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Halloween is Near….So, What to Do With Trick or Treating?

Halloween is this Wednesday, but you would not have known it by the way Radford students have been celebrating it the past two weekends.

Anyhow, the hunt for candy is always the best part of Halloween and it is one that cannot get you in trouble (unless you are trick or treating). But for those who have dietitian needs then Halloween is more of a trick than a treat. Look out for candy that may have peanuts or tree nuts. Someone with a nut allergy will know which candies they cannot eat but as someone who is passing out candy, make sure that you have an alternative like Air Heads or gummies.

Typically, the most popular candy has some type of chocolate base like Reese’s, Snickers, or Hershey’s. If you do pass out candy, passing out candies like those three will make you much more popular than the random guy down the hall who is passing out toothbrushes.

Remember to not give out too much candy. You want to make sure that everyone gets candy but also make sure that people do not get sick from eating too much.

Lastly, just remember to have fun as that is always the goal in mind. Another goal to keep in mind is to stay safe on this Halloween.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Dreading Valentine’s Day

On a college campus, attitudes towards Valentine’s Day can range from gleeful to bitter and everything in between. The annual holiday, affectionately dubbed “Singles Awareness Day” by some, tends to harshly divide college students into two groups of people: those who have a significant other and those who do not. But romantic love isn’t the only type of love that exists; if you are spending the day without a significant other, that does not mean you are unloved in the world.

valentines candy
“Romantic love isn’t the only type of love that exists.” Photo from: www.theinvictusgroupinc.files.wordpress.com

Unfortunately for us native English speakers, we only have one word for love which leads to its cheapening and overuse. The Ancient Greeks had many different words to describe the various types of love that can exist.  One of these types that the Greeks valued most is philia, or the love that stems from a deep friendship. In the understanding of the Ancient Greeks, this word referred to the love shared between brothers in arms on the battlefield. While the majority of us have not experienced literal warfare, we still understand the importance of someone who is there for you when you need them the most.

By that definition, your best friend or friends can be your valentine. Your pet can be your valentine. Your favorite family member can be your valentine.  You can be your own valentine. All of the above can be your valentines! And while romantic love can be an incredible experience, it is not the end-all achievement for the various types of love that life has to offer.

Regardless of how you spend it, I hope that you have a very Happy Valentine’s Day this Tuesday, and you know that you are loved.

“There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald

Goin’ to the Fudge Shop on the corner

There’s a new fudge shop on the block, and it’s to die for. If you like (or love) fudge like I do, you need to visit Doghouse Gifts and Chocolates ASAP. The shop itself seems almost hidden; if you weren’t looking for it, you’d never know it was there. Driving, I almost passed it twice trying to get there. The store is located right next to Herban Legends on Main Street.

Picture of the sign at Doghouse chocolates and gifts. Photo by Rebecca Lynch.
Picture of the sign at Doghouse chocolates and gifts. Photo by Rebecca Lynch.

Walking in the door, your nose is greeted with a mixture of delicious sweet smells that threaten to carry it away. Inspirational messages cover the walls, and many cute and funny gifts are on every display. The store is a little small, but the size suits it. There are plenty of eye-catchers in the store to distract you on the way to the register, but maybe that’s the point. I considered buying everything that I passed . There are about 23 flavors, with new ones coming out weekly. Each flavor even looks beautiful, with the flavors swirling within the block of fudge.

This week, the pumpkin flavored fudge will make its premiere. The shopkeeper happily informed me that the owner, “is hoping to make some Gingerbread flavored fudge around Christmas”. Pumpkin Spice lovers should head out to the fudge shop this week to see if the pumpkin fudge tastes as great as I’m imagining it would.

While writing this, I’m snacking on the “Amaretto Chocolate” flavored fudge. Being that it strongly reminds me of the chocolates my mom buys me for Christmas, my taste buds feel as if they just received a warm, happy, holiday hug. I strongly suggest visiting this shop to buy yourself or your significant other a little pick-me-up. Fudge is the perfect thing to turn your bad day into a wonderful one. Even better is the current deal- if you buy a pound of fudge, you get a half of a pound for free!

The shop is located at 1025 East Main Street, and you can check out their Facebook page here. What are you waiting for? Go out and buy yourself some delicious fudge!

When did junk food become healthy?

You’ve probably gone into the grocery store and seen all the health labels posted on prepackaged food. There’s yogurt that improves immunity and digestion, heart healthy cereal and even pomegranate juice that claims to do everything from lowering cholesterol to alleviating erectile dysfunction. Could we see a decline in health problems with all this apparently healthy food on the market? The problem is that most of these food labels are misleading or downright false. Continue reading When did junk food become healthy?

Make life sweeter

The “traditional” valentine candy. Photo from Creative Commons.

Valentine’s Day is on the way, and we all know what’s on the public’s mind … CANDY! Nerds, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Gobstoppers, Sour-Patch Kids and, of course, those beautifully heart shaped boxes of assorted candies (where you always take just a bite and then spit them out). But on my mind is something else about being sweet; it’s about being sweet to others. Whether it is your best friend, your roommate, or that weird kid down the hall, being kind to others can make (not only theirs) but your day a little bit sweeter. Continue reading Make life sweeter

How to be a single lady on Valentine’s Day

Chocolate: one way to a woman’s heart. Photo from Creative Commons.

We’ve all been single on Valentine’s Day at one point, and it can be depressing if you don’t celebrate it the right way. Here are some tips for making a usually gloomy holiday into one you can enjoy and remember. Continue reading How to be a single lady on Valentine’s Day

Zombies, candy and costumed people run rampant on campus

Halloween is all about trick-or-treating, dressing up as your favorite character, eating candy, scaring people or getting spooked and having fun. Events are happening all over campus in celebration of Halloween.

Trinkle Hall and RU After Dark are sponsoring two events on Oct. 28. The first is a Zombie Walk, which is a costume parade where participants dress up as zombies and lurch around campus. The event will start at 7:15 p.m. Makeup will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Muse Banquet Hall. The second event is a Zombie Prom, which starts at 8 p.m. in Muse Banquet Hall and goes until midnight. There will be food provided by RU Catering Services, face painting, costumes, a DJ and a photo booth.

Zombie Prom. Photo by Austin Tuley.

Another Halloween event is RU Otaku-don’s Octoberfest from Oct. 29-30. The event will be held in the Bonnie on the second floor starting at 7 p.m. and concluding at 1 a.m. The club rented out the whole floor for this event. There will be a room for playing horror video games, another room for Japanese horror movies and there will be food in the main lobby. The food will be provided by RU Catering Services. There will also be music for people to enjoy when they aren’t watching a movie or playing a video game.

President of Otaku-don Ryan Arias said that he hopes to provide students with a fun and safe harvest festival they can share with friends in an entertaining atmosphere. He mentioned the spooky events like horror movies and scary video games. Costumes are also welcome, but need to be campus appropriate. Prizes such as an iPod charger, glow sticks and headphones will be given for killing the most monsters in a game, not screaming at a movie and best costume awards.

The night before Halloween, the Residence Hall Association will sponsor RU Scared. The program was created to give children in the Radford community a chance to come trick-or-treating on campus. On Moffett quad, there will be tables set up where different organizations that will be passing out candy. The residential halls on campus are able to participate as well, and they will have volunteers passing out candy to the children, similar to the typical house-to-house Halloween collection. All of the buildings can participate as long as there are enough volunteers, otherwise participants will be moved into the different quads.

RU Scared. Photo by Austin Tuley.

“The event is very successful; the children walk away with so much candy and treats, while the Radford students are able to give back to the community,” said RHA Programming Coordinator Gabrielle Williams. “It’s always a big turnout.”

Generally 40-60 children come to the event. RU Scared is a way to give back to the community and give children the opportunity to come to campus and go trick-or-treating.

On Halloween, the Bowling Club is hosting Spook-n-Bowl. The event will be in the Bonnie Game Room from 7-10 p.m. It will cost $4 to play three games with rental shoes included. The club is expecting about 30-40 people.

“The event is to support the bowling club and also just to create an event so students can have fun and relax,” said Bowling Club President Amanda Garland.

Halloween decorations will be set up and black lights, laser lights and a fog machine will be used. There will also be candy for students to have while bowling. Prizes will be given out for the best costume. Prizes will be gift cards to Wal-Mart or little prizes from the store.