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Stormy Daniels, Her Lawyer’s Threat, and What This Could Mean

Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who is suing President Trump, has once again resurfaced in the news, though, to be more accurate, her lawyer has been the one making waves. Michael Avenatti, better known as Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, has recently stated that he has a DVD he is ready to release, which could prove to be very embarrassing, if not detrimental, for many of the concerned parties in the affair.

Avenatti has tweeted a picture of a DVD, warning that he will release it if President Trump or his lawyer continue to call Stormy Daniels a liar after her “60 Minutes” special. Avenatti has called his tweeted picture a “warning shot,” and so far, it seems to have worked. Trump and company have been silent on the matter, though it is uncertain how they will respond with the various scandals and responsibilities going on with the White House and Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

It also brings up the question of what is on the DVD that could be so frightening to Trump and his lawyer that Avenatti would feel it is sufficient to hold them off. There seems to be some implication that the DVD could contain video of Trump caught in the act of his affair with Daniels, possibly even explicit evidence. If so, what could that mean for the President and the state of the White House?

It is hard not to think back to the time of Bill Clinton, given some of the similarities that are present. Frankly, it would be shameful to have yet another president found guilty of having an affair, though few people would be surprised by this one. What is particularly mind boggling about this situation is that this affair was already an issue before Trump became President. For all of the uproar there was over Bill Clinton’s affair, many of Trump’s voters and supporters seemed to gladly ignore this side of Trump. It brings up one final question: At what point do we stop acting like Trump’s election was about his policies or character (or lack thereof), and start admitting that his election as president was merely about his pandering to hate filled rhetoric and beliefs?

This is a despicable man, not because he slept with an adult entertainer, but because he had an affair, and then chose to have his lawyer pay Daniels hush money, only to demean her in various ways when his dirty laundry gets aired. The quality of Trump’s character was well known before this and during his campaign, yet not of his supporters batted an eye. This scandal comes about, which would be enough to end the career of any president before, and there is hardly an outcry. You have to begin to wonder what this man really represents, and why it got him elected.

Netflix in the news update

Several things have happened since the last installment of Netflix in the news a few weeks ago. Some of these things were done in reaction to opinions by users and others have been done to users by malicious phishing scams.

Photo from Creative Commons.

As reported here a few weeks ago, Netflix planned to split their services into two different companies. The two companies would be Netflix and Qwikster. Users were outraged by the news of the proposed company split. While the news was not what users wanted to hear, it was not all bad. The new company Qwikster planned to offer new services with its DVD service. It seems the public outcry against the company’s plans were too much for the service; they recently announced in an email to users they planned to cancel Qwikster altogether and Netflix would remain as it had been with users being able to view streaming and rent DVDs.

Along with the news of the extremely short-lived Qwikster service, there have been rumors that Netflix is searching to gain some more current content. These rumors appear to be true as Netflix made an offer for rerun rights to the CW’s content. This works in both companies’ favor since the CW is not doing well on reruns and Netflix would be able to get new content. Shows such as “Gossip Girl” and “The Vampire Diaries” are just some of what Netflix is buying the rerun rights to.

Netflix users are facing a new threat to their accounts, as several news sources reported the appearance of a false Netflix app on the Android market. The app looks extremely similar to the legitimate Netflix app until they are compared side by side. The app provides the initial screen prompting users to log in. When users enter their information the app pops up telling them there has been a hardware incompatibility and encourages them to install an update. The update is really an uninstall command and the app attempts to remove itself. Security experts are puzzled by the app since user payment information is encoded, even to the users themselves when they are on their accounts. Along with this, it appears the server intended to store all of the stolen account information is not even online.

Netflix continues to be a hot bed of news. The service, while respecting the wishes of its users may ultimately regret folding to their demands. The increasing recent and relevant content on Netflix is clearly intended to make them increasingly competitive with Hulu, which streams current episodes of TV shows a day after they air on TV. The fake Netflix app is a mystery since it doesn’t appear to do anything besides giving someone a chance to use other people’s accounts to view movies and TV shows for free.