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We All Love Radford

There are so many things that a Highlander can say they love about Radford. But to be honest, there are more things to complain about.

Now, I can handle bad food. But there is nothing worse than good food with a bad effect. I swear, every time I eat Dalton Dining, I have to run to the bathroom on the way out. But sometimes, I must brave the aftershock just to get the grilled chicken. The food also doesn’t cost a thousand dollars either, so that’s a plus.

There is a hill called the COBE Kyle Hill that will literally be the death of every college student. There have been multiple occasions in which I basically run out of air in my lungs by the time I make it to the top. Not to mention walking up that hill while it’s cold outside and then walking into that hot building is the absolute worst. The heat flashes I get are unreal.

The protesters on campus are known by every student. So, if you attend Radford University, you know which protesters I am talking about. They act like they are the best people on earth and that they have never sinned. This campus is one of the most diverse campuses in Virginia, and they decide to bash us?

But the internet is by far one of the biggest complaints made by the students. Radford is located in the mountains, but that is no excuse. The school website says that the whole campus has Wi-Fi. But if I have to keep logging in when I change buildings, then it’s useless. Also, I have stopped doing my homework on the Wi-Fi, because it randomly stops working and I lose all of my work.

Since we live in the mountains, I think that we can all say that we hate the random temperature changes. I can handle the occasional temperature spike, but something I can’t handle is cold wind. Radford wind is like someone is stabbing you with ice-soaked knives. By the time I get to class, I am basically crying my eyes out.

But when it all comes down to it, we all love Radford.


Radford student bucket list

Radford University has created a bucket list of activities to do around campus. We here at Whim would like to do the same, but with our own personal flair.

Photo by: Caroline Leggett
  1. Spend a year living in Muse Hall; students often describe the 13-floor dormitory as “the most fun you’ll ever want to have, once.”
  2. Get the Dalton Dash. We aren’t saying you want to do this per se, but according to the upperclassman before us it will eventually strike us all.
  3. Enjoy a sunny afternoon when Spring breaks Winter’s stranglehold on RU. You’ll be amazed by how many students go here.
  4. Go to the annual haunted house at St. Albans Asylum. This year the house is titled “The House of Havoc.”
  5. Take University 100. Some students detest this course, however, it’s the easiest credit you will receive at RU.
  6. Go bowling in the Bonnie. RU’s bowling alley is an often forgotten about attraction for students looking to kill some time.
  7. Study for your classes in Young hall. Our editors often hold writers meetings in the building, and is an excellent place to get your work done any time of the day.
  8. Attend Club Fair; students that stopped by Whim’s booth got our famous, “#Whimming” sunglasses.
  9. Go to a concert held on campus. This semester, R-space has planned a concert with band, All Time Low on November 11th.
  10. Get a funnel cake from the Highlander Festival. Nothing says “freshman 15” like deep-fried dough and powdered sugar.
  11. Get involved! Everyone who works at Whim has gotten their job because they’ve lighten up and said hi!
  12. Before it gets much colder students should take a plunge in the New River right off campus.
  13. Attend a basketball game in the Dedmon Center. Other schools dread the red for a reason.
  14. Read The Tartan. It may be our fierce competitor, but we still think its worth reading!
  15. Eat highlander roles! Mikes pizza and Highlanders pizza both create the delicious doughy goodness.
  16. Join one of RU’s club or intramural sports. Everything from soccer to ultimate frisbee is available to students.

For the love of Dalton

I find recent accusations in “Bottom line, our food should be better” that Dalton dining hall’s food is unfairly disgusting, offensive and untrue. I find the food is so exhilarating that I make a point to eat there every day.

For one, Dalton’s food gives me a rush. You never know what you’re going to get, even if you check the online menu ahead of time. Oftentimes Dalton’s staff will change the menu without posting it, so there’s always something new and unexpected. So what if you wanted pesto and mozzarella pizza? Try the liver and ketchup pizza instead! Sometimes you might get an added bonus with cheese pizza that is actually cheese pizza with bacon in it! Don’t eat bacon? Too bad.

Looks delicious! Photo by Brian Hollingsworth.

The staff also takes great care in garnishing each and every food to make it more appealing. Once the gluten-free French toast was garnished with specks of parsley, and it was very classy. Last year, I often came across pasta bakes garnished with shredded carrot. If food is an art form, Dalton dining hall has taken it to a new level.

There’s also nothing quite like liquefied lasagna and vegetables that don’t resemble their regular state. Less chewing means faster food consumption, after all. So what if the steamed broccoli is just stalks? The heads are too chewy, anyway. If you want to chew a lot, maybe you should pick up a slice of brisket. There’s enough fat on the brisket for a healthy 10 minutes of chewing.

Baked potato anyone? Photo by Brian Hollingsworth.

If you’re looking for clean utensils and cups, you’re probably just a picky person in general. Trying to find clean utensils and cups in Dalton is a sport; it’s survival of the fittest in this world, and if you can’t dig for a clean spoon you’ll be wiped out in no time.

The same goes for not being able to recognize allergens in the desserts. If you can’t tell there are nuts in the coffee cake topping, maybe you deserve that allergic reaction.

I’ve also heard several complaints about the “Dalton dash” phenomenon where students have symptoms like spontaneous diarrhea, vomiting and wanting their mommy. I have to fit into a wedding dress next summer, so I consider it a dietary aid. Getting plenty of exercise, sleep and the “Dalton dash” is a surefire way to keep that freshmen 15 off, and maybe lose another 30 pounds.

Next time you’re in Dalton dining hall, be sure to thank the staff that have to serve you these wonderful meals. Maybe if you’re nice they’ll give you an extra big glob of congealed, over-peppered macaroni and cheese.