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YouTube Promises to Stop Promoting Misleading Videos

Believe it or not, there are people out there who believe that the Earth is flat even though it has been proven that the Earth is a sphere. But now, if you make a video on YouTube saying that the Earth is flat, your video won’t be recommended.

For years now, videos about Flat Earth theory, as well as videos about 9/11 and Sandy Hook being inside jobs, have popped up in people’s recommendations.

While this change will affect less than 1% of YouTube’s videos, that 1% is over a million videos on the platform.

Lawmakers have been increasingly worried about the spread of false propaganda that can be harmful to those who have lost loved ones in tragedies like 9/11.

You may be asking how can YouTube and its parent company, Google, do this in the United States? Well, it comes down to Google being a private company.

The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution grants us the right to freedom of speech so why are some people like Alex Jones getting censored?

It comes down to Google being a private company, which means they are allowed to control what content is released on their sites. Which means that you will have to dig deep if you want to hear about the Flat Earth theory or the US Government is Killing People for Fun theory.

While YouTube has done the steps to remove these videos from the suggestion lists, they are not removing the videos from the platform.

Twitter and Facebook are currently trying to phase out the videos from their suggestion lists on their sites as well.


Go back to sleep, sheeple

Sometimes I really enjoy reading about government conspiracies such as MK Ultra or Area 51 or the entire plot of “Conspiracy Theory.” The government is sketchy in so many ways that they’re an easy target for the plot of a cheesy fanfic. The problem is that people believe their own fanfics and post them on the internet where anyone can read them. People take them seriously and before you know it, we have a full scale government conspiracy theory. Continue reading Go back to sleep, sheeple

Memoirs from the front lines of the War on Christmas

Captain’s report: Nov. 30th, 2013. War. War never changes. It’s been five long years since the start of the War on Christmas; Lord Obama says we’ll finish it this year for sure. If it hadn’t been for Fox News catching wind of our plan so early on, we could’ve ended it before anyone knew what hit them. Damn you, Eric Bolling. Damn you to Hell. Obama be praised. Continue reading Memoirs from the front lines of the War on Christmas

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Tragic reactions

Last week we saw a horrible tragedy unfold over the course of four days, which resulted in a total of four dead and one terrified city. Boston has arguably gone through more last week than any city in America has since New York City during 9/11. Take a moment to be thankful that it’s finally over.

Every time there’s a tragedy, we see people react in many different ways on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a nice thing when we see millions of people come together to show their support for the victims. However, if you’ve been following the pattern of my articles, you’d know that nothing is ever that simple. Continue reading Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Tragic reactions