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Your first birthday

Going to college is going to change you. You’re an adult now. Generally speaking, most things will be different. You’re going to have to go to the doctor, buy groceries, and think about if skipping the gym is really the right decision—all on your own. It will be fun to branch out by yourself, but it will also be terrifying.

That doesn’t mean that you have to let go of one of the most wonderful things about childhood—your birthday. Birthdays in college are a whirlwind. Some people remember, some don’t. Oftentimes they don’t feel as special as they did when you were a kid, but that’s okay.

Having your parents plan your party, your cake, and your presents may have seemed lame in high school, but you’ll soon realize that all of that fuss about you and your plans was amazing. It made you feel special. It made you feel as if for one day a year, you were the only thing in the world that mattered. That’s something you’ll find yourself missing for the rest of your life, so take advantage of your possible proximity to your parents now, while you can.

You may be tempted to stay at college for your birthday and just celebrate with a few friends, but I implore you to think a little differently. Your first birthday at college will be hard on more than just you; not being able to dote on you will hurt your parents. It may not seem like it at first, but they’ll realize that you’re indeed growing up. You won’t always need them to plan everything. That realization will hollow them.

If you have the ability, go home for your birthday. It doesn’t even have to be your actual birthday—just go home to celebrate with them. Maybe they won’t buy you a bunch of presents like they did when you were a kid. Maybe they won’t plan you a special birthday party or buy you a cake. But they will be there. Sometimes, that’s all they really need to be for it to feel special.


Getting Older

The leaves change with fall

Yet I still remain the same

What will happen here?


Many years have passed

It may not seem like I have

But I have grown up


Where is my mother?

Is my father still around?

Where can I find them?


Still on the same street

That same house is still there too

But where are they now?


Move to the kitchen

Someone is there cooking now

Wait—is that my mom?


She is still herself

But she looks like someone else

So where have I been?


Kids—love your parents.

You must keep them close to you

Parents are like kids


The minute you leave

They’ll change and they’ll get older

I’m getting older,



Highlanders Anonymous: Allergies, birthdays, and over-spending

Cat allergies can cause problems
Cat allergies can cause problems. Graphic from Mother Nature Network

“I have two cats, but my girlfriend is allergic. She says she won’t come over to my place unless I get rid of them. Should I give the cats up?”

Hopefully, your girlfriend isn’t seriously thinking that you’ll get rid of your pets. If your cats mean anything to you, don’t get rid of them. Relationships come and go, but a pet is a companion for their whole lifetime.

If you’re actually considering giving the cats up, maybe you should. Having a pet is a huge commitment. Deciding to keep the cats or get rid of them shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’re in charge of two lives here. Pets depend on their owners to do what’s best for them. If that means a new home, then give them up.

“How can I tell if I’m bisexual?”

Are you attracted to both sexes? If yes, then you’re considered bisexual by themost basic definition. That doesn’t mean you have to pursue– or stay away from–same-sex relationships. It’s up to you who you’ll pursue in the future. I advise you not to pressure yourself with a label. Love who you love!

“Everyone forgot it was my birthday last week. Are they bad friends?”

Friends get busy and forget things. Don’t take it personally. They’re sure to feel bad when they realize their slip-up. If you want to celebrate your birthday, make it happen. Throw a party and don’t dwell on these negative thoughts.

“When I go to the store, I always buy way too many things. Sometimes, I only go to buy bread, milk, and eggs, but I come out with ten other items. I really don’t have money to spend on things I don’t need. How can I stop getting so sidetracked?”

It sounds like you’re are trying out a method of stress relief called “retail therapy.” This can effectively distract you from the real problems at hand, but it doesn’t  solve them. In fact, it’s probably making things worse because now you’re also going broke. Instead of shopping, go talk to somebody about your problems, and make a stricter budget.