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Your religion (or lack of one) is wrong

We’re all guilty of it: assuming that our beliefs unconditionally trump the beliefs of others, or that a lack of belief — a refusal to accept things that cannot be physically explained — somehow makes us more intelligent than others. We could go on for days (and the media often does) about the horrible things that people are doing because of their religions, or lack thereof. But it’s time to change the conversation. Continue reading Your religion (or lack of one) is wrong

Pick me, pick me!

There have been three official presidential debates this election year, including one vice presidential debate.

Obama and Romney in their first live debate at the University of Denver on October 3.

A majority consensus of registered voters, liberal and conservative alike, believed that Governor Mitt Romney proved victorious on Wed, Oct. 3 debate. Romney has quite often been portrayed as a wealthy businessman who simply does not understand the struggles of an average man or woman. Moderator Jim Lehrer, host of NewsHour on PBS, opened the debate with a question about the two candidates’ jobs agenda. Continue reading Pick me, pick me!

The not-so-great debaters: Revenge of the moderator

There are very few people who can afford to ignore even the most ridiculous aspects of the American presidential elections. Even though plenty of eligible citizens choose not to exercise their constitutional (and, in the case of pretty much any person who was not born as a rich, white male, hard-won) right to vote, that does not mean that this is a good, wise, or even useful decision — it just means that (in my view, anyways) you lose the legitimate right to complain about any aspect of the modern political sphere at all. Continue reading The not-so-great debaters: Revenge of the moderator