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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Coke

Coca-Cola became the center of attention on Super Bowl Sunday when the score board started getting lopsided and people released their anger on twitter.

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Photo provided by Julian Guerra.

In their new ad campaign #AmericaIsBeautiful, Coke featured American classic “America the Beautiful” sung in a variety of different languages to embrace multiculturalism. However, the message fell on deaf ears when Twitter blew up in a storm of racism at the idea that Coke would dare sing a patriotic song in anything but English.





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Moving the American Marketing Association in a new direction

When the former president of the American Marketing Association resigned, the organization desperately needed someone to step up to the plate. That’s when RU junior Geena McDaniel decided this was a perfect opportunity for her to take control as the new president of the organization. Continue reading Moving the American Marketing Association in a new direction

We’re all junkies: Caffeine addictions gone wrong

Marijuana is still considered illegal in a majority of the US, but Americans don’t need to let that little fact keep them from their pleasure-seeking adventures. There’s one drug out there that is completely legal, easily obtainable and we’re told so often it’s part of our normal daily grind that it’s like society is telling us to become junkies. It’s in soda, it’s in tea, it’s in coffee and if that isn’t enough to perk you up for three nights straight, cut the middleman and buy an over-the-counter box of pills. The drug is caffeine. Continue reading We’re all junkies: Caffeine addictions gone wrong


There are more health concerns for people living today than can possibly be counted. Pollution, overpopulation, obesity and chemical exposure — each can strike a person the wrong way, causing serious medical conditions and even death. Perhaps no concern is more serious than that of cancer, at least to hear people talk about it. It seems everything could potentially cause cancer: sun exposure, old age, improper diet, family history, bad genes, environmental factors and technology use.

But what about that soda in your hand? Sure, it’s not great for you; it’s full of artificial sugars, mysterious preservatives and tooth-weakening acids. But could something in your Coke actually give you cancer? Continue reading Coca-cancer?