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Donating Dalton: It’s complicated

Working in food services is an interesting experience, to say the least. Anyone who has spent some time waiting tables, flipping burgers or scooping ice cream is bound to have stories — and complaints. Lazy coworkers, demanding managers, questionable payroll problems and picky customers can all make the working life less than delightful.

You would not want to throw this away, would you? Graphic by Steve Furtado.

One of the worst parts of the job is when you feel that your company or restaurant is doing something wrong. This sort of action is not limited to the food industry, of course. Consider the continual criticisms of Apple and Walmart for their use (actual or assumed) of sweatshop labor. It is, however, more immediate and disturbing when it occurs at your job, in front of you. Continue reading Donating Dalton: It’s complicated

What is the CSAT STEM Club?

Photo Courtesy of Megan O'Dowd.

The CSAT STEM Club stands for the College of Science and Technology in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines. The club was established to bring together students from a variety of fields of study in the College of Science and Technology. It provides students with important information concerning internships, research opportunities, community service projects and study groups. CSAT STEM Club is an academic and social community.

This club has all the standard officer positions just like any other club on campus, but there is the added position of webmaster. The webmaster is in charge of maintaining and updating the club

Why rush?

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

Earlier this semester sororities and fraternities made themselves apparent at Radford University. Beginning with the frequent displaying of letters, group chanting and meetings and socials on and off campus, Greek Week has non-affiliated students wondering what the hustle and bustle is all about. This lifestyle in college may deem a mystery if gone unexplored.