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Highlanders Anonymous: College is hard

“Why is college so hard?”

Photo of student Hannah Syke. Photo By: Hannah Mowery.

College is hard because, suddenly, you become fully responsible for your education. You need to learn to take care of yourself. This means scheduling your own doctors’ appointments and making sure to budget your money so that you’ll have enough to eat for the whole month. College takes a huge toll if you’re unable to keep up with your new responsibilities. However, you also get to take full credit for everything you do once you get to college.

“How do I tell my girlfriend that I need some space without making her mad?”

You know your girlfriend best. If you think she’ll get mad that you need some alone time, then maybe you need to reevaluate your relationship. We’re all entitled to our own privacy and peace. If someone can’t compromise or be understanding, then they’re the ones with a problem.

“Where’s the best place to study on campus?”

There are so many places on campus that are good for studying! It really depends on where’s most convenient for you. Usually lounges don’t work so well though, because there’s constant foot traffic that can be really distracting.

My top three buildings for studying are the Bonnie, Young Hall, and McConnell Library. First, the Bonnie is a heavily visited area because of the food and SOAR office. The top floor is fairly quiet and is equipped with two rows of computers and a printer. There are many tables, chairs, and couches, so it’s great for group studying and projects.

Second, I would recommend Young Hall. Young has four stories of various studying and lounging areas.If one place there isn’t working for you, little nooks with chairs and small tables can provide cozy and private studying areas–but make sure you don’t fall asleep!

Third is McConnell Library. The first place you think of to study is generally the library. Many specialists there are more than willing to help you with research projects and materials. Tables and areas throughout the building let you actually speak at a normal volume and work on group projects.



Winter club fair: The roaring location

I have been leader of the Board Gaming Club here at Radford since I founded it two years ago. In those two years, I have run our table at both the fall and winter club fairs. However, this year’s winter club fair seemed less successful.

In the years I have been involved, I have noticed winter club fair has never drawn nearly as much attention as the fall club fair . This could be because of a variety of factors (lack of interest, less club involvement, less advertising) but this year, location played a huge part in the poor turn-out.

Last year, the winter club fair was hosted in the Bonnie. This year, it was hosted in the new Fitness Center. Although this new venue created more space for more club involvement, there were still a fair amount of empty tables there. More clubs could have participated, but for whatever reason, they didn’t..

Robert Webb and Katie Gibson run the Board Game club table at club fair. Photo by Katie Gibson
Robert Webb and Katie Gibson run the Board Game club table at club fair. Photo by Katie Gibson

Despite this, the location caused more issues than last year in the Bonnie. It was in a basketball court within the lower level of the Fitness Center, which caused two major problems.

First, there was so much echo in the room that it quickly became very loud. The usual noisy chatter of club fair became a roar for the next two hours. I found myself having to yell to talk to anyone interested in the club, making communication difficult.

Unlike the Bonnie, which serves as a hot spot for students seeking food or entertainment, our location in the Fitness Center was less popular. In the past, a lot of interest in winter club fair was generated due to students stumbling upon us unknowingly, and staying once they saw all the interesting booths. This also allowed for many students with varying interests to find clubs that suited them. Unfortunately the bottom floor of the Fitness Center was out of the way, and mostly attracted the students who happened to be working out downstairs.

Winter club fair is never as visited as fall club fair, but this year clubs suffered. Board Gaming Club has never been as popular as other clubs, but we get more members every semester. Last winter club fair, the BGC got 31 new names on our email list. This year, we got 11. That is almost one-third the amount as we received last year.

Regardless, winter club fair serves as an opportunity for clubs to branch out to students who may share their interests. It’s an encouragement for students to be involved here at Radford, and a reminder that our school makes great efforts to support what we are interested in.

At the end of club fair, all the tables were given a survey on what we liked or didn’t like about this year’s club fair. I filled mine out, as did the other tables. Only time will tell if we end up in the same location for winter club fair 2016.

Radford student bucket list

Radford University has created a bucket list of activities to do around campus. We here at Whim would like to do the same, but with our own personal flair.

Photo by: Caroline Leggett
  1. Spend a year living in Muse Hall; students often describe the 13-floor dormitory as “the most fun you’ll ever want to have, once.”
  2. Get the Dalton Dash. We aren’t saying you want to do this per se, but according to the upperclassman before us it will eventually strike us all.
  3. Enjoy a sunny afternoon when Spring breaks Winter’s stranglehold on RU. You’ll be amazed by how many students go here.
  4. Go to the annual haunted house at St. Albans Asylum. This year the house is titled “The House of Havoc.”
  5. Take University 100. Some students detest this course, however, it’s the easiest credit you will receive at RU.
  6. Go bowling in the Bonnie. RU’s bowling alley is an often forgotten about attraction for students looking to kill some time.
  7. Study for your classes in Young hall. Our editors often hold writers meetings in the building, and is an excellent place to get your work done any time of the day.
  8. Attend Club Fair; students that stopped by Whim’s booth got our famous, “#Whimming” sunglasses.
  9. Go to a concert held on campus. This semester, R-space has planned a concert with band, All Time Low on November 11th.
  10. Get a funnel cake from the Highlander Festival. Nothing says “freshman 15” like deep-fried dough and powdered sugar.
  11. Get involved! Everyone who works at Whim has gotten their job because they’ve lighten up and said hi!
  12. Before it gets much colder students should take a plunge in the New River right off campus.
  13. Attend a basketball game in the Dedmon Center. Other schools dread the red for a reason.
  14. Read The Tartan. It may be our fierce competitor, but we still think its worth reading!
  15. Eat highlander roles! Mikes pizza and Highlanders pizza both create the delicious doughy goodness.
  16. Join one of RU’s club or intramural sports. Everything from soccer to ultimate frisbee is available to students.

Another good comedian, another bad room

Comedian Ronnie Jordan came to perform on Feb. 19. He was able to please the majority of the crowd as he started the show by opening with a little jig and enjoyable observational humor, as well as self-deprecating humor aimed at his weight. As the show went on though he lost some momentum.

If only he got to perform in Preston. Image from Creative Commons.

This is no fault of his own because, yet again, he was placed on the Bonnie (Hurlburt Student Center) stage. As I stated in my previous article on Rob O’Reilly, comedy just doesn’t work well in forced settings like that. It’s too noisy of an area and it’s very difficult for people to pay attention when they are more focused on their food. Continue reading Another good comedian, another bad room

Austin Renfroe’s talent takes over the Bonnie

Radford University was lucky enough to host rising acoustic pop artist Austin Renfroe in the Bonnie last Wednesday. Renfroe is originally from Nashville, Tenn., but spent a lot of his time in Fredericksburg, Va. When he first stepped on stage, his baseball cap made it hard to see his face. It’s typically taboo to wear a hat on stage, but this bad first impression went out the window when he took the mic. His powerful, soulful voice had audience members’ jaws on the floor when he began to sing. Everyone looked at their friends as if to say, “that voice can’t possibly be coming from that tiny body!” Renfroe told the audience later that he knows his voice doesn’t match his body, but often some of the best musicians are the ones that surprise you. Continue reading Austin Renfroe’s talent takes over the Bonnie

Wild Greens: Big salads, big taste

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

A common complaint for on campus dining last year was, “Man, I wish there were some place on campus that offered healthier food besides the fried stuff we eat everywhere else.” Looking around campus this year, you may have noticed the Radford University community is rapidly growing and making changes. One of the most noticeable is the new restaurant that has taken the place of Wild Ginger. Wild Greens, as it is now called, is a Subway-esque eatery located in the Bonnie Hurlbert Student Center that allows you to choose one of their specialty salads or the option of creating your own. They offer soup, as well as many different types of salad mixes, toppings and dressings for your dish. You also have the option of adding grilled chicken or steak, tuna or chicken salad, as well as a bread stick on the side to complete the deal. All of these options help you create a meal that is truly your own.

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

As a new restaurant on campus, the line to eat there can sometimes be a bit intimidating, but it’s definitely worth the wait. If you find that you don’t have time, you can always grab one of their ready-made sandwiches prepared with ingredients as fresh as your salads. If you find that you want something a little sweet to top off your healthy meal, they also have desserts such as tiramisu and hot fudge cake.

Wild Greens is a welcome option to the meal choices on campus and offers a fresh alternative for students’ meal plans.

“I really enjoy the new salad bar,” junior Kate Fisher said. “It’s a quick, healthy option that’s great for a busy person like myself. It makes eating healthier much more convenient.”

Judging by the occasional long line, it would seem that most of the student body agrees.

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

Wild Greens is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., noon through 1 a.m. on Saturday and noon to midnight on Sunday. If you haven’t tried it yet, or even if you have, be sure to stop by between any of those hours to get your healthy food fix!


Photo by: Holly Collins
Evan Wecksell (right) and student Ricky Kresslein (left), perform as a team in an act called

Top 5 places to study on campus

With exams coming up, lots of students are studying. There are many places to choose from when studying. Several Radford students took a poll to come up with where the top five places to study were:

1. Room

2. Basement of their dorm

3. Library

4. Young Hall

5. The Bonnie

When given a selected number of choices most students preferred the basement of their dorms. There were various advantages and disadvantages to studying in all of these different places.

According to Samantha Mullins, a freshman at Radford, she prefers to study in her room since she is