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Radford University will eliminate tuition fees for the next three years

For the next three years, Radford University has decided to eliminate all tuition fees for all students! They realized the tuition was way too expensive, and students who want to attend here but can’t because of money issues should be able to, no matter what. They received enough complaints from students and parents, making it the easiest decision they’ve ever made. They’re also going make one day a week free food day, where all food on campus will be giving away free food to anyone and everyone!

Ever since Trump came to the campus, and the new president has been chosen, Radford has really tightened up on their beliefs and values, and how they want to affect their student population. The new president has come out, publically, as a Bernie Sanders supporter, and the first thing he wanted to do to prove that was to make college free, and food on campus somewhat free. The president of RU knows what it’s like to be a broke college student, to not be able to afford food everyday or even afford college at all. So that’s why he has made college free for three years, and he intends on continuing free college as long as students continue to apply and keep up their grades.

Ever since RU’s new president announces his support of Bernie Sanders, all of social media has been raging, in happiness of course. One student was so ecstatic, she tweeted Bernie Sanders and he tweeted back! He told her that he would love to come to Radford University and clean up what Donald Trump left behind. This was the best news I’ve heard all year, to hear Bernie Sanders speak to the Radford campus will be an even I never forget. I can’t wait to write an article on the rally and the amount of peace and happiness it will bring.

This last week has been the most exciting week of my life. To hear college will be free, one day a week on campus food will be free, and Bernie Sanders is coming to speak at RU, it’s literally the best news I could ever hear. I don’t know how this year will get any better!
April Fool’s bitches. This article is entirely satire.

Does financial aid play a role in college selection?

Paying for college should be a high priority for anyone who’s considering attending college. With the current state of the economy, just how easy is it to get financial assistance from the institution of your choice?

Most colleges and universities provide financial aid for students through various sources such as loans and grants. Continue reading Does financial aid play a role in college selection?

Radford University raises athletic fees

Photo by Tim Cowie and Radford Athletics
RU’s Men’s Basketball game, Photo From Radford Athletics Website

It might come as a surprise to some that Radford University has been charging their students a mandatory athletics fee in their tuition. Radford University is charging their students $1,077 this year for a mandatory athletics fee. However, the students will also be able to get into sporting events for free or for a fairly reduced price because of this fee.

Kali Nason, a senior at RU, does not agree with the fact that an athletics fee is tacked on to her tuition.