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Oscar Tryouts

The Oscars are just around the corner, and we are about to see who this year’s winners are. However, viewers, staff, and guests alike may want to keep a careful eye on the show this year. Many of these award shows have a tendency to not include a number of diverse movies in their nominees and/or winners, and especially considering the debacle that happened last year with the Moonlight movie mix up, people should pay attention. When a movie that has a big impact on the African-American community, as well as the LBGT community, wins a prestigious award like an Oscar only to have its moment of fame stolen by a movie that can easily be disrespectful to the African-American community, then you have to be worried the same thing might happen again.

Most award shows tend to be somewhat infamous for a lack of diversity in their nominees. When many of the awards tend to go to white people and/or men, it can get a bit worrisome about what the criteria is for winning. There is the concern of racism being a factor in deciding who wins and who does not. Not to say that a movie should win an award based solely on who the cast and crew are, but many would argue that movies often win awards they do not deserve.

This year’s Oscars have yet to happen, so there is really no telling what will happen. The nominees are looking good so far, with movies like Coco, Get Out, The Shape of Water, Loving Vincent, and so on. Many of the nominees are up for multiple awards this year as well, proving that we will have many strong contenders this year. And if a movie representing a minority does win an award, hopefully, this year there will not be another mix up to steal away the moment.


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A Need for More Diversity in Entertainment Media

Almost everyone watches TV, plays video games, reads books or does some combination thereof. All these options are great forms of entertainment and a great way to relax. Everyone loves them, but not everyone is represented in them, at least not fairly.

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“In today’s media, there is not much variety. There are very few characters that are African American, Latino, Asian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, disabled, female, Muslim, Jewish or any combination thereof.” Photo from: https://makeitgentle.files.wordpress.com

Most of the characters in any form of entertainment media fit into a well-defined set of basic characteristics. That is to say, the vast majority of them are white, straight, cisgender, able-bodied, and male. This is not to say there is anything wrong with having characters like this. It’s perfectly fine, but the issue is that in today’s media, there is not much variety. There are very few characters that are African American, Latino, Asian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, disabled, female, Muslim, Jewish or any combination thereof. There are very few characters with these traits, especially compared to the number of them that are white, straight, cisgender, able-bodied, and male. And when there are minorities present, it is usually only one token minority character, such as an African American in a group with five white people, for example.

This is not to say there should be less white characters or straight characters and so on, just that there should be more characters that are minorities. There should be more African-American female characters, more transgender characters who are gay, more bisexual and disabled Latinos characters, more asexual Muslim characters, more of any and all of them because these types of people exist and they deserve to be seen and heard. People want to see characters that they can connect with and feel good about. They want to see that an African-American woman can be a superhero so they can believe they can be a superhero, just like a white man can with Captain America. (Or almost any other superhero. Think about it, how many of them are white and male?) People want to watch sitcoms and dramas with diverse casts because the audiences are diverse. The simple fact of the matter is that representation matters.

LGBTQA+ diversity on campus

Radford University’s Campus has recently obtained gender neutral bathrooms in several of its academic buildings and in all of its dormitory buildings. This marks a significant positive change towards inclusion and acceptance of transgender and genderfluid individuals, something that is sorely needed during this year with its high political tensions and rise of discriminatory actions and organizations.

Radford’s LGBTQA+ organization, Spectrum, helped to make the inclusion of gender-neutral bathrooms possible on campus. The organization made a great effort to work with the university to make this happen. Spectrum is a group that works hard to provide a helpful and supportive community for LGBTQA+ individuals, and they raise awareness for issues involving them. Organizations like this are a great help to many people and they do a lot to create a better place for the people of their community.

“Radford’s LGBTQA+ organization, Spectrum, helped to make the inclusion of gender-neutral bathrooms possible on campus.” Photo from: https://pbs.twimg.com

Because many groups and minorities have to worry about discrimination and fighting for their rights, they develop organizations like Spectrum or Black Lives Matter. Groups like these enable individuals to help each other and work towards equality, to a world where people are free to be themselves without fear of hate crimes and/or prejudice. The inclusion of gender-neutral bathrooms is a step in this direction. It lets transgender and genderfluid people know they are not alone and that people can and will support and fight for them. It shows that, contrary to the beliefs of some, they are not secondary citizens and that their rights and comforts are just as important as everyone else’s.

We need a greater inclusion and consideration of minorities and we are working towards that. People of the LGBTQA+ community (along with African Americans, Muslims, Latinos, and any minority or group subjected to prejudice and unfair treatment) are real, valuable, and important people. They deserve the same treatment and rights as anyone. They are human beings who deserve the same respect and decency that we all demand ourselves. It is not outlandish to show considerations for their needs; in fact, people should show consideration for others at the the bare minimum.

Breaking News: Where is Greek life’s moral compass?

The fraternity and sorority coalition assessment project released a final report on their March 2012 visit to Radford University. The report details Greek life’s areas of strength, areas of improvement and recommendations to be utilized by the Blue Ribbon Committee, a group designed to improve Greek life at RU. Continue reading Breaking News: Where is Greek life’s moral compass?

From our perspective: Student groups should choose their own leaders

Extracurricular clubs and activities are probably one of the most integral parts of the college experience. Students can begin to practice their craft, learn new skills, blow off steam or just find something fun to do — and because of the way many colleges and universities structure their systems, most groups are founded and administered by the students themselves. This offers even more opportunities for leadership, innovation and experience, and creates an atmosphere in which every person can feel a true sense of ownership and belonging in the campus community. Continue reading From our perspective: Student groups should choose their own leaders

Taste for Diversity at RU; a look back at the experience of cultures

The 2009 Taste for Diversity week started off with a bang on Monday September 28. Dalton dining hall was decorated with flags and displays for countries all over the world. Both live and recorded music was played throughout the cafeteria, enhancing the multicultural vibe of the setting. It was lively with the commotion of people migrating from one cultural section to the next. With the crowd constantly growing Dalton workers couldn