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From Our Perspective: Your costume is stupid and you look cold

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

I love Halloween as much as the next college kid; who doesn’t enjoy a reason to dress up really crazy and walk around the streets of Radford? Halloween is not, however, a reason to wear your promiscuity on your sleeve. Yes, I am talking to you all of you silly Lady Gaga lookalikes; she looks ridiculous, and so do you. The only difference? She can sing, and she’s making millions being an icon. You are not. Way to go you.

Then there is practicality. This Halloween weekend it was somewhere in the mid to low 50s. That is pretty chilly, especially when you are wearing a dress that’s meant to be a shirt. Yes, I am talking to you naughty kitty chick or naughty nurse girl or naughty police officer, flight attendant, Tinkerbell, etc. Put some pants on. I can see your tush and it is not attractive, nor is it cute.

Here’s a little advice before you choose to leave your room: look in the mirror, and if you say something along the lines of, “Well you can’t see my whole butt,””Pasties would have looked better,” or ” Forgive me father, for I have sinned,” please, please go put some clothes on. Yes, you are attractive, we get that, but have some respect for yourself. Besides honey, nobody’s going to buy the cow if you give away the milk for free. Leave some things to the imagination.

Another thing. That baseball player costume that cuts off just below your bust and just above your hips, I would love to see the bruises you would have after sliding home in that. And you Barbie wannabes? She has so much more class than you do! Barbie wears business attire, workout gear, prom dresses and even swim wear that covers her modestly. You could take a few pointers from her. Then again, you are not Barbie. She is not a real person, so get over it.

I am all for pushing limits and being sexy, but half naked is not always sexy. A lot of times it is less sexy than a more modest version of the same costume. Do you hear me girl dressed in pink latex calling herself bubble gum? More is more. Less is just a mess. Less just screams “walk of shame candidate.”

I did appreciate the funny and creative costumes I saw this weekend. So I commend you gentlemen who were dressed as walking, talking, singing male genitalia. Very funny, maybe not PG-13, maybe not entirely appropriate, but I think you gave everybody a good laugh. I also really enjoyed the entirely authentic Jack Sparrow costume; you looked like you put a lot of work into your costume, so kudos. Abe Lincoln was also impressive, right down to the beard you grew out for the occasion. I did also like the lovely lady who dressed as Sarah Palin. That was creative, funny and sexy. Good for you. I saw another girl as Justin Bieber, and it was a striking similarity; great job! My favorite was the Wizard of Oz squad; it was sweet and sexy without being over the top.

Overall, Halloween at RU this year was a blast! Yes, there were a few fashion faux pas, but they were almost as entertaining as the more elaborate costumes seen trampsing all over Radford this year. I don’t know what we’re all going to do for Halloween once college is over, so we should definitely enjoy it now while we have the bodies, creativity and opportunity to do so.