball movies ever made. There were two sequels that were made after it, Major League II and Major League: Back to the Minors. Neither of these two films were as sucessful as the first. Major League is a movie that you will really want to watch some day if you like baseball, it’s a great movie from the start of baseball season, to the end.

October baseball, who will prevail?

Well it’s that time again! The NFL season is four games in, the NHL season is underway, and soon the NBA season will be too. There’s also less recognized sports, such as Major League Soccer. The WNBA is also currently in the midst of their final series. October has got to be the busiest month for the athletic world, and there’s one sport that the country eyes the most: baseball. The battle is on between the best teams in MLB to decide who will travel to the World Series. This year should include some tough matches between some pretty tough teams.

First let’s look at the American League, which makes up three of the teams competing in the playoffs this year. Surely this come as no surprise. We have the New York Yankees, who finished their regular season with the best record in MLB, 103/59. Right behind the Yankees we have the Boston Red Sox, who finished with the same record they did last year, 95/67. The third team competing in the playoffs is the L.A. Angels, who hold the second best record in the majors, 97/65. Finally, the fourth team competing in the American league is the Minnesota Twins, who won their one-game playoff for first place against the Detroit Tigers, 6-5 in extra innings, to secure their spot in the playoffs this year. The Twins fell 1-0 last year in a one-game playoff against the Chicago White Sox, and will surely be looking to prove themselves this year now that they’ve been granted a second chance. The Twins, however, are the only team in the major leagues who are traveling to the playoffs with less than 90 wins.

So our matches in the American league will pit the Red Sox against the Angels and the Twins against the Yankees. The New York Yankees have been pretty dominant so far this year, hitting home runs in nearly every game they’ve played. They have some pretty hot players. Unless the Twins really step up their game, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to overcome the Yankees, especially when New York will have the home field advantage. Our other contest pits the Red Sox against the Angels. It is the fifth time in a row that the Red Sox have been to the playoffs. The Red Sox are 12-1 against the Angels in the post-season and defeated the Angels 3 games to 1 last year, even though the Angels finished their season last year with the best record in MLB, 100 wins and 62 losses. The Red Sox have a history of being pretty dominant over the Angels in the off-season, but this match will surely be a tough one. Boston is looking to maintain their record, and the Angels are looking for some payback. It’s a matchup you won’t want to miss.

Now we turn to the National League, and unlike the American League, the National League is much less predictable. However, there are several familiar teams in the playoffs this year. The L.A. Dodgers for one, who have had quite a commanding season this year with the help of Manny Ramierez, who used to play for the Red Sox last year until they traded him. The Dodgers this year finished 95/67, which is the best record in the National League. Right behind the Dodgers are last year’s world champion, the Philadelphia Phillies, who finished their season this year with a record of 93/ 69. Then there’s the Colorodo Rockies, who finished this year 92/70, and we all remember what happened to the Rockies back in 2007, who fell 4 games to 0 to the Red Sox in the world series. They may be coming into the playoffs this year with something to prove. Finally, we have the St. Louis Cardinals, who finished their season with a record of 91/71.

So, while this is an educated guess. The World Series this year seems to favor the Yankees and the Dodgers. New York has been pretty dominant for most of the year and holds the best record in the major league. They’ll also be granted the home field advantage all the way through the playoffs. That’s usually something that a good team doesn’t let go to waste. As for the Dodgers, well, they do have a pretty good hitter. Ramierez has over 500 home runs and they’ve held the best record in the National League all year long. They also stunned everyone last year when they defeated the Chicago Cubs 3-0 in the opening round of the playoffs before they fell to the eventual world champion, Philidelphia. So they could very well be coming into the playoffs this year to pick up where they left off and carry it all the way. Who will be the team to prevail in the 2009 World Series? The stakes are high, and every team is in it for their own reasons. Let the madness of October baseball begin!

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