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Hairy situations

Do you have dry, dull looking hair? Ever dye your hair so much that it just doesn’t feel the same? Here’s advice on hair care and what I use to make my hair feel and look healthy. I have dyed my hair plenty of times, from bleached blonde to red, to blonde again, to brown, black, and even purple! So trust me, I know what it’s like to have yucky feeling hair.

Do you have dry, damaged hair? Graphic from Daily Mail
Do you have dry, damaged hair from bleaching? Graphic from Daily Mail

If you’re bleaching your hair I recommend trying to touch up your roots at least every month, and just do the roots. Don’t pull it all the way to the bottom. Your ends are already blonde so the more bleach you put on the ends, the more dry they become. I also recommend using a hair masque after bleaching. It’s, essentially, a very deep conditioner that doesn’t leave a heavy residue. Also STAY AWAY FROM BOX BLEACHES. Get the kind you mix on your own and use the 20 volume developer. It’s not as strong and won’t do as much damage. If you don’t bleach your hair, but do dye it, I recommend these items you can purchase at your local Walmart.

Aussie’s three minute miracle works like a charm. Just follow the directions and use it once a week. I promise your hair will start feeling amazing almost instantly. Along with that, I suggest also using Aussie’s Hair Insurance leave-in conditioner spray. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling or looking oily or greasy. It also works wonders on dry hair. Not Your Mother’s Intensive Hair Unit is also an amazing deep conditioner, but is a little bit more on the pricey side.

For people with dry hair, try washing your hair every other day, or  if you don’t like doing that, wash it once a day and just use conditioner and then the next day use shampoo. This should keep it from drying out so quickly.

Do you have oily hair instead? You can always use dry shampoos. Personally, I like Not Your Mother’s and Pantene. If you want something a little longer lasting, I highly recommend beer rinses. I know it sounds gross, but it really does work. You just wash your hair like you normally would, but after you rise your conditioner out and rinse, take a can of beer and rinse once more. It shouldn’t leave your hair smelling like alcohol, but it’s possible. Depending on what beer you use it usually  leaves a fruity kind of scent. You can also mix the beer and conditioner together to take away some of the beer smell.

Other simple hair care tips I can recommend are using a wide tooth comb after showering and don’t wear your hair up really tight. It breaks off the ends. Try using creaseless elastic hair ties because they are more gentle on hair and don’t make that ugly,  annoying crease in your pony tail. Hopefully these tips will be useful and everyone will have beautiful, shining hair to show to the world.