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Snapchat, Rihanna, and Domestic Abuse

Recently the mobile app Snapchat has gotten into some hot water after having an advertisement for a mobile game called “Would You Rather”. The advertisement show one of the more offensive questions on the game, asking if they rather hit Rihanna or Chris Brown. If you are not aware, Rihanna was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Chris Brown several years ago; he beat Rihanna and tries to push her out of his car. Photos came out during the incident that show the bruises on her face.

Snapchat should have known that this advertisement was offensive to both Rihanna and domestic abuse victims. It makes light of a serious problem in America, and belittles the trauma Rihanna went through. Many were reluctant or unwilling to believe Rihanna when the original event occurred, and she had to fight to get justice when it should have been given to her. But, instead, there is a ridiculous game and an offensive advertisement on a national multimedia app.

While Snapchat is facing major backlash for showing this advertisement, and they should, many also seem to be ignoring the actual game that created the advertisement and that particular “would you rather” choice. Snapchat has many users threatening to delete the app for good, and their stock has fallen significantly since, but the actually game is all but falling into obscurity. The mobile that made the advertisement in the first place should also be dealing with backlash, not just snapchat, especially because offensive choices like this part of the norm for them.

Neither apps should have made light of the of Rihanna’s past or domestic abuse victims. Both should face backlash for it, and while Snapchat, as a much larger platform that influences many more people, should face a larger backlash, the “Would You Rather” app needs to face some form of reprimand as well.


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Sexual assault and survivors

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