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The Other Side of Last Minute Food Orders

It is late and you just finished that last minute homework assignment or that essay that’s due tomorrow. You check the time and realize there is just enough time to either order from your favorite pizza place or Chinese place or run up to the nearest fast food restaurant and grab a late night meal. You pick up the phone and place your order or you fast walk to your car and hurry to that fast food place, thinking how lucky you are to get your order in just before the restaurant closes for the night. Meanwhile, the employees there are wondering what they did to deserve this. That is because those last minute orders can ruin a lot of hard work and force the employees to stay much longer than they want to.

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All places that serve food have to clean up and prepare their place of business for the next day each and every night. This takes a lot of time and effort and usually has to be done in between food orders and/or deliveries that the employees have to make. Because the big, not so secret, secret of working in the food industry is that the employees there do not get any time set aside for them to clean the store up. They are expected to have the store clean or mostly clean by the time the store closes. If they have any time allotted afterward, it is usually only about thirty minutes. Anyone who has worked in food service can tell you that is not nearly enough time.

The way to get around that is to clean during operating hours. And while they know not to completely shut everything down until the store is closed, those last minute orders can create a big mess and cause the employees to reuse already cleaned equipment that they were not expecting or planning on using again that evening. No one wants to have to stay an extra hour because you decided to come in at the last minute or order food two minutes before close. This is not to say you cannot order from them or order late. Just do not do it five or ten minutes before the store closes down and undo a lot of work of the employees.

Radford Restaurant Reviews: Nagoya Sushi

It can’t be said that Nagoya serves the best sushi ever, not by a long shot; however, the food provided by Nagoya’s is quite nice and inexpensive compared to the sushi you can get on-campus. It’s also much more convenient to walk down Main Street than it is to drive to a higher-quality sushi restaurant in Roanoke or Blacksburg.

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Take our “Best of Radford” surveys!

It’s that time of year again when Whim hosts the “Best of Radford” surveys, and polls students to find out what’s the best of the best. Tell us what you think about where you go to school! This survey will help us guide incoming freshman to the best pizza or best on-campus spot to study. Help us out! Take these surveys and see the results published next week!

Tell us what you think of Radford University here. Got an issue with parking? Think you know the best spot outside to hang out? Do you live in the best quad? Let us know!

Also tell us what you think about Radford City here. Where’s the best place to take your parents? Where can you get the best late night food or the best chinese? Have you had the best burger in Radford? We want to know your opinion!

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Weekly Time Wasters: Djesus and Batman

Welcome back to another wasteful edition of the Weekly Time Wasters. I hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day; I know I did. Now we just have to wait out the cold until spring break. Seeing as that’s kind of a long wait, check out this week’s batch of videos to kill some time. Continue reading Weekly Time Wasters: Djesus and Batman

The health benefits of green tea

How many of us like to begin our day with a cup of coffee in the morning, but are growing tired of its bland taste? If you’re looking for something packed with better health benefits and a bit more zesty flavor, green tea may be for you. While some may cringe at its bitter, almost sour effect, we should consider the health benefits of green tea before counting it out. Continue reading The health benefits of green tea

Announcing: Chinese Circus tumbles into RU

This is not an everyday circus.

There are no animals, only human beings that happen to be some of the world’s most celebrated circus performers. They have won over 20 gold and silver medals at international circus festivals.

An array of juggling, swift movements performed on the flying trapeze and body contortions will be performed by the National Circus of the People’s Republic of China in Cirque Chinois, at Radford University on Wednesday, Nov. 14. Continue reading Announcing: Chinese Circus tumbles into RU