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Winter club fair: The roaring location

I have been leader of the Board Gaming Club here at Radford since I founded it two years ago. In those two years, I have run our table at both the fall and winter club fairs. However, this year’s winter club fair seemed less successful.

In the years I have been involved, I have noticed winter club fair has never drawn nearly as much attention as the fall club fair . This could be because of a variety of factors (lack of interest, less club involvement, less advertising) but this year, location played a huge part in the poor turn-out.

Last year, the winter club fair was hosted in the Bonnie. This year, it was hosted in the new Fitness Center. Although this new venue created more space for more club involvement, there were still a fair amount of empty tables there. More clubs could have participated, but for whatever reason, they didn’t..

Robert Webb and Katie Gibson run the Board Game club table at club fair. Photo by Katie Gibson
Robert Webb and Katie Gibson run the Board Game club table at club fair. Photo by Katie Gibson

Despite this, the location caused more issues than last year in the Bonnie. It was in a basketball court within the lower level of the Fitness Center, which caused two major problems.

First, there was so much echo in the room that it quickly became very loud. The usual noisy chatter of club fair became a roar for the next two hours. I found myself having to yell to talk to anyone interested in the club, making communication difficult.

Unlike the Bonnie, which serves as a hot spot for students seeking food or entertainment, our location in the Fitness Center was less popular. In the past, a lot of interest in winter club fair was generated due to students stumbling upon us unknowingly, and staying once they saw all the interesting booths. This also allowed for many students with varying interests to find clubs that suited them. Unfortunately the bottom floor of the Fitness Center was out of the way, and mostly attracted the students who happened to be working out downstairs.

Winter club fair is never as visited as fall club fair, but this year clubs suffered. Board Gaming Club has never been as popular as other clubs, but we get more members every semester. Last winter club fair, the BGC got 31 new names on our email list. This year, we got 11. That is almost one-third the amount as we received last year.

Regardless, winter club fair serves as an opportunity for clubs to branch out to students who may share their interests. It’s an encouragement for students to be involved here at Radford, and a reminder that our school makes great efforts to support what we are interested in.

At the end of club fair, all the tables were given a survey on what we liked or didn’t like about this year’s club fair. I filled mine out, as did the other tables. Only time will tell if we end up in the same location for winter club fair 2016.

Radford student bucket list

Radford University has created a bucket list of activities to do around campus. We here at Whim would like to do the same, but with our own personal flair.

Photo by: Caroline Leggett
  1. Spend a year living in Muse Hall; students often describe the 13-floor dormitory as “the most fun you’ll ever want to have, once.”
  2. Get the Dalton Dash. We aren’t saying you want to do this per se, but according to the upperclassman before us it will eventually strike us all.
  3. Enjoy a sunny afternoon when Spring breaks Winter’s stranglehold on RU. You’ll be amazed by how many students go here.
  4. Go to the annual haunted house at St. Albans Asylum. This year the house is titled “The House of Havoc.”
  5. Take University 100. Some students detest this course, however, it’s the easiest credit you will receive at RU.
  6. Go bowling in the Bonnie. RU’s bowling alley is an often forgotten about attraction for students looking to kill some time.
  7. Study for your classes in Young hall. Our editors often hold writers meetings in the building, and is an excellent place to get your work done any time of the day.
  8. Attend Club Fair; students that stopped by Whim’s booth got our famous, “#Whimming” sunglasses.
  9. Go to a concert held on campus. This semester, R-space has planned a concert with band, All Time Low on November 11th.
  10. Get a funnel cake from the Highlander Festival. Nothing says “freshman 15” like deep-fried dough and powdered sugar.
  11. Get involved! Everyone who works at Whim has gotten their job because they’ve lighten up and said hi!
  12. Before it gets much colder students should take a plunge in the New River right off campus.
  13. Attend a basketball game in the Dedmon Center. Other schools dread the red for a reason.
  14. Read The Tartan. It may be our fierce competitor, but we still think its worth reading!
  15. Eat highlander roles! Mikes pizza and Highlanders pizza both create the delicious doughy goodness.
  16. Join one of RU’s club or intramural sports. Everything from soccer to ultimate frisbee is available to students.

Open letter to the class of 2018

This is what you’ve waited your whole life for: college. You’ve dreamt about it. You’ve watched countless movies portraying the stereotypical “college experience.” But you don’t know what it’s really like until you’ve set foot on campus, spent the first night in a residence hall, eaten at Dalton, and attended your first college class. From one Highlander to another, here are some tips to help you navigate through your first year of college.

Know where the resources are and when to use them. Every student pays for college. That chunk of change not only goes toward paying your professors to teach to you, but it also pays for the almost unlimited resources that are free to students. There’s the counseling center, which can help you get though the tough transition to college. The Learning Assistance and Resource Center can help you get that “A” on your next CORE paper. Are you still unsure of what to major in? Check out career services in Walker Hall. There are almost too many to name, so check out the website for a full list.

freshman 2018
“Make all different kinds of friends. Make friends that want to party on a Friday but also make friends you can study with in Young.” Photo from: Radford University

As you’ve likely already realized, college is a lot of fun, but it’s a lot of work too. In order to help you get those good grades you need to put your classes first. Get to know your professors; they are willing to help you. They’re required to hold office hours just to benefit their students and to help them succeed. Go to every class. At the end of the semester, attendance and participation can help you go from that “B” to the “A.” Actually participate in class. Ask questions even if you think it’s a “stupid question.” It’s better to raise your hand and ask than to miss a question on the test.

Make friends in your classes. They’ll come in handy when you’re up late studying. Don’t wait until the last minute to study. Start looking over your notes a couple days before the test. At the very least, look at them before the last class before the test. That way you can ask the professor to clarify a topic you’re unsure about. Make it a habit to do your homework when you get it, not five minutes before the assignment is due. Set up a schedule. Work on schoolwork throughout the day, between classes, and until around five p.m. That way you can take the rest of the night off and have time to hang out with your friends.

Make all different kinds of friends. Make friends that want to party on a Friday but also make friends you can study with in Young. Having a variety of friends will mean you’ll never get bored of hanging out with the same people. Get involved on campus. Find something you’re passionate about; you’ll find people that like the same things as you do. Take chances. Don’t just stay in your room every weekend; but on the other hand, don’t party all the time either. Make sure you make time for your friends but learn to balance a social life and a school life. Go to events on campus. If you go and don’t like it, at least you’ll get free food. On the other hand, don’t just stay on campus. I’m sure you have heard of the numerous things to do in the city of Radford. Explore some. Hike the cascades, walk down to Bisset, or float down the New River.

Whatever you do, be sure to make it a memorable year. The first year of college is one you’ll never forget. Make sure when you look back on your college experience that you can say that you’ve had the time of your life.

A new Radford welcome

This year, Radford University admitted its largest freshman class ever. Between parents, students and staff, everyone is excited for a new year to begin. Move-in is always hectic, but no matter how hard it’s always worth the work. Two days later classes start, and everyone gets into the groove of college life. Then at the end of the first week RU hosts its annual Club fair. While being infinitely informative, club fair is also a good time to be had for all. To add to the hype, this year ROC-TV shot a welcome video for Radford to enjoy!