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Lil Uzi Vert Over Two Hours Late for Radford Concert

lil uzi vert
“Lil Uzi did eventually arrive, but it was hours late and his performance only lasted for about 30 minutes.” Photo from: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/D3TGG3hzbPE/maxresdefault.jpg

On April 3, 2017, Radford University hosted a Lil Uzi Vert concert at the Dedmon Center. Students were excited for the event and tickets were sold out the day of the concert. Doors opened at 7 p.m. and the show was scheduled to start at 8 p.m. To start off, Radford provided a DJ, then Lil Uzi had a DJ as his opener. However, when 8 o’clock rolled around, the headliner was missing. Students in the crowd quickly became annoyed and restless when minutes passed and still no Uzi was on stage. They had been listening to the DJs for the past hour and were ready to see the main performer. But for about another two and a half hours, the crowd was kept waiting. Lil Uzi did eventually arrive, but it was hours late and his performance only lasted for about 30 minutes. As expected, concertgoers were confused, annoyed and even angry. “Of the three and a half hours of being there, Uzi was there for 30 minutes,” commented one student on the event’s Facebook page. Another commented, “It was a waste of money.”

Tickets for the concert were $32 for the general public and $20 for students with their Radford ID, so the audience’s frustration is understandable. If you pay that much money for a ticket, you expect to get what you pay for, for the performer to arrive on time and to perform for the expected amount of time, and to have an enjoyable concert experience. Some students have even asked for a refund. As of now, there is no word on whether Radford will provide refunds.

R-Space President Vashti Huff said about the concert, “From our [R-Space’s] standpoint it was successful, because we made revenue, but if I was a person who attended the event, I would be thoroughly mad, because it was the performance we promised, but it wasn’t to our expectations.” She added, “We did the best with what we had and with the cards we were dealt,” referring to Radford and Uzi’s DJs who performed while the crowd was waiting.

R-SPACE’s Event Featured Three Escape Rooms and a Magician

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R-SPACE’s event, held Friday, February 5, featured three escape rooms and a magician.

Around 250 students appeared at the event. The spots for the escape room, which held room for 10 students every 10 minutes, were filled within 15 minutes of the event. R-SPACE’s late-night coordinator Richard Delehanty recalls, “Some students waited an hour before the event, simply to get a spot in the escape rooms.”

“R-SPACE’s event, held Friday, February 5, featured three escape rooms and a magician.” Photo from: www.facebook.com/radspace/photos

The magician, Brian Miller, pulled in a crowd of 130 students. Both his magic and musical performance gained unwavering attention from all who watched. Some students remember not wanting to leave their seats to journey upstairs to the escape rooms.

Following the musical-magician show, the students who weren’t participating in the escape rooms played bingo. Six prizes—headphones, a Bluetooth speaker, a Keurig, a longboard, a portable DVD player, and a printer—were given away to the round winner.

R-SPACE has two more late-night events planned this semester: a casino night and an end-of-the-year bash. Show up, eat food, and win stuff!

Bagpipers and Maleficent

The 2014 fall homecoming weekend will commence Oct. 10-12. This will include many events for the alumni to participate in. The visiting alumni will retrieve their nametags Friday, Oct. 10 and proceed to the festivities. After some student presentations and refreshments, they’ll be watching the women’s volleyball game against High Point. Later that night, there will be a dance fest at 7:30 pm in Preston Hall. RU students will be admitted free of charge.

men in kilts with bagpipes
See the RU Highlander bagpipers perform this weekend. Graphic from Wise Geek

The events will continue with time in the game room and the showing of Disney’s Maleficent. Tours of the RU campus as well as the RU Greenhouse will also be available during the weekend. The alumni will also be given the opportunity to view the works of Alison Weld. The art exhibit will be held in the RU Art Museum at the Covington Center. At the same time the play, “Jack Goes Boating” will still be available for all, including students, to view. The performances will take place in The Hawes Studio Theatre in Porterfield Hall.

The main events will include a DJ tent and RU Highlander Bagpipers performing. Along with those events there will also be a giant photo group photo of students and alumni on the Moffett lawn. That will be followed with alumni able to showcase their written novels. During the tent event, groups will gather at small tents and decorate them to show off their school spirit. Later on, the Highlander Spirit rock will be given at halftime to the winner of the competition.

RU is encouraging all alumni to travel down and enjoy the nostalgia and activities. There are also several activities to be paid for. Attending will be the graduates from the classes of 1959, 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009. Although, many events will be exclusively for the alumni classes, some will be available to everyone, which includes the dance fest. Even if you’re unable to catch some of these events, the play “Jack Goes Boating,” and the art exhibit are currently open to students that wish to attend at any time.

O’Shea succeeds in splitting sides

Comedian Eric O’Shea, who has received praise from Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and has four million hits on YouTube, was nothing short of hilarious when he performed at Radford University’s Bonnie Food Court Stage last Tuesday.

Eric O’Shea. Photo from cjonline.com

Having performed his award-winning college show at over 1,200 colleges and universities, O’Shea definitely knew his audience. Mixing vulgarity and impressions with jokes relating so closely to the common experiences of college students today, O’Shea had the audience laughing immediately. Continue reading O’Shea succeeds in splitting sides

Highlanders around the world

Study Abroad is an opportunity Radford University offers its students to expand their knowledge while living and learning in a new environment. Of the students surveyed who took advantage of the program, each wished they could do it again.

“It was a phenomenal experience,” said RU alumna Erin Foley. “I got to take my classes in Europe. Like, how many people get to say that? I explored Italy and Ireland and I got credit for it, and I learned so much more than I could have dreamed I would.”

Many other students question the experience as they consider studying abroad. They worry about being away from family, their finances, traveling alone and the difficulty of taking classes in a different environment, but the International Education Center at RU recently put on a series of programs to ease those worries.

Cook Hall flags. Photo by Brian Hollingsworth.

RU’s Study Abroad department, located in 108 Cook Hall, offers resources, counseling and information for almost every question a student may have. They also offer programs for a variety of majors at different times of the year. Students have the option of summer programs, semester-long programs, Maymester programs and programs that coincide with spring break. Many of the trips can cover general education requirements and/or major requirements and count anywhere from three to nine credits.

The programs are broken down into three categories: faculty-led programs, which occur over summer and spring break; RU affiliate programs, which offer opportunities that RU does not directly offer; and RU exchange programs, where students can live with foreign families, experiencing life in that country first hand and becoming immersed in the culture.

This year, the IEC put on five different events during Study Abroad Week, a study abroad fair, three program-specific information sessions and a session on funding study abroad. The first and largest was the Study Abroad Fair held on the Bonnie Plaza; this event was the most publicized and attended. Many students felt it was also the most helpful.

“I am either going on the communication trip to Southeast Asia or London,” said senior Courtney Russell. “[The Study Abroad Fair] helped me a lot because I knew about the trip to Southeast Asia, but I didn’t find out about the London trip until I attended the fair and was able to ask a bunch of questions.”

Summer abroad program table. Photo by Brian Hollingsworth.

Many students passed the fair this year regretfully, wishing they had taken advantage of the opportunity while they had the chance. Junior Whitley Rogers said she wished she had taken advantage of a summer trip to Spain before she moved off campus and had bills to pay. The sentiments are the same for many upperclassmen at RU.

“I wish I’d taken advantage because I would have gotten a chance to experience being out of the country, learn to speak the language more fluently, and get the nine credits that were given,” said senior Spanish minor Ray Willoughby. “I kept questioning if I wanted to go or not, and because I was indecisive I missed deadlines and missed the opportunity.”

Financial problems were the main concern of students surveyed. The price tag on these trips can get large, especially for students on a tight budget.

“It would be an issue money-wise for me to go,” said junior Jonathan Gautney. “There are scholarships out there to lower the price, but I don’t think it would help enough.”

The IEC offers various resources, which they shared with students at their “How Can I Fund Study Abroad” information session. The primary resource is RU’s financial aid department. Financial aid has special funds set aside for study abroad students whose programs are worth at least six credits.

“Some trips I looked at were over $8,000, so I’m definitely looking into financial aid,” Russell said. “I’m a good student, so I’m hoping for some grants, but I understand I may have to take out some loans, too.”

The IEC also offered alternatives in funding, like scholarships that aren’t necessarily offered by RU, which can be found online.

“It’s a program I recommend to every student out there,” Foley said. “No matter what hoops you have to jump through to go, it’s going to be completely worth it, I promise you that.”