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Goku vs. Superman

Many people in the comic book community strongly believe that Superman is the strongest character to exist. However, those in the manga/anime community believe that the character Goku from Dragonball Z is the strongest character to exist. These two communities have been arguing since the 90’s about who would win in a fight: Superman or Goku. Now, it seems almost impossible to compare two characters from two totally different realms, but some people have gone into real depth when talking about who would win.

goku vs superman
“Based on Goku’s power level and ability to fight, Goku would win against Superman.” Photo from: http://img13.deviantart.net/b2ad/i/2012/099/e/5/superman_and_goku_by_dmgoodr-d4vkc5y.jpg

Superman and Goku have some similarities that should be considered in this fight. Both characters are not from Earth, and both of their species have been proven to be much stronger than humans. Each has special abilities, such as flight and super-strength. Both characters are the protagonists in their series. Both have enemies that have pushed them to their limits.

Now, what differences do they have? Goku has the sense of Ki, which enables him to pull off the Kaioken, Super Kamehameha Wave, speed, and flight. He is a Saiyan, which means that he can surpass his “base form” and become a Super Saiyan, or even surpass that with Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue God. Superman does not have the transformations that Goku has, but he does have x-ray vision, heat vision, cold breath, and is basically “invincible”.

In power levels, a human’s power level is 5 (based on Dragonball Z readings). Superman’s power level is 5 x 3125 because he can lift 3125 times what a human can, thus making his power level 15,625 (1). Goku’s power level at Kaioken x4 was about 40,000, thus making it seem like Goku would win out of pure strength. Goku also has been trained in martial arts, which means he has been trained to fight, unlike Superman (2).

So, in conclusion, based on Goku’s power level and ability to fight, Goku would win against Superman.

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A Need for More Diversity in Entertainment Media

Almost everyone watches TV, plays video games, reads books or does some combination thereof. All these options are great forms of entertainment and a great way to relax. Everyone loves them, but not everyone is represented in them, at least not fairly.

hands earth
“In today’s media, there is not much variety. There are very few characters that are African American, Latino, Asian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, disabled, female, Muslim, Jewish or any combination thereof.” Photo from: https://makeitgentle.files.wordpress.com

Most of the characters in any form of entertainment media fit into a well-defined set of basic characteristics. That is to say, the vast majority of them are white, straight, cisgender, able-bodied, and male. This is not to say there is anything wrong with having characters like this. It’s perfectly fine, but the issue is that in today’s media, there is not much variety. There are very few characters that are African American, Latino, Asian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, disabled, female, Muslim, Jewish or any combination thereof. There are very few characters with these traits, especially compared to the number of them that are white, straight, cisgender, able-bodied, and male. And when there are minorities present, it is usually only one token minority character, such as an African American in a group with five white people, for example.

This is not to say there should be less white characters or straight characters and so on, just that there should be more characters that are minorities. There should be more African-American female characters, more transgender characters who are gay, more bisexual and disabled Latinos characters, more asexual Muslim characters, more of any and all of them because these types of people exist and they deserve to be seen and heard. People want to see characters that they can connect with and feel good about. They want to see that an African-American woman can be a superhero so they can believe they can be a superhero, just like a white man can with Captain America. (Or almost any other superhero. Think about it, how many of them are white and male?) People want to watch sitcoms and dramas with diverse casts because the audiences are diverse. The simple fact of the matter is that representation matters.

No country left behind

The International Student Banquet is an event here on campus. Every year, a group of volunteers  puts it together. Participants include local community members, students, and faculty. The banquet is held every year here at RU. This time, it will take place in Muse Banquet Hall on April 18. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy International Week,which takes place the week before.

Countries coming together. Graphic from The National Law Review
Countries coming together. Graphic from The National Law Review

The banquet features  performances, mostly dances, from several different countries. The internationally-themed food will be cooked by students and RU Catering. The event is formal, and food will be served buffet-style. The dining area will also be decorated to suit this year’s  theme.

According to Tenbit Melesse,a senior who’s worked in the International Education Center in Cook for almost three years,the banquet’s theme has already been chosen as “No Country Left Behind.” She further explained that the theme is supposed to remind everyone that we can make the world a better place.  When I inquired how exactly she wanted to illustrate that theme she told me that at the banquet there will be guest speakers and a slideshow. They will talk about some events going on in the world that need people’s attention and how they can pitch in to help out.

This year, table placement cards will list different crisis or situations, on the back, and ways that human beings can fix them. Also, there will be an charity organization picked by volunteers that the banquet will help raise money for.  Each year, the International Student Banquet not only  entertains, but raises money for an organization. Two years ago, it raised money for The Water Project, which gets clean water to African countries. Last year, it raised money for the anti-human trafficking group Love 146.

The International Education Center (IEC) will assist in the banquet’s preparation. IEC will also help with decorating and advertising. Volunteers will put everything else together. Last year, admission cost only $1 for students and $7 for faculty. Don’t miss it this year!

Fifty Shades of Grey – condoning abuse?

After serious thought, reading the books, and hearing everybody’s uber-enthusiasm about “Fifty Shades of Grey,” I can’t help but think: that this story is seriously messed up.

The trilogy is titled Fifty Shades of Grey because the main man is named Christian Grey. He’s definitely a complex, rounded character (“rounded” because his personality changes quite a lot during the story). However, I think the “grey” should also be applied to the gray area that is the type of BDSM relationship between him and the female protagonist Anastasia Steele. While many girls and women have read this story and been intrigued, entranced, and in all forms interested in the Grey-Steele encounters, it seems that the more serious, eerie aspects of the two have gone either unnoticed or ignored. . But here’s the reality: Christian Grey and Ana Steele are in an extremely unhealthy relationship that should not be coveted by anyone.

For example, Christian Grey is incredibly jealous. He loses his mind when Ana gets stared at, hit on, or if other men are friendly to her. During Ana’s friend Kate’s photo gallery exhibit, Christian buys all the pictures of Ana because he “does not want anyone else to see [her].”

Christian also compares Ana to his mother. If you don’t know the story, sorry to ruin it, but Christian’s mother was a reported “crackwhore.”He’s not a fan of women at the beginning of the story.Grey was sexually abused by an older woman for the majority of his adolescence, leading him to see women as objects and luring him into the BDSM fantasy lifestyle.

Christian stalks Ana on more than one occasion. When she goes out with a friend to a bar against Grey’s wishes, for example, he flies out to confront her about it.

There are a few moments in the books where Mr. Grey is so rough with Ana that she cries and screams and leaves him until he comes begging her back.

Grey does not let Ana consult a lawyer about her BDSM contract before signing it.

Christian is possessive. When Ana asks him why it’s so important to him for her to change her name, he says it’s so everyone will know she is his. Ana has incredibly low self esteem. It seems she only stays with Christian because she feels sexy with him.

Everyone has been raving about this movie and I’ll  probably go see it too — mostly because I want to know how this erotic trilogy could possibly be shown on the big screen.Christian Grey’s control over Ana does NOT show love, but something else entirely. This isn’t a relationship that should be hashtagged “relationship goals” or coveted in any shape or form.

Miley Cyrus receives backlash for VMA performance, releases ‘Wrecking Ball’ video

There is no denying now that Miley Cyrus “can’t be tamed.” Since leaving Disney Channel in 2011, the 20-year-old pop star has been trying to break free from her child star reputation. Late last year, she debuted her short and spunky blonde haircut, leaving people to assume that her new do was a way of expressing her newfound adulthood.

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Five things to do at Radford

Every year Radford University welcomes a new class of students who seek a higher education. However, students also expect college to be entertaining. While Radford’s campus is conducive to studying, there are things to do for fun on and around campus that don’t include party hopping.

Curie Hall, attached to the back of Reed Hall, contains a planetarium in its bottom floor. The planetarium operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. and on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. Shows are free to students and visitors, but donations are accepted through the planetarium’s information page.

Instead of the planetarium, Selu Observatory boasts a view of the real night sky through a 14.5″ RCOS telescope, as well as other powerful instruments. Selu is also free to anyone who wants to attend a two hour session occurring every clear Friday, about half an hour after sundown. The observatory is located not far from exit 109 of I-81. Although it is not walking distance from campus, it is a relatively close attraction for those who have transportation, and is often used as a location for department-related celebrations.

Every day students go to Dalton Hall to eat with friends for three meals of the day. However, one day out of the year students and teachers flock by the dozens to attend “Taste for Diversity,” a culture-filled night of exotic foods and performances. This usually includes live music and belly dancing. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion, among other organizations, puts this event together every year in hopes that it will help educate the student population about other cultures. For that day, Dalton Hall serves food that they generally wouldn’t serve, allowing customers to break out of their usual eating habits. Senior King Amponsem, one of the key players in last year’s Diversity Week was thrilled with the outcome.

“I feel blessed and humbled seeing all those students come out there and seeing it put a smile on student’s faces. I was really excited about that,” Amponsem said.

Another yearly event for students is the Annual Highlanders Festival. This is open to everyone in the area, including parents, which conveniently falls on family weekend. During this festival there is a parade consisting of many bagpipe groups, the Radford University cheerleaders, RU Rockers (Radford’s dance team), fire department and many more. There are also several food and craft vendors selling a wide variety of Scottish and Irish memorabilia such as baked goods and jewelry.

The main attraction during the Highlanders Festival is the Scottish Games. A large rectangle of area is sectioned off in Moffett Quad, which is packed with vendors. In this rectangle athletes compete in what is known as the Scottish Games. These games consist of the weight for distance, the stone, the hammer, the sheaf and the caber. All of these games test the athlete’s strength and power, which always draws a large crowd from the visitors.

Most of these activities so far have been on or around campus. For students looking to get away for an afternoon, the Cascades can be a relaxing getaway. Located in nearby Giles County, The Cascades National Scenic Trail has an upper and a lower path that are both about a four mile round trip.

Junior Jennifer Adsit, a frequent visitor of the Cascades, has fond memories of the trail.

“It’s beautiful. That’s where my husband proposed to me,” Adsit said. “I also like it because it’s a medium difficulty for a hike. It’s just fun.”

These are only a handful of things to do around RU. As the year wears on more events will happen, and Radford will be alive with entertainment.