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Coffee Craze

As we all know, an essential part of the college experience is going to class. But what’s the use in going to class if you’re asleep the whole time? Fear not, caffeine will be there to save the day once again. Some students prefer energy drinks, tea, or maybe get a good night’s sleep. Let’s be real here, that last one just isn’t going to happen for everyone, unless you have all of your priorities sorted out. So let’s talk coffee.

“Fear not, caffeine will be there to save the day once again.”

Where can one grab a piping hot coffee on campus? The most highly advertised place would definitely be Starbucks, which is located in the Bonnie. That’s also part of the problem, though. It’s a coffee shop chain that is highly advertised. That means you could be waiting 10 to 20 minutes at a peak hour inside the building. Oftentimes, this spans from the register and leads outside. This is not going to be fun during winter. Did I also mention that it is probably the most expensive place too?

If you’re still on campus, you might meander your way on over to Dalton Dining Hall and buy your cup of Joe at ABP. It’s the cheaper option, but it’s nothing to write home about. If you just walk one minute down the hall and have some coffee with you student meal plan at Dalton, you probably won’t be excited about that beverage either. Although it’s better than nothing, the coffee isn’t amazing and the supplies, creamer and sweeteners are often dwindling. You could go ahead and venture off of campus. There’s a coffee place called Brewin’ Around, too. It’s kind of a hike to get there, but it has good reviews.

Now, I know that it’s not always the most glamorous option, but you can always brew a fresh pot of coffee right at home. That way, you are in control of the sweetening supplies and creamers, and don’t have to worry about a crazy line to wait through when you’ve only got 10 minutes to get to class. If you are to get up just a tad earlier, you can satisfy your caffeine craving, as well as save your bank account from total annihilation.

Campus dining eating your brain?

It’s no secret that students and campus dining have a bitter-sweet relationship with one another. This semester is my last at RU, but my first with a meal plan. As I sat down to consider whether or not this was a smart move, I reflected on my ability to remember a packed lunch, my long commute and what the general fare at Dalton consisted of.

It may surprise some that I decided a meal plan was a great investment — despite the options of Dalton or Dalton for most meals.

In fact, the importance of not just breakfast, but all meals, is anything but overrated when it comes to school. While Dalton may not provide the greatest presentation of their healthier options (most prominent seem to be the heaviest, carb-loaded options), they do supply students with the kind of healthy foods we need to succeed.

healthy eating
“While Dalton may not provide the greatest presentation of their healthier options (most prominent seem to be the heaviest, carb-loaded options), they do supply students with the kind of healthy foods we need to succeed.”

In order to perform well in the academic setting, your brain needs the right foods. As the brain is 60% fat, it also needs good fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 oils. These good fats keep the brain strong and flexible, as well as energized. However, when students choose trans and saturated fats, they push out the good fats and block the brain from functioning at its full potential. Instead of going for creamy Chicken Alfredo, choose the baked fish to promote brain function.

While carbs and fats are a concern that many students learn to take control of, sugar seems to be a harder temptation to battle.

Sugar is the main source of energy for our brains. Unfortunately, many seem to not realize or to simply ignore that this constitutes as a powerful drug. It comes with an energetic high and a crash that can’t simply be fixed by starting the cycle over again with another dose. Instead, consume  small amounts of natural sugars (like those in fruits) at breakfast and snack time. Pair them with more filling whole-grains and fiber (which slows the absorption of sugar) to make a meal that will allow you to stay focused through a full day of lectures and homework.

However, none of these choices will do nearly enough good if you forget the most important ingredient for academic success. Water is one thing that Dalton does a decent job of promoting — particularly with their new fruit infused ice water. Held in the vacuoles of your neurons, water assists in circulation and waste removal. Even slight dehydration can impact academic performance. The least one can do to prevent it is to keep a bottle with you throughout the day. Fill it first thing in the morning and make sure to finish it before bed. If you can repeat this process several times during the day you’ll have A’s in hydration and (hopefully) in class!

The four stages of living without your meal plan

It’s the age old struggle between desire and restraint; temptation and wisdom. How is the average student supposed to budget $540 of food money when Chick-fil-a is so readily available at all times? Luckily for the Radford student body, I’m here to help. I went undercover (read: spent all my flex money a month ago) to discover what happens when your meal plan quits and your appetite doesn’t. Continue reading The four stages of living without your meal plan

Pizza palooza part 2: too fast, too saucy

I consider myself to be something of a pizza connoisseur. I’ve dedicated my life to the pursuit of the perfect combination of dough, cheese and sauce. I grew up in a small town with 500 people and seven pizza restaurants. I have forgotten more about pizza than you know about anything. I love pizza more than I’ll ever love a living human being. Because of my unconditional love for this delicacy, I’m committed to finding the perfect slice here in Radford. Continue reading Pizza palooza part 2: too fast, too saucy

Weekly Time Wasters: Austin’s Grill and chainsaws

Welcome back to another kick a$$ edition of the Time Wasters. This week we have sad truths and one of the best fight scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Unfortunately, this will publish after the great festival that is Quadfest, so my original idea of a special drinking edition is sadly not going to happen. In lieu of this I found ninjas, which are almost as cool. Continue reading Weekly Time Wasters: Austin’s Grill and chainsaws

Donating Dalton: It’s complicated

Working in food services is an interesting experience, to say the least. Anyone who has spent some time waiting tables, flipping burgers or scooping ice cream is bound to have stories — and complaints. Lazy coworkers, demanding managers, questionable payroll problems and picky customers can all make the working life less than delightful.

You would not want to throw this away, would you? Graphic by Steve Furtado.

One of the worst parts of the job is when you feel that your company or restaurant is doing something wrong. This sort of action is not limited to the food industry, of course. Consider the continual criticisms of Apple and Walmart for their use (actual or assumed) of sweatshop labor. It is, however, more immediate and disturbing when it occurs at your job, in front of you. Continue reading Donating Dalton: It’s complicated

Dalton’s changes haven’t gone unnoticed

In the past four years, I have eaten in Dalton Dining Hall more times than I can count, but the number of times I’ve complained about the food there is at least five times greater. I am here to give Dalton a big “thank you” for the changes they’ve made in the past year, and to make sure that these changes don’t go unrecognized or unappreciated. Continue reading Dalton’s changes haven’t gone unnoticed