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Internet detectives

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, the Internet community came together via sites such as Twitter, 4chan and Reddit to scour video recordings and pictures to try to aid investigators in finding the identity of the bombers. They searched for suspicious people in the videos taken before and immediately after the bombs went off. They magnified pictures to try to find people with backpacks that matched the description of the backpacks the FBI believed held the bombs. One Internet user believed he had reconstructed the scene using pictures to the degree that he knew where one of the bombs went off within an error of two meters. Continue reading Internet detectives

Modern day piracy: Steal from the rich and give to the …?

Online piracy has been featured in the media spotlight recently via the exploits of the notorious Kim
Dotcom, the creator of Megaupload. In its heyday, the site was one of the most popular on the internet.
The idea behind Megaupload was that users could store files on servers that could be accessed by
anyone on the Internet. This business model yielded tens of millions of dollars in advertising profits
primarily due to the popularity of the content being transmitted on the site — copyrighted material that
is. Continue reading Modern day piracy: Steal from the rich and give to the …?

Megaupload shut down

The file sharing website Megaupload and media sharing website Megavideo was shut down Jan. 19 by the FBI. These two websites were shut down for violation of copyright protection. With this shutdown came a series of arrests. In total, seven people were arrested for the connection of what is being called a criminal organization by authorities. Continue reading Megaupload shut down