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Believe it or not: Ghost stories at RU

The world is full of mysteries; some good, some bad but mysteries nonetheless. Like anyplace you go, you can hear of ghost stories and Radford University is no exception. The RU legends range from simple stories of mishaps in the dorms to a complex murder or even bone chilling tales of ghosts, poltergeists and spirits. But just how many people actually believe these stories? Continue reading Believe it or not: Ghost stories at RU

RU houses more than we think

Not many students know this, but there are tunnels underneath the Radford University campus. Back in the day, when Radford was an all-girls school, they were used by the students to get around campus without having to go outside. These tunnels have been closed for a long time now and no one is allowed to walk through them ever again.  However, even fewer students know about the legend that these tunnels hold so secret. Continue reading RU houses more than we think