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“Evil Dead” vs “Evil Dead”: Remake or original?

To anyone who has read one of my previous articles, you know how much of a Sam Raimi fanboy I am. On April 5, the remake of the 1981 cult classic “Evil Dead” was released and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. This comparison may have some slight spoilers, but nothing so detrimental that it will ruin the film. Continue reading “Evil Dead” vs “Evil Dead”: Remake or original?

Weekly Time Wasters: Werewolves and jihad

How many ninjas could you take on at once? Have you ever marveled at the destructive glory of a nail gun? Do you know how Dr. Evil got his start? There questions answered and a special musical guest to boot on this week’s Time Wasters. You know, with the weather now I should be telling you to read no further and go play outside. I won’t do this because, well, I want you see these clips but after you’re done reading this go enjoy spring.

What is the difference between a good prank and theater? Less than you would think as it turns out. What if Seth Rogan turned into a werewolf in your taxi?

http://youtu.be/q2L19ZIVeQ8 Continue reading Weekly Time Wasters: Werewolves and jihad

Does it make sense to be good?

Graphic by: Marie Stovall

Every day that I wake up, I am the same. There is no personality change; my conscious ceases to morph in any way. Fact is, I care about people. I want all to be safe and happy. I am the kind of guy who helps an old lady cross the road. The type of person who cares for the poor and the hungry, and the kind of guy who would do anything to make a woman he cares for happy. So you see, I have a terminal condition called being good, and it is untreatable.

As kids we are told that being good is the ideal, that the one who saves the day is the one who will be most happy. That couldn