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Why Waking Up Early Is Worth It

Waking up early can be a challenge for a lot of people, especially college students. The dreaded 8 am classes are what every college students regrets signing up for and hates seeing on their schedules. However, speaking as a student who has had 8 am classes every day for the past 2 semesters, it really isn’t that bad.

When I tell people that they think I’m a little strange because who really wants to wake up at 7:15 every morning and start preparing themselves for the day, every day, all week until the end of the school year. It would be like high school all over again for some students. I choose to look at it in a more positive perspective because I’m not going to be on campus or in class for the next 6 hours like in high school. I might have to, some days, spend more time than expected or wanted on campus from 8 am to 1 pm for example, but it’s a rare occasion. Having an 8 am gets me up for the day and going, ready to be productive.

Take advantage of the day by getting up early. Graphic from Beth Vogt
Take advantage of the day by getting up early. Graphic from Beth Vogt

Once I wake up I can’t go back to sleep, so after my morning class I have some time to do homework or get anything done for my classes that I need. This gives me a jumpstart on my work for the day and motivates me to keep working since I’m already up and functioning. Also another positive outcome of having to wake up early is preparing for the real word and a career. People who have careers and are out of college have to wake up early a lot and be prepared and on their toes to start the day and produce results.

I look at my 8 am classes as preparing me for the future. I will have more experience waking up early than most college students graduating and going out to find their jobs. Staying positive about a not so wanted situation can turn it into a positive experience.

Why 8 ams are a blessing in disguise

Everyone dreads being forced to have that one 8 am class. However, when you have all 8 am classes, Monday through Friday, you’d think it would really be hard to make it to class. This semester I experienced what it’s like to have an early class every morning, and at first I was nervous about it.

“I get my classes over with and then can go to the gym, do homework, or just relax for the rest of the day.”

Classes that I needed for my major were blocked a certain way this year so I had no choice but to pick all of the early times. I was disappointed and nervous for the semester because I’m not a morning person.

Every morning I had to wake up early for high school resulted in my room looking like a tornado passed through it. I looked like I had just crawled out of bed every morning in the halls because I actually had about ten minutes before school actually started.

Considering my high school morning background, I thought having an early class every day in college would be way worse. I wasn’t used to waking up early every day and I certainly wasn’t looking forward to it.

To my surprise, it actually turned out to benefit me more than hurt me. I’m used to waking up at 7:15 every morning now and starting my day. I’m normally done by 9 or noon at the latest so I have the rest of my day to do whatever I have to get done. I get my classes over with and then can go to the gym, do homework, or just relax for the rest of the day.

Yes, it’s still hard waking up early sometimes because I’m still not a morning person. If my classes didn’t force me to wake up early I probably never would but, since I must, I’m embracing it to the fullest. My days are more productive, my nights are more relaxed, and my mornings are a little less hectic than in high school. Don’t be afraid of an 8 am class, it’ll turn out better than you think!

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