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Florida Man Arrested for Streaking Across Football Field

After this Sunday’s game, police arrested John Morrison for streaking his way across the Hard Rock Stadium.  Morrison’s decision to streak across the field was a protest against the Miami Dolphins’ brutal loss to the Buffalo Bills. When asked to comment Morrison stated that “the Bills are the worst football team in American history, and losing to them was totally unacceptable.” The Dolphins have been having a rough season this year, and they’ve suffered quite a few losses. This one, in particular, has fans riled like never before, and Morrison wasn’t the only audience member upset with the outcome of the game. Many fans had harsh comments in the wake of this loss, some going so far as to accuse the Bills of having cheated their way to victory. Scott Jones, a lifetime Dolphins fan, said he “wouldn’t be surprised to hear about another ‘Deflate-gate’,  or a similar scandal.” The Bills have denied all such allegations, and the Dolphins declined to comment on the loss.

As upset as fans were with the team though, they were even more upset with Morrison. Helen Brannon, whose family has attended every Dolphins’ home game since 2014, had this to say: “I don’t know what the [censored] he was thinking with that stunt! For [censored] sake, there’re kids here! How am I supposed to explain to my kids that some people have such massive [censored] inferiority complexes that they just strip down and run [censored] naked across a  [censored] football field?” Many other parents in attendance seemed to agree with Brannon’s sentiment, though they did balk at her wording. Other fans have cast blame on the stadium staff for failing to catch Morrison before he was able to make his way onto the field, though the cameramen have been praised for keeping the man off of the jumbo screen. The stadium has apologized for the lack of security for the field and has made promises to ensure that it will not happen again.

Super Bowl Snacks, Commercials, and The Half Time Show

Everyone gets excited about Super Bowl Sunday. People have parties at their house even though it’s a Sunday and everyone gets to cheer on their favorite or preferred team.  However, the game isn’t the only part of Superbowl Sunday that people get excited or anxious about. The Super Bowl food, commercials, and halftime show are a tradition when it comes to most Super Bowl parties.

Food is a big deal when watching the Super Bowl. GRaphic from Stylepinners
Food is a big deal when watching the Super Bowl. Graphic from StylePinners

My favorite football team has never made it to the Super Bowl in my lifetime so I’m always just picking a team at random to support for the Super Bowl game. That being said, I still get excited and look forward to all of the food that will be made or ordered for Super Bowl Sunday. Wings, dips, chili, chips, cupcakes, and whatever other savory foods will be at Super Bowl parties around the country. I look forward to not only eating the food but making it as well.  It’s nice to make a bunch of food with your good friends and sit around on a Sunday night relaxing and stuffing your face. The football game is pretty entertaining too, I suppose.

Another part of the Super Bowl Sunday besides the actual game and the snacks is the commercials. Everyone knows that new and iconic commercials are premiered at the Super Bowl. This has always been mine and my mom’s favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday.  We mainly pay attention to this part the most because we like to judge the best from the worst and make fun of the cheesy commercials. The commercials play a huge role in the Super Bowl and it wouldn’t be as entertaining without them.

The halftime show is something that everyone gets pumped up for as well.  People want to judge the singers and performers and see an amazing and hype halftime show.  Most people, like the food enthusiasts and commercial watchers, only like to see the halftime show and don’t pay much attention to the game.  That’s not a big problem though, because they are still contributing to ratings and watching the game somewhat.  The food, commercials, and halftime show help make the Super Bowl a fun time for everyone and not just football fanatics.

Gay, successful, brave and he has a tight end: Michael Sam’s truth

I recently received a text from my father. He was asking for my opinion on a recent controversy involving a gay football player who was being considered as a top pick for the NFL draft. I was completely uneducated on the topic, so I began to research. Continue reading Gay, successful, brave and he has a tight end: Michael Sam’s truth

Weekly Time Wasters: Super Bowl special

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, but you should already know that. In case you’ve managed to live in this football-obsessed society without knowing the basic dynamics of the game, here’s a brief guide.


Now that you know the basics of the game, listen to what football players aren’t saying.


Richard Sherman is possibly the biggest hothead in the NFL.


After Sherman caught an interception to end the game and send the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, he had this to say.


And now, because we all know kids are impressionable…


With all this talk about Sherman, lets not forget about Peyton Manning; he’s an action toy!


The Manning brothers tell us that we can get football on our phones!

Weekly Time Waster: Relax, it’s just finals

If you haven’t heard about the shocking end of the Iron Bowl, then you must live in a world away from television, the Internet and cell phones. After four full quarters of the biggest rivalry in college football, Chris Davis returns Alabama’s failed field goal attempt for an insanely improbable touchdown. If you’ve already seen this, do yourself a favor and watch it again.
Continue reading Weekly Time Waster: Relax, it’s just finals

Minimum support of RU athletics

When someone first starts looking at a university, they look to see if they have their desired major. However, the second thing they look at is athletics and how big that program is. Why? School spirit consumes the student body. As we all know, Radford University doesn’t have the most impressive athletic program. Yes, people do come out to the events, but it’s not the high numbers the school would hope for. The only reason people go to athletic events is free admission, the occasional free t-shirt, or the infamous Harlem Shake. If being in a YouTube video for half a second gets a turn out then what else would? It’s obviously not the hard work and dedication the athletes put in. Continue reading Minimum support of RU athletics

Overdoing athletics may cause lifelong injuries

As spring slowly arrives at Radford University, many students will be taking part in athletic activities, but sometimes the cost is much greater than a new pair of running shoes.

Athletes push themselves to the limit for their coaches and their fans. Photo by Carina Garcia.

Young baseball or softball pitchers often strain their arms and shoulders when pitching. According to Science Daily, “In most children up to age 16, bones, muscles and connective tissues are not fully developed, so it should come as no surprise that the pitching motion can lead to injury if it is performed too frequently.” Parents should encourage their kids not to overdo it, even if they’re good at the sport. Continue reading Overdoing athletics may cause lifelong injuries

Why sports are important

Throughout the semester, we are being mentally tested so often we sometimes forget about our physical health. It’s important to remember that exercise is critical to our overall well-being and health. Exercise has been shown to improve stamina, prevent disease, enhance flexibility, control body weight, develop muscles, and improve the quality of your life.

So what are some ways you can incorporate exercise into your life and have fun while doing it? Continue reading Why sports are important

Oscar buzz for “The Blind Side

There is much Oscar buzz this year for Sandra Bullock in the Best Actress category for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in “The Blind Side. The movie has also been nominated for Best Picture, going up against other box office hits such as “Avatar” and “Precious just, to name a few.

The Blind Side” depicts the story of Baltimore Raven Michael Oher and his tragic yet miraculous upbringing. Oher, played by Quinton Aaron, is African-American and was born in Memphis Tennessee in 1986. With twelve other siblings, an absent father and a mother addicted to crack, things were never looking too hopeful for Michael. Going to school was never enforced at his house and Michael had to repeat both the 1st and 2nd grade. After breaking out of foster homes and not being able to live with his mother and siblings, Oher soon found himself homeless.

While sleeping on random porches and friends’ couches, one of Oher’s friend