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Six Poets Recite Original Work for Nan Lacy Poetry Competition

Six of Radford’s best poets recited their original work to a crowded room during the annual Nan Lacy Poetry Competition. The readings were held in Heth Hall on April 18, and the readers included the top three undergraduate students and top three graduate scholars chosen from an undisclosed number of submissions. Each winning poet was awarded a cash prize of $100, $50, and $25 for their achievement. Hosting the ceremony was Dr. Louis Gallo of the English Department who informed the crowd that Dr. Justin Askins, who in the past has co-hosted the ceremony with Dr. Gallo, would not be able to make it to the readings due to serious illness. Dr. Askins’s ill health was not the only bad news that night, however.

“I am sad to say that the Thomas Coleman Writing Competition, which has been held alongside the Nan Lacy for decades, was cancelled due to the low number of submissions,” said Dr. Gallo during his opening statements.

According to Dr. Gallo, whom I spoke to before the competition, the deadline for the Nan Lacy competition was extended in hopes that it would not meet the same fate as the Coleman. Dr. Gallo also expressed his concern for the state of the arts in today’s society as well his hope that the Nan Lacy would continue to be held for more years to come.

During the ceremony, each of the six winners read five original poems from the 10-page chapbooks submitted for the competition. The undergraduate poets included first place winner Ryan Alcorn, second place winner Austin Morgan, and honorable mention Ashley Dawson. The graduate poets included first place winner Kelly Nickell, second place winner Phelan Tinsley, and honorable mention Jessica Mattox. All contestants were met with applause from the audience, which included friends, family, peers, and several professors from varying departments. After the reading had begun, Dr. Askins finally arrived to listen to the majority of the poets and was met with warm regards by those around him. The annual Nan Lacy Poetry competition came to a close with a group photo of the winners taken by Dr. Gallo.


Food vs. Exercise: Who will win?

Food and exercise go hand and hand. Graphic from twitter.com
Food and exercise go hand and hand. Graphic from twitter.com

Food can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Sometimes, food is there for you when you need it. It’s a shoulder to cry on and to pick you up when you’re feeling down. Other times, food is a real bitch, talking about you behind your back and smelling up your kitchen when it leaves itself  out on the counter. When it comes to exercise, food can either play nice and be civil, or start an all-out war like rowdy relatives on Thanksgiving. There’s no happy medium when it comes to food and exercise…or is there?

Food and exercise can get along as long as you choose the right foods and exercises for you and your body. If you’re a morning person, God bless you. Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day. Depending on the workout you do and when you decide to do it, breakfast can either hurt you or help you. If you eat McDonald’s and then go for a run, then I hope you run into a bathroom, because you’re surely going to need it. When working out in the morning, it’s best to eat very lightly such as oatmeal, a breakfast bar, or some fruit. That way, you won’t feel dragged down by a big meal and have the energy to complete your workout.

If you prefer to exercise in the afternoon, I would try and eat a bigger breakfast, but not too big. Two eggs and some toast would suffice as well as some cereal or even an omelette if you want to get fancy. A bigger meal in the morning is better if you exercise in the afternoon because by the time you get the gym, you won’t feel bloated or starved. You’ll have the energy without the feeling of being weighted down by too much food. With a bigger breakfast, a light lunch is ideal. Don’t over do it. With food or exercise for that matter.

If you exercise at night, these previous steps can still be followed. It really all depends on what time of day, exactly, that you exercise. If you plan your meals and exercise so that they complement each other, you shouldn’t have a problem with the two getting along.

With all this in mind, don’t forget that you’re a human being who loves food. Everyone is allowed a cheat day. Mine just happen to be everyday, but I’m working on it. These types of habits don’t happen overnight, so don’t get discouraged. Practice makes perfect.

The Roommate

This is it. Sophie took a deep breath and unlocked the door to her home for the next year. The hinges creaked loudly, screaming their unwillingness to open. To her surprise, another girl stood barefoot in the middle of the room, as if waiting for her. The other girl was strangely beautiful, with pale smooth skin and long auburn hair held away from her face by a ribbon.

“Are you to live here?, the girl asked, smiling demurely with her head tilted to one side. Sophie slung her backpack onto the ground next to the empty bed.

“Yeah. I guess that makes you my roommate. The RA’s must be a little frazzled today. The one that checked my in said that my roommate hadn’t even arrived yet. My name’s Sophie.”

“Sophie typed the name “Analise” into the online student directory. Nothing came up. She tried multiple variants of the name, figuring she had spelled it wrong. There were still no results.”

The other girl smiled and turned away saying, “I am called Analise.” Analise peeked over her shoulder. “Do you need any help unpacking? I’m pretty good at organizing things.” Sophie pulled a laptop out of her bag and set it on the desk. She plugged the charger into the wall first, and then into the laptop.

“That would be cool. I have a little bit in my car right now. My parents are arriving in a few hours with the rest of it.”

After emptying her backpack completely, Sophie stood and turned back to the girl, who, it seemed, hadn’t moved an inch. Awe man, she thought. I’m gonna be stuck with a weirdo.

“I’m gonna go out to my car and get some of my stuff. I’ll be right back.” Analise ran her hands through her long hair. “I suppose I’ll see you soon,” she answered.

Beginning the long trek back to her car, Sophie began to think. At least this girl seemed nice. Yes, she was odd, but there were worse things to be. Besides, there were so many more aspects of college to be excited about.

It seemed like hours before Sophie returned to the large brick building that was her dorm. Arms aching with the effort it took to carry three duffle bags full of clothing, she managed to open her door without dropping anything.

There was someone else in the dorm.

“Hey! You’re Sophie, right? I’m Angela. Looks like we’re gonna be roomies!” Sophie dropped all three bags in the doorway. Puzzled, she backtracked out the door to double-check the room number. Angela frowned and looked down at her copy of the roommate agreement. “You are Sophie, right? Sorry, I just assumed.”

After double and then triple checking the room number, Sophie slowly walked back inside.

“Yeah, I’m Sophie. I’m sorry. I’m just a little confused. There was another girl in here earlier. I thought she was my roommate.”

Angela’s smile made a quick reappearance. “Nope! That’s me. I can’t even tell you how excited I am!” Sophie smiled. Maybe she wouldn’t be stuck with a weirdo after all.

Later that night, after all of the tearful goodbyes had been said, and all the bags had been unpacked, Sophie sat on her bed, wondering. I bet I could look Analise up in the directory, she thought. The girl wasn’t that bad, and Sophie was beginning to feel a little desperate for a friend.

Sophie typed the name “Analise” into the online student directory. Nothing came up. She tried multiple variants of the name, figuring she had spelled it wrong. There were still no results. Hmmm. As a last resort she typed “Analise Radford University” into Google.

Five different news stories came up. She clicked on the first one, its headline reading, “Analise Whitten- you will be missed”. Sophie quickly skimmed the article, and then froze. She could hear her blood pounding in her ears. At the bottom of the article, which was a student-written obituary, was a picture of Analise Whitten.

It was the same girl she had seen hours ago, down to the auburn curls and bare feet.

Greek Week displays competition, bravado and unity

This past week, Radford University once again hosted its annual Greek Week, a celebration of the fraternities and sororities that provide culture to the campus. This much anticipated week held multiple events that provided a platform for Greek organizations to not only show off their talents and camaraderie, but also to show how much they contribute to their university through philanthropy. Continue reading Greek Week displays competition, bravado and unity

Radford Foundry slated to close later this year

The Radford Foundry is closing down later this year, WDBJ7 reported.

The decision to close the foundry will lead to more than 250 workers becoming unemployed by the end of the year, though according to Richard Pacini, Grede’s Public Relations specialist, there are approximately 28 workers that qualify for employment at other foundries. The foundry was one of Radford’s largest employers.

Continue reading Radford Foundry slated to close later this year