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Acting crazy doesn’t make you a better girlfriend

I recently saw a tweet that made me facepalm myself. A fellow female tweeted, “I’m sorry, but if your girlfriend doesn’t act absolutely insane toward you sometimes, she doesn’t love you.” Girls, this article’s for you. Guys, you can thank me later.

“I know girls can act super crazy sometimes. I get super hormonal and emotional and even insecure from time to time.” Photo of: Selena Ruiz and Kevin Gray. Photo by: Danielle Johnson.

I know girls can act super crazy sometimes. I get super hormonal and emotional and even insecure from time to time. I know sometimes it can affect my significant other and make him want to rip his hair out, but I always make sure to apologize. But being crazy consistently in a relationship isn’t healthy and doesn’t prove you’re a more loving girlfriend. Being absolutely insane toward your partner will eventually push them away.

In my experience in relationships, I’ve found the best ones were the ones where I put my trust issues to the side and let myself trust someone. I’ve never felt the need to look through my partners phone or read their social media messages. However, I’ve had a very hard time trusting my significant other due to past experiences with people who weren’t so trust-worthy. If your partner does something that you’re uncomfortable with, confront them and take care of the issue like an adult. Don’t let it build up inside you and explode because most likely it won’t come out right.

I can’t imagine feeling so insecure in a relationship that I had to be constantly keeping tabs on my partner to feel like I could trust them. I know of several of my friends, mostly girls, who have asked to see their boyfriend’s phones and go through all of their texts and photos. I really don’t understand why anyone would continue a relationship where their partner didn’t make them feel secure. On the flip side of that, I can’t imagine why someone would want to stay with someone who was constantly keeping tabs on them. It’s not healthy.

The best relationships I’ve found are the ones where both people just let each other live their lives. One of my friends’ parents, for example, are one of the closest couples I’ve ever met. They’re more like best friends than husband and wife. However, they aren’t constantly keeping up with each other. When the husband leaves the house, he doesn’t feel the need to tell his wife where he’s going because she’s busy doing her own thing, and he’s usually just running errands or working.

Relationships are supposed to be built on trust and respect for each other. I’ve been lucky in my current relationship because I’ve never really felt like I couldn’t trust him. My boyfriend just moved across country to Colorado and although we text each other sporadically and call each other now and then, we aren’t constantly keeping up with each other. It’s nice to be able to shoot a text his way and talk a little bit, but it’s even better when we can call each other and have a lot to say because we aren’t constantly butting into each others business. Even from thousands of miles away, I feel secure in our relationship. I don’t need to worry that he’s giving someone else attention, because there’s no need to.

It can be really hard to feel secure if you’ve been with someone who’s given you a reason not to trust them. But until your current partner gives you a reason not to trust them, don’t act crazy and ask to see his or her phone and try to keep tabs on him. In the long run, it will make your partner appreciate you so much more and make you both happier.

I’m not crazy! You’re crazy!

Speaking to or about your significant other and calling them “crazy” can mean more than you would think. Not only are you slightly dehumanizing them, but you’re saying a lot about yourself. In some cases, an ex really is mentally ill and could be a real-life, court-certified stalker. Odds are that you actually are trying to disassociate from the history that the two of you share and that both parties are at fault.

"No, you're crazy!" Graphic by Danielle Glumsic
Arguing can make you say some things that aren’t true. Graphic by Danielle Glumsic

Not only is playing the blame game childish, it’s also selfish. Walking around and spoiling another reputation is just plain spiteful. Instead of calling them “crazy,” you could reassess the situation and look at it from their point of view. Did you communicate how you felt to the best of your ability?

With that said, why do exes even start labeling one another as “crazy”? Sometimes, it’s just the quickest way to explain a consistent behavior that irks someone. Maybe sending forty text messages saying, “You better not be hanging out with that other skank,” could be perceived negatively by most people’s standards. However, sending one text asking where your boyfriend is may also be looked at the same way. As listeners, sometimes that’s forgotten. There is no telling what might set off a person’s “Wow, they’re nuts,” radar.

It’s hard to try and gauge how much attention a partner looks for in a relationship though. Other common situations also arise. For instance, a partner in the relationship suspects something fishy is going on and snoops. They discover that their boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on them and they’re called, “crazy.” However, isn’t it just as crazy that this other person was keeping nasty secrets hidden away from everyone?

Some people still don’t consider how others interpret the action of them calling a significant other nuts. They might understand saying that about somebody is just another way to hide from your own problems and faults. This masks the hidden issues from your peers and family. You say you label someone when you simply can’t understand them, what they do, or how they think. Essentially, it’s just that you can’t understand yourself and therefore, can’t take control of the situation.

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Famous, infamous and notorious: It’s stars gone wild and crazy

Hollywood has never been short on crazy and wild stars, but there seem to be more and more popping up. Could it be the pressure of stardom is just too much? Is it just a stunt to grab some attention? Or are they just too fruity for Froot Loops? Here’s a look at some of the “love to hate” stars gone wild. While everyone has their opinion, there are quite a few celebrities that toe the line between having a wild streak and being just plain crazy. Here’s a list that goes from bad to scary.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus taking a bong hit. Photo from Creative Commons.

Does anyone miss the days when Hannah Montana was happy, tame and not smoking out of a bong? A little bit, but needless to say Cyrus is more interesting and a lot less cute. But she seems to be going downhill quickly. Cyrus has done everything she can to shed her Disney star image. She has clearly stated that she can’t be tamed in the sluttiest way possible and has started off her parties with Salvia hits. True, Salvia is legal in California, but it’s still a hallucinogenic drug and a lot of states are trying to make it illegal. This could possibly be Cryus acting out against her parents’ divorce, which has to be a hard thing to go through, and being in the constant spotlight. But 18 year old Cyrus is definitely not dancing down the right path if she wants be taken seriously as an artist and actor. She could end up like our next star.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan during her court hearing. Photo from Creative Commons.

Oh, Lindsay, what happened after “The Parent Trap”? Honestly, I think Lohan is a product of her environment because her father isn’t always the most stable horse in the stall if you know what I mean. That family has more issues than the New York Times, so how does Lohan deal with it? Why drugs, alcohol and stealing of course. And it really is such a shame. She was a gorgeous girl with a lot of potential that just fell apart. Her multiple trips to rehab and court for her stealing and many DUI’s has done the star no good. There seems to always be something going on that isn’t her fault. Lohan is notorious for the blame game and crazy excuses for her problems. But she could actually be jailed for her latest incident of stealing a necklace from jeweler Kamofie & Company. Best advice: go to jail and just get it over with.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears sans hair. Photo from Creative Commons.

I love Britney Spears. She’s too catchy for her own good, but the girl used to be a bag of cashews (i.e. she was nuts). As one of the must popular artists of all time, Spears has been in the limelight for years. But I think it was the breakup with Justin Timberlake that sent her over the wild edge. She shed her innocent girl next door image and went from sexy to sex slave (as in “I’m a Slave for You”). Every guy wanted to be with her and every girl wanted to be her.

But it was after her failed marriage to Kevin Federline that Spears started to unravel. She made multiple trips to the hospital for mental evaluations. Her two sons were taken from her (with good reason) as she tried to pull herself together. Unfortunately, she didn’t do it in time to save her hair. If you don’t remember Spears’ bald head, you’ve been living under a rock. This got considerable attention, but it seemed to be what the doctor ordered. That and rehab. Ever since, Spears has been on the mend and making another name for herself as a successful artist that still has a huge fan base.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen "winning." Photo from Creative Commons.

What a hot-mess he is. After being fired from “Two and Half Men,” verbally bashing his boss, ending up in rehab (which could not cure him better than he could cure himself) and claiming himself to be a “rock star from Mars,” Sheen has been labeled an honest to goodness crazy. The outlandish rants that make no sense to anyone, flings with porn stars, reports of abuse from his ex-wives and girlfriends, drinking and drugs makes one wonder why in the world someone hasn’t called him out earlier. Instead of pointing all of these things out over the years (because behavior like this doesn’t happen over night), Sheen gets great jobs, pay raises and beautiful women…what? Tell me I’m not the only one who is confused. The popularity of Sheen is growing, and I’m not sure why. He’s past the point being a bad boy and wild party guy. Sheen has entered crazytown on his massive media train wreck.

These celebrities may be wild, crazy or both. Need a guilty pleasure of drama to keep with? Pick any from this list and you’re sure to be entertained by all the insane nonsense of their lives.