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From Our Perspective: Yes Means Yes & Campus Safety


In our first podcast of the semester, we tackle the issue of sexual assault from all angles. We’ve got a little bit of the celebrity nude leak, we’ve got a little bit of the Californian ‘Yes Means Yes’ law, and more.

Most importantly of all, we beg the question, do you feel safe at night at Radford? Send us your feedback and you might just get a shout-out on our next podcast!

We are talking about California's "Yes Means Yes" law. Graphic from Kalb
We are talking about California’s “Yes Means Yes” law. Graphic from Kalb

Should we publicly humiliate sex offenders on campus?

If you’ve been going to RU for a year or more, you know what happens when an incident occurs on campus. We get a vague email describing the incident and stating that more information will be provided, although it rarely comes. When one of these incidents involves someone being sexually assaulted, there’s always a little warning on the bottom of these emails that says something along the lines of, “stay aware of your surroundings and always tell someone where you’re going.”

Although I realize that there are terrible people in the world, I can’t help but wonder— if we publicly embarrassed the scumbags who commit these crimes instead of punishing them privately, wouldn’t that deter people from committing these crimes?

“Although I would be satisfied if the assailant’s punishment was plastered all over the news as a warning.”

I know that those who are apprehended for sexual assault face big consequences,  but we usually don’t hear about them. I would appreciate it a lot more if RU sent emails once the criminal was caught with a picture and name attached. I know this is probably against some privacy policy, but these bastards have invaded privacy in the most extreme way and don’t deserve for anything that happens to them to be private. In my dream world, those who commit sexual assault would be either exiled or castrated. But we don’t live in the medieval ages, I suppose. Although I would be satisfied if the assailant’s punishment was plastered all over the news as a warning. Regardless, something needs to be done other than telling girls to be “aware of their surroundings.” No one should have to live in fear when they step out of their home.

Going beyond just warning girls to be safe, why are women who are assaulted always asked what they were wearing when the incident occured? I know of several cases where people I know personally have been attacked, and one of the first questions they’re asked is, “were you drunk?” It shouldn’t matter what someone was wearing or if they were black-out drunk. Just because a girl shows some skin doesn’t mean she’s “asking for it.” And if anyone, male or female, is too drunk to give consent, they should be taken home or somewhere safe, given a glass of water and some Tylenol and be left safe in their bed (unless, of course, they’re throwing up.)

With the recent assumed abduction of a female University of Virginia student, many people are posting on Facebook warning others to “always tell a friend where they’re going.” I usually try to text a friend and let them know where I am in case I have a little too much to drink and need someone to help me walk home, but I’m never thinking, “in case someone abducts me.” It’s more or less so I don’t get in trouble myself (sorry, mom).

Although attacks do happen at RU, I’ve always felt safe here. Maybe I’m just naive and like to believe the world’s a safe place, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to feel that way. I think the justice system should make us feel safe, not leave us wondering if we’re safe or not because these people who commit such heinous crimes aren’t being punished publicly. I truly believe making consequences public can deter criminals and make people realize they can’t ignore their mistakes.