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Getting Back Into The Swing of Things After Spring Break

Everyone looks forward to spring break, whether they have a trip planned or they’re just headed home for the week. It’s nice to look forward to something and it’s a good way to motivate yourself to keep working hard on your schoolwork. Everyone needs the week break we get in early March but no one wants to return to our regular lives and normal routines.

A good way to get back into your normal swing of things is to be on top of the work you have due the first two weeks back. Make sure you’ve written down every deadline for every assignment, paper, and test and that you get a jumpstart on working on those as soon as you get back to school from break. No one wants to do this but if you do, it will be a smoother transition back into your school life and hectic schedule.

Portrait of male with bad sunburn
“Everyone needs the week break we get in early March.”

Another way to get back into your routine is to keep making to-do lists so you don’t forget what you have due each day and week. This will also help you figure out what you can put off doing and what you need to get done by the end of that specific day. This way, whether you’re still reminiscing about spring break and wishing you were back there instead of in the library, you can still daydream while getting your assignments done.

Nobody likes the transition from break to work, but everybody has to do it anyways. If you remember to get a jumpstart on all of your work due in the first couple of weeks back it’s sure to help you back into normal life. Also, if you remember to keep a checklist of what you need to get done each day it will help with what you have to do every day and what you can do every day. Good luck getting back into your routine!

Family: You gotta love them

Once a year, families gather to share a meal and talk about what’s new in their lives. They discuss their trials and tribulations and give thanks that they’re together this year. This sounds great, but most college students know that this aspect of the holiday inevitably leads to uncomfortable questions from relatives. Continue reading Family: You gotta love them

“Spring Breakers”: The greatest bad film ever

Let me start off with this: “Spring Breakers” has done something that no film has done before.

This is the first film I’ve ever seen where I can’t tell if it was horrible or strangely genius. It’s a film that is absurd moment after moment and then follows it up with beautiful shots and amazing cinematography.

“Spring Breakers” is the story of four college girls who are so bored and tired at the sight of their school that they rob a restaurant in order to pay for their spring break trip.

I wish my spring break was like this. Photo from Gizmorati.com.

Where the film struggles is the fact that it may have one of the worst screenplays ever written. Every solid piece of dialogue is followed up with multiple examples of why the movie came out as bad as it did.

The script is full of pointless monologues and way too many weird moments that just don’t seem to work. However, this film is saved about 35 minutes in when James Franco finally shows up. Continue reading “Spring Breakers”: The greatest bad film ever

Thanksgiving Break Reminders

Thanksgiving break is almost here! For most students, this means a long trip home, some last minute assignments and a complicated packing routine. Everybody has a rough time knowing what needs to be accomplished before the first break of the school year. However, after this first experience, wrapping up school assignments and figuring out what to pack becomes easier.

Before leaving the residence hall, the first thing to consider is whether or not your room and bathroom is clean enough. The RAs in every hall will hold a meeting about this, and it is important to attend this meeting so that they can explain to everybody what type of mess they will hold residents accountable for. It is usually best just to have everything as neat as possible. Also, anything that is not supposed to be in a dorm room should be removed.

Another critical thing to look out for is what is left plugged in during the break. Typically RAs will say that only refrigerators and fish tanks may be left in. It is especially important to leave the refrigerator plugged in to avoid a meltdown, which could lead to water damage or mold.

Although no one will be allowed in or out of the residence halls during the break, one can never be too careful with their valuables. To avoid any unwelcome surprises, it is always advised that students lock any important items in a closet or a safe. If that doesn