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Fortnite Reaches New Levels With Gaming’s First Ever Live Concert In Game.

Fortnite has been a revolutionary game for all of gaming. It has also been an example for many gaming companies that you can do microtransactions and not affect the gamers that play the game for fun.

It’s not pay-to-win, and along with Battle Royale, Fortnite and Epic Games have one of the better games in recent memories. Now they can say that they had gaming’s first live concert.

Marshmello, the DJ with hits like “Happier” and “Friends”, and avid Fortnite gamer had his first ever concert in a game that was live and free for all gamers to see.

The concert was a standard concert for Marshmello and had his standard set of songs, but of course, it was also different as he was performing these songs live on a game. The concert also stopped all action in the game as gamers were not allowed to kill each other or the virtual Marshmello until the concert was over.

After the concert ended, gamers were able to return to their games and play as they normally would.

Epic Games also released a Marshmello skin for gamers to use for their Fortnite characters.

This is not the first time that Fortnite has used their famous fans for advertisement. They have used Ninja’s popularity to reach the top of the streaming charts on Twitch and YouTube, and have also taken advantage of Drake’s popularity, who is known to be an avid Fortnite gamer as well.

As of right now, there were no reported issues with connections for the concert as it most likely produced a high amount of traffic in the game at that time.

This concert with Marshmello was a good day for gaming and music, as it could lead to something much bigger like a Drake concert. Then we will see if Epic Games has the best servers in the world.


WVRU is the bees’ knees

If you haven’t heard of it yet, WVRU is the campus radio station for RU. It’s also run by students here on campus. Although most of the students in the broadcasting club are also participants at the radio station, they are always looking for new additions outside of student media. At Club Fair, WVRU had its own table with CDs scattered all over it.

WVRU rocks at Radford University! Graphic from Radford website
WVRU rocks at Radford University! Graphic from Radford website

When I asked for more details, I was told that they were one of RU’s radio stations. It’s compiled of student DJs. When walking into the interest meeting in September, I didn’t know what to expect of WVRU. The people running the station informed us that we could go through the training throughout the fall semester and begin working at the station during the spring semester. There are also opportunities for scholarships, and internships.

The meeting was informal, but included stating our semester availability for training days. The group then walked over to Porterfield for a tour of Studios A, B, and C. Students were given the opportunity to learn at the radio station and gain real radio-host skills. The training was to be a meeting once every week for most of the remaining semester.

The station has several programs that include a large helping of jazz music, death metal, and student shows of varying genres. There are also BBC news breaks, PSA’s, and a few promos. The station is public, so no sponsers, means no commercial breaks. WVRU’s station is also available for online listening. You can easily find it on RU’s website by doing a quick search.

During the training, those of us who stuck through the whole process learned the basic operations a DJ performs. This included knowing our way around the studio and learning how to work the equipment. At the end of the training period, students are tested on their ability to understand the regulations of the studio and what’s expected of them. There’s also a hands-on test to ensure that each student is able to show that they can correctly transition from one song to another and control the sound correctly.