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The Radford Coffee Company

Radford Coffee Company is a new restaurant where all proceeds go toward a foundation that gives money to students in communities in Nicaragua. All of the employees work on a volunteer basis and only earn pay from tips. So, while you are spending money on your coffee and breakfast, you know that you are also contributing to a great cause and helping educate students in Nicaragua.

Graphic from Radford Coffee Company.
Buy your coffee for a good cause. Graphic from Radford Coffee Company.

The restaurant also has a different environment compared to  Starbucks because it’s more open and has an assortment of seating like couches and chairs and stools. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well. The overall experience at Radford Coffee Company is enjoyable and makes you want to go back because of the staff, the cause, the environment, and the food.

Specializing in coffee, the restaurant also offers healthy breakfast sandwiches, salads and sandwiches for lunch, and smoothies and protein shakes. Sometimes they’ll put out specials on certain days like banana bread or coffee cake.  The prices aren’t steep either so if you’re worried about spending money and eating healthy, this is a great place to get your healthy meal while not spending too much.

I would always rather support a local business over a chain business because I think it’s good for the economy and for the locals in the area. I also like that the company is supporting a great cause and all of their proceeds are going toward this.

If you’re looking for a great staff, awesome food, and a soothing environment, Radford Coffee Company is a great place to check out.

Greek life is awesome, and here’s why

Strutting letters, being popular and attending numerous parties are the things people tend to think about when the words “frat” or “sorority” pop into their heads, but why?  The individuals in these organizations are being judged based on past events when in reality they bring much more to the table. Continue reading Greek life is awesome, and here’s why

Christina Lemon’s wearable art

Christina Lemon’s jewelry show. Photo by Brian Hollingsworth.

Upon entering the exhibit of Christina Lemon’s jewelry and metal work, there was a sign-in book and a stack of papers with information about the artist. It let viewers know that Lemon received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Radford University in 1990, and then went on to get her Master of Fine Arts from East Carolina University. Right now, she is an associate professor at Georgia Southern University, where she teaches jewelry making and metalsmithing.

Necklaces and rings. Photo by Brian Hollingsworth.

Lemon said that she wants her exhibition to expose students to contemporary small metal and jewelry work. She wants students to appreciate handmade jewelry made with permanent materials more than the inexpensive, disposable jewelry sold in retail stores.

Isn’t this beautiful? Photo by Austin Tuley.

The half circle necklaces and earrings are from the Reflection Series, and the open leaf necklace is part of the Fertility Series. Her work is primarily made of sterling silver.

Sterling silver necklace with leaves on the end. Photo by Brian Hollingsworth.

“There are several themes I work with – the Reflections Series jewelry that is designed using formal elements, and others such as Solitude Series and Fertility Series that deal with regeneration and renewal of life use botanical forms as reference,” Lemon said.

Earrings sitting on a mirror. Photo by Brian Hollingsworth.

Aside from her jewelry, metalwork and teaching, Lemon is an animal lover. Although they aren’t shown in these pictures, she made a brooch series depicting specific dogs that she met while volunteering for the Humane Society of Statesboro and Bulloch County, Ga. Some of the proceeds from dog brooch sales are donated to help animals.

One of many display cubes. Photo by Brian Hollingsworth.

“I was happy to finally merge my two ‘passions’ into the artwork ‘Discard Dog’ line of jewelry,” Lemon said. “They are designed to make a social statement and to be wearable at the same time.”