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I still feel the throwing knives cut my Papier-Mache mind

As I create collages from the remains of my colorful memories.

Memories that have made me, but also eat away at my mind

Like camel crickets eating my clothes.

The holes almost unnoticeable unless you study me.

The bullets hit my beat-up armor bashing me,

The used ragdoll left in tatters,

Leaving black, blue, and green watercolor tattoos on my porcelain skin that only I can see

As I feel shame as a fragile doll, not the machine gun that I pretend to be.

The water fills my lungs as I continue surviving with five-second breaths,

As I pray for the black feather pillow softness of blackout,

But no, I am too stubborn to let go and ease into the darkness.

I’ve gotten too good at surviving, but not living.

Pushing the snowball up the mountain as it transforms into a lead boulder,

But still I don’t stop and give up,

Letting the boulder crush me, cracking my bones,

Smashing my rotten heart.

No, the blood in my veins pump

And my muscles cry out for relief that I won’t give.

My being deteriorates,

A zombie in disguise that won’t die.

No failure, no living, only surviving until nothing is left, but dust.

Such is life filled with pride.

Creativity is never easy

How do you deal with wanting to be creative but not having any idea on how to bring your thoughts to life? You know when you have these great ideas for a song, a story, a drawing, or anything in between but you have no clue as to how to write them down or draw them out? Those are the kinds of struggles I deal with on a regular basis. Creativity is what drives my soul, my thoughts, my passion for life. Creating things from scratch, putting your own mark on something that you make is one of the create joys in this world. But what do you do when you’re stuck, when you don’t know how to create?

Never give up. Who know what will happen. Gif from Tumblr
Never give up. Who knows what will happen. Graphic from tumblr.com

When it comes to creating anything, you can’t be a perfectionist. My main issues when creating is hating almost everything I make, throwing it away, and then becoming frustrated with myself to the point where I just give up. That’s the exact opposite of what you want to do. In my situation, when I write, I hate it. I stop writing for weeks at a time because I become discouraged. However, the way to become better is to never give up, to keep writing and never throw anything you create away. Someone once told me that when you write something to never get rid of it because in a month or two from now, you’ll come back to it and maybe you’ll realize it isn’t as bad as you thought and you could, potentially, build on it and use it, resulting in something amazing.

When you create something, it’s never going to be easy and that’s the part I struggle with the most. I think that it should be easy, that I should be able to do this instantaneously and be able to whip out some song in the matter of minutes, but that just isn’t realistic. I don’t think any singer, writer, producer, director, artist, or anyone is field of arts has ever had it easy, has never been frustrated or mad at themselves. But, from what I know, the outcome is worth the pain and frustration you go through. You should never give up. I should never give up because what can happen with a little determination is incredible.

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone makes a New Year’s resolution or a few that they keep up with for a few weeks, maybe even a month or two but eventually, most resolutions are short lived and long forgotten. However, the rare hand full of people who do keep their New Year’s resolutions feel fulfilled, like they have bettered their lives. One of the main keys of staying true to your resolutions is making your resolutions your habits and part of your everyday routines.

Sticking to your goals is not easy, but pays off. Graphic by Katie Gibson
Sticking to your goals is not easy, but it pays off. Graphic by Katie Gibson.

Routines can be hard to get into and keep going every single day, but the only way to do it is to try to stay dedicated to your plans. Also, it doesn’t have to be at the same time every day, spread out your day and do it when you are feeling motivated and determined to get the job or task done. For example, a simple resolution like going to the gym can happen at almost any hour of each day and when you are in the mood to go you should because it will reinforce positivity associated with going to the gym.

It’s important to remember that you wanted to make a change in your life for the better and that doing this once a day is just a journey on the way to a better lifestyle and positive one as well.  So, if some days you just aren’t feeling motivated, then you can remind and tell yourself that it’s for the best and you will regret not doing it or following through with whatever it was that you wanted to do.

Don’t let yourself be the person who goes to the gym for three weeks and then not again for a month, try to stick to your resolutions and stay committed to changing or improving whatever it is that you wanted to. You will be happier in the end by working to transform your resolutions into routines.