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The Hardest Choice

Just a sip—
That’s how the addiction began.
They said it’d fix everything,
An elixir for my inhibitions.
I was passed an overflowing glass of something
And I eagerly downed this liquid god
To atone for the sin
Of being boring.
Happy medium? Too mundane.
I’m only happy living by extremes
And now my happiness is attached to
An extreme buzz
With lows just as intense.

“I was passed an overflowing glass of something And I eagerly downed this liquid god.” Photo from: http://media.salon.com/2014/03/alcohol-1280×960.jpg

Maybe it was the regular blackouts
Or the sleazy boys who got too friendly
Or that time I vomited for two hours
While the world was spinning like that toilet bowl—
But I slowly realized my judgment had been flushed away
Long before my nausea.

As I walked away from the glamorous lifestyle
Of underage drinking,
Once-friendly chatter faded
And soon the loudest thing around
Was my own footsteps.
In their own coded dialect
They screamed to me—
Sobriety might be boring
But if it keeps you alive,
It’s worth it.
I didn’t argue—
Now I just keep myself busy.

Parties are overrated

It’s okay to be a loner and not go out to parties. You want to know why? Well, because it’s completely healthy to like to be by yourself. It’s also very healthy to not drink or smoke or what to put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

Partying doesn’t have to be a right of passage into adulthood. You don’t need to prove yourself by going out to parties and getting wasted while people draw penises on your forehead while you’re passed out. Going to parties isn’t for everyone and you should never feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do.

I don’t like going out to parties. I don’t like the idea of being around drunk people who are trying to act sober, who are trying to hit on me, or who are trying to not vomit or help their friend who is vomiting. I don’t think it’s insane to think these circumstances are not fun or even that they’re anxiety inducing. A lot of people don’t take into account the amount of anxiety that parties and other gatherings with that many people can cause. Being put into a small house with a large amount of loud and drunk people could cause anyone to have a minor freak out.

Parties involve drinking. There really is no way around it. You can have all the intentions in the world of going to a party and not drinking, but when five to ten people are shoving drinks in your face and you realise you aren’t having a good time because everyone else is drunk, you’re most likely going to start drinking, the first of many bad decisions of the night. You didn’t intend on drinking so you drove all your friends there; unfortunately, now that you’re drunk you think “Oh, well I drove here so now I have to drive home.” So you do. Then you end up crashing your car, hurting your friends, and going to jail. See what one bad decision can do? I’ve never seen the good effects or results of going to party so I don’t see why I should.

Find some friends and skip the party. Or just watch friends and skip the party. Photo from mtv
Find some friends and skip the party. Or just watch friends and skip the party.
Photo from mtv

It’s completely okay to not want to party. In fact, I think it’s the better choice. Staying home, on the couch with a good show and a bowl of popcorn with a few friends is safer and more fun than going out and getting wasted. Try it. I think you’ll like it.

How to handle the police if you’re drunk

Well, seeing as your a student at Radford, you probably agree. Maybe you don’t, not everyone does, but a lot of Radford students do. A lot of partying does go on at Radford, sometimes during the week, but mainly of course, on weekends. Radford’s police force patrols the streets of lightside constantly, keeping a watch for students who have had just a little too much to drink. The police believe it or not, don’t actually want to arrest you, but when the have to they will. Here are some helpful tips to help you reduce your chances of being arrested if you’re ever stopped by the cops when your drunk.


This is something that doesn’t need to be explained in a whole lot of detail. Don’t be behind the wheel of a vehicle. If a cop stops you for that, and finds out that you’re drunk, you will be arrested no matter what the circumstances are. That’s pretty much common sense to students though.


Don’t try to deny that you’re drunk if a cop asks you. Last year, a Radford student was carrying beer with him during Quadfest when a cop pulled him aside and asked him what was in his hand. He didn’t try to come up with an excuse, and he merely said, “It’s a bear and I’m not 21.” The cop took the beer, but let the freshman go because he was honest. If you’re honest and cooperative with the police if they stop you on the side of the road or bust a party you’re at, it’ll greatly reduce your chances of getting in any trouble at all. It may not get you off the hook every time, but it will make you alot less likely to be arrested.


This one will hopefully keep a police officer from noticing you in the first place. If your drunk, try not to act like, it. Don’t urinate somewhere where you shouldn’t. If a cop sees you, it’s a guarentee that you’ll get arrested. Don’t run around screaming how drunk you are. The police are trained to when they’re intoxicated, so if you don’t give them a reason to arrest you when you’re drunk. If you’re at a party and you don’t think you can make it back without doing something stupid, then stay until you sober up a little bit.

Tip# 4:

If the police knock on your door and you’re throwing a party, answer the door. Last year, a party on Darkside got busted because the police knocked on the door and nobody answered. If somebody had answered the door, then the police probably would have just given them a warning. When nobody did however, the police called for backup and they surrounded the house. Over 20 students got strikes that night. If a police officer knocks on your door, it might just be for a warning due to a noise violation or something minor, so just answer the door and do whatever they tell you to do.

However, despite all these tips, the best way not to get arrested here in Radford is just to avoid the police. Don’t go to a wild party if there are police cars driving all over Lightside, because they do some nights, and other nights, not so much. The police are here to protect us, they don’t want to ruin our lives here at Radford, but some people give them no choice.

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